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Further detalle of the accident on i he

Springsure racecourse, on May 12th, which led to the death of a jockey named Edward Horace Burt, were contained ia a report received yesterday by Inspector Quinn from Sergeant T. Cahalane, who ia stationed at Springsure, lt appears that ll horses came out to start in the Hack Handicap, in which Burt was riding Landlock. About four chains after the start Burt's mount crossed it« lega and fell, breaking its neck, and bringing Late Edition, ridden by John Cponan down with lt. Connan was un- hurt. Burt, who was in great pain, was attended fay Dr. M'Shane and then removed' to the hospital, where it was found that he was suffering from frac- tures of the skull, right forearm, right collar bone, right upper ribs, cushed chest, laceration to the right lung, pneit tnonthroax, and finally shock and col- lapse. He succumbed to h¡B injuries. Burt, who was a registered jockey, was 40 years of age and a native of Gipps- land, Victoria, but he had resided for many yeara in Central Queensland. He was a married man, with a wife and family at Mount Morgan. The Spring-

sure Jocks; Club defrayed the cost of j burial The club held an inquiry. All

the jockeys who took part in the race! ; gave evidence, and all were of opinion ' that no interference had taken place, i There were no suspicious circumstances. ; Burt was well known throughout Cen-

tral Queensland and had ridden at Cal- j laghan Park. I