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The funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Giles took place at the Clayton Church Cemetery, Kensington, on Monday afternoon. That the deceased gentleman was held in the  

highest esteem was indicated by the large crowd of friends that assembled around the grave. The burial service was conducted by the Rev. H. G. Nicholls. The late Mr. Giles will be especially remembered in con nection with a series of well-written and exceedingly interesting articles on 'Old- time Memories' which were published in 'The Register' a few years ago, while among sheepowners the fact that he was one of the earliest importers of Merino rams will not be forgotten. He and Mr. Anstey ap peared to take a delight in sheep-breeding, and they kept a number of sheep on the Gilbert and also on Yorke's Peninsula. Mr. Giles was one of the first to go from South Australia in the early days to Tas mania for the purpose of purchasing ewes, and an idea of his pluck and determination to secure only the best breed may be gathered from the fact that his flock cost him 30s. a head to land them in the colony. He was, perhaps, the pioneer sheepfarmer in the Lake Albert District, and at one time was interested in Mount Crawford, now the property of Mr. Murray. It was only on one occasion that Mr. Giles offered himself for a public position, and tbat was when he contested the District of Barossa against Mr. Grundy, one of the earliest of the Political Association's candi dates and Mr. Duttield. On that occasion he was unsuccessful, and although he never again sought to avenge that defeat he did an immense amount of good for the colony in other ways. In the assemblage that gathered around the grave were Drs. W. Anstey Giles and Henry Giles and Messrs. T. O'Halloran Giles and Eustace Giles (sons), Messrs. Hubert Giles, Louis Giles, and E. W. O'Halloran, Sir Richard Baker, Hon. S. Tomkinson, MLC., Hon. J. L. Stirling, M.L.C., Messrs. Joseph Fisher. W. H. Duncan, M.P., T. Barr Smith, B. Barr Smith, A. Rutter Clarke, B. H. Pascoe, F. Wright, G. V. Wright, J. and W. Moor house, G. Dean, F. L. Stow, P. E. R. Whithy, L. H. Lloyd, E. C. Gwynne, R. Saunders, W. Richman, W. Rynell, H. Y. Sparks, James Smith, A. F. Weaver, P.' Waite, C. B. Hardy, H. F. and G. F. Cleland, J. B. Gunson. W. S. Douglas, W. R. Boothby, F. H. Schlork, Charlick; C. Iu Marryat, J. Smith, W. L. Beare, W. Hitch cox, J. H. Phillips. J. L. Simpson, W. Bolt, E. H. Irwin, S. Davie. and H. Hodgson. Commodore Yonge. R.N., Major Tomkin son, and Drs. Swift, Poulton, Cawley, Stirling, and Phillips. Messrs. Pengelley and Knabe had charge of the funeral arrangements. ---------- Bowdon Bible Christian Church.— On Sun da}- special services were held to celebrate the reopening of the Church after renova tions. The Rev. J. G. Wright preached in the morning, Dr. Torr in the afternoon, and the Rev. W. T. Shanley in the evening. On Monday a conversazione was held, and a humorous address was piren by the Rev. J. Berry, the subject being 'Hus- bands and Wives.*'