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Friday's issue of The Register News- Pictorial will be the last publication of this journal as a separate unit. On Satur- day it will be incornorated with The

Advertiser.   The decision to close The Register has been made with the greatest reluctance. Since its conversion to pictorial form two years ago the paper has achieved re- markable popularity. The circulation has been doubled despite the fact that the depression began almost immediately The   Register was issued in its present form. But, notwithstanding the phenomenal success in circulation, the financial crisis, combined with special imposts on the newspaper industry, has taken a heavy toll from the busi- ness side. Revenue from advertise- ments the barometer of business condi- tions — has severely declined. At the same time costs have soared uncontrollably. The exchange rate and a special Federal impost on all newsprint imported, and other imposts suffered in common with all industries depending on imported raw material, have increased costs by 40 per cent. In these circumstances The Register has been produced at a heavy loss — a loss which, in the interests of the reading public and the employes of the paper has been borne cheerfully in the hope of better times — but which became impossible when a further sharp decline in advertising occurred throughout the whole- of Aus- tralia.     In Sydney, two newspapers have been unable to stand the strain, and have had to be closed, while the fate of a third is in the balance. Fortunately, by incorporating them in The Advertiser, it will be possible to pre- serve the distinctive features of The Regis- ter for the thousands of readers of this jour- nal. The public's desire for pictures which has played such a large part in popularis- ing The Register will be catered for in The Advertiser. Rufus's column, Out Among the People, which has been such a unique feature of The Register, will be conducted by him in The Advertiser, which will also incorporate such popular features as   Wells's inimitable cartoons, "Pop" — whose daily jest has been a tonic in these difficult times — "Mickey Mouse," beloved of the children, as well as those absorbing serial stories and items - of special interest to women, which have been features of The Register. Staffs are being amalgamated and any, hardship inseparable from the change will be mitigated by arrangements between the employes' unions and the companies. Readers of this journal will thus realise that every effort has been made to carry on their interests. The Register has not ceased. Its vitality and distinctiveness will be preserved in The Advertiser and   Register, which with the addition of   personnel and equipment, and by enlarge- ment of scope will be able to offer the   public of South Australia a great modern daily newspaper with traditions extending back to the very beginnings of the State. The Advertiser will be an enlarged paper with a wide public outlook which will be enhanccd by the addition of The Register features.