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Tprrens Beaten By .',::.' Six: Goals KEEN CHALLENGE . FINAL

STUR1', minor premiers, won ths lai.roiie . premiership en Saturday, when they Lest East Torrent in the challenge flaa!.- Sturt's win ma ? doad one. and the/ had a -marnln in

six goals at 'tho end cf the game. East Tor rent -lest much 'around, cantre. - ' Sturt attacked vigorously from the start, and Stubba soon opened their score. Halt.: Torrciw wi»e not pasting -well, and a concerted move by Horicen and Davis gave gtubbs another goal. ' l'oarce scored Torrens't flrtt goal with a pretty bacfc-hamled shot, and Sturt were two . goals in ? the lend at the end of the- quarter. . -?*?.- '-. ' . ?'* . ?'??' After come good work by Sturt's forwards, Kins man scored with a long elict. Daniels (.Sturt) left the fleld through an injury, and took his opponent with him. Tqrrcns's work was better, but Sturt were still three goals ahead at half-time. Torrens's play was better in the third term, but Eturt's defence was too strong;, and both goalkeepers were playing brilliantly. Only one goal was scored in this term, from a long swerve shot by Davit. Daniels and his man returned in thU quarter.. STURT'S RALLY ? Sturt attacked in the- last term', and goals by Davis and Warner (2) soon put them in an un beatable position. Thomson scored Torrins'n thin!/ goal Just beforo .time. Scores: — Sturt O, Torrent 3. Ooal throwers: — Sturt — Warner (3), Pavis, Stubbs (2);' Riding's, and Kinsman. Torrens — Pearce, Tilleman; and .Thomson. ' - - ? Best ? players: — Sturt — Kestel, Martin, Graham, Warner,, and TUinirls. Torrent — Jack, Lohmeycr, Boyce, and Tllleraan. - ? B GRADE FINAL. Wort Torrcns won the B grade premiership by two Kbals, and they will p!ay East Torrens, minor premiers, in the challenge match next Saturday. The game on Saturday was well contested, and of- high standard. The scotch were equal at the end of the flrst and second quarters. East Torrens's defence was working; well, and each side was ag gressive and defended excellently. The scores were ?gain equal at third quarter, but East Torrent did not play as well in the last term, and scored ou.y one goal to their ' opponents' three. Scores:— West Torrens 10, Eaft Torrens 8. Goalthrowers : — West Torrent — Broth, Thomas (3), Tamlin, Wilton (2). East Torrens — Sctiulz (3), Brandwood, (2). Ocpp. Best blayera: — Winners — Perkins, Thomns, Tamlin, Bi-t- . -tison, Flmc». Loeera — Claike, Jeffrey, O. Schulz, Uaccormae. c ^^ Port Adelaide 21. West Torrens 1. Goalthroners: — Port — McPherson (0), J. Thump-, ton (0), Ellis (4), Segcrland and SI. Thcinpsan. Torrens — Medlin. ' East Torrens 9 goals. University No. -1, 0. Goalthrowers:— East Torrens — Hall, Parsons. J. Keith (2), Roberts. Luff, and one knocked in.. Uni versity — Sparrow, Fitrgcrald (2), Colebatcb, and one knocked in. Best players: — Torrens — Dawcon, Fewiher. Hall (best on ground). Luff. W. .Selth. and M. SelUi. University — Wallace, Jarrett. and Sparrow. ,'?.?' Stmrt forfeited to Y.M.CA. . North 11. Brighton 11. . University No. 2 forfeited to Goodwood.