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Family Notices

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FUNERAL NOTI01S rilHE Fiiends of Mr. John Austin are respect M. folly informed thai tne ilKMALSS of his late WIFE (Lacy CtarioOsJ, will be Beaiored from his RdsMenct!, Prospect-p3*5'^-. Pro*p«rt, THIS .MOaSXKG (Monday), at 11 o'clock, for Interment in the Xorth-roati Cemeterv. P. Le COftSU, Cn-lertakerand Embalmer. O'Conceii-screet, North Adelaide. Telephone 313. ? rilHE Friends ol Mr. Thomas Hn.1. are respect X Mly informed that the KEMAXSS of his laxeWlFE wiQ be Removed fwra his Residence, Gardwell-streeS. THIS DAT (Monday), at 1p.m., for Interment in the Wess-terrace Cemetery. PENGELLEY & K5ABE. Undt-rtafcers ami Emb timers, Ru!icile-3treet east. THE Friends of the late Mr. CHARLES DREW   are respectfully Informed that his REMAINS wiil Leave his late Residence, Craigmellan, Gilber-   ton, THIS DAY ( Monday), at 3 p-m-, for Interment in the North-road Cemetery. A Service will be held at the House at _45 p.m. P. LE CORNU. Undertaker and Embalmer, O'Connell-street, North Adelaide. Telephone 313. ? . ? fflHE Friends of the late Mrs. JANET KAIE2T f. are re-spectfuily informed tnat her FITXEBAX will Leave her late Residence, Parade, Norwood, This Day (Monday), at i p.m., for the TVeit-cenaci Cemetery. G. J. TRETELIOS. Undertaker, Telephone 74S. Mssffi-road,, Norwood. THE F iends of Mr. Charles Williams are informed, that the FU-£SAL of his late WIFE will Lsav» hi- Se-idence, Halifax-streeteast, THIS AFT ERXOOS (MoEdaj), at i o'clock, for the West-ieiracB Cemetery GEO. DOWXS -_ SOS, Tetephwis 735. ? Undertakers. fTnHE Friends of Mr. GEORGE Few are informed JL that the FUNERAL of bis late WIFE will Leave his Residence, B inville-atreet. Prospect, TO-MQR 1OW AFfEEXOOy (Tuesday); at £30, for the North-road Ceiaeterv. GEO. D0WX3 & SOX, Telephone 735. Undertakers. 279-80