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New Tivoli Theatre.

The New Tivoli Theatre will be reopened this evening in order that the seating ac- commodation at the New Tivoli Gardens

shall not be overtaxed, and that those who desire to witness vaudeville in the beau- tiful theatre may be afforded with an op- portunity of so doing. The programme is of undoubted excellence, inasmuch all the artists appearing at the Tivoli Gardens will be seen at the Grote-street theatre as well. Next Saturday a novel attraction is pro- mised in the shape of a kissing competi- tion. It is open to all, and valuable prizes are to be awarded. Tango teas'will pro- bably be the next novelty at the Tivoli


Tivoli Gardens.

As the programme at the New Tivoli Gardens is of such all-round excellence and the weather has heen ideal for outdoor en- tertainment, it is not surprising that the Adelaide Oval sees a large and enthusiastic audience every evening. There will be a complete change of programme to-night, when three new artists will be seen_ for the first time in Adelaide. The prédominât ing feature will be the musical act of Mr. Ferry Corwey, musical clown. This artist, in addition to being a musician, is a great humorist. All his work is original. He is a musician of unusual ability, who doe not let hi«- comedy effects spoil the musical portion of his fine turn. The other new- comers aro Miss Addie Leigh, soprano and ragtime vocalist, and Mr. J. Vincent, Aus- tralian tenor. Other features of the diver- sified bill will be the Schnigltans, conti- nental juggling equilibrists; Rose and Ellis, the joyous jumping jacks; Bellora, the mimic; Vaude and Verne, comedians; Ibex, shadowgraphist; the Graus Brothers, kings of the Perch; the. Rexos, comedy jugglers; and Achilles and »Ares, acrobats.

The Dandies.

Mr. Edward Branscorohe's Costume Comedy Comrany, the Dandies, at the Ex- hibition Gardens, still continue to attract large and enthusiastic audiences. The new programme presented on Thursday evening proved to be a big hit, judging by the en- thusiastic applause of the large audience present. The same programme will be re- peated this evening. Seats may be reserved at the Pianola Company.

"Hamlet" at West's Pictures.

The scholarly interpretation of the character of "Hamlet" by Sir J. Forbes Robertson now being shown at West's Pic- tures is attracting, much attention. The audience easily reahses why Forbes Robertson is Eo generally recognised as one of the foremost exponents of the com- plex 'character of the Prince of Denmark. As the "Hamlet" season is Btrictly limited to one week, the fine film will only be re- peated this afternoon and each evening until Tuesday. On Wednesday West's pat- rons will again be introduced to Miss Mary Pickford, who made such a favorable ím êression recently as Nance Olden in "A

ishop's Carriage." ' Wednesday, night has been set apart for a benefit to the widow of Mr. E. A. Roberts, and tickets are being largelv sold in city and suburbs.

' King's Theatre.

At the King's Theatre fresh faces are seen on the stage every Saturday. This evening five star acts are due to malte their' first appearance, and added to an already strong bill should afford "ample entertain- ment. Gardiner's maniac bulldogs pre- sent' a lively act, in which three bull ter- riers and one Enghsh bulldog perform a number of novel, and clever feats. Sensa- tion is provided by the Aerial Benos. who work in the dome of the theatre without the aid of any nets or other safeguards, and perform a variety of thrilling feats of gymnastics on "the high trapeze. Juno Salmo is said to be a remarkable contor- tionist and he carries some .fine scenery to lend additional effect to his act. Comedy will "be supplied by Gordan and Day and Lack and Ford, the former introducing clever pantomimic feats .on. cycles. The ter team create much amusement with their antics as acrobatic comedians. The Lyrical Four, Stan. Stanley, May Brilliant, Ray Levy, and other artists will appear piso this evening.

Empire Theatre.

A. matinee, will bç given this afternoon when the current programme will be screened-^ The new selection com- prises a combination of the latest successes, which will* no doubt, be highly appreciated hy the patrons of the theatre-'It is headed by a star feature entitled "Tess of the Durbemlles," the pathetic record » of ¿a woman's pitiful career. Evil may flourish anywhere, but when it comes into contact with inherited ' pride and passionate love the outcome is eternal tragedy. Such is the story of "Tess/' the tender chronicle of a great misfortune. -Other subjects are "Sleuth's Manouvres," comedy; "TJascin

ating Maud," comedy; "On the Slopes of» Monteeny," scenic; and "Pathe's English


The Lyric.

The new programme at the Lyric Open Air Theatre attracted a large audience last night. "The Tide of Death," the star feature of the new film is a drama pro- duced on original lines, and although over 3.000 ft, in length is entertaining and in- teresting throughout. The programme also contains "Wonders of" Harmonic Design," "A Trip Through- Mexico," "Why Tiny Signed the Pledge," "Who Stole Bunnrs Umbiella?" "Where Destiny Guides." "Tlie Villain Still Pursued Her," "The Wonder- ful Statue." and "Unrequited Passion." This programme will be repeated to-night.

Star Theatre.

This comfortable theatre has been thronged throughout the week with ào preciative audiences, and the Star film, "Immodesty in the Park," has met "with great approbation. This picture will be screened for three nights longer. To- day, "in addition, the »varied ' and in- teresting -programme will include "The Race," in which an exciting motor con- test is decided, and comic and other


Wondergraph Pictures.

The fine programme now being 'shown is attracting large audiences to both the Wondergraph Open-Air Pavilion and New Picture Theatre. Hindley-street. The series includes "The Master Croóle," a story of a thief who is induced to abandon his call-* ing through the love, of a good'woman. Other fine pictures are "The Animal," "On Their Honeymoon," "Lonely Places," "Eclair Journal, &c.| &c. Seats may be

booked at Dahst's.

Continuous Wondergraph.

The "Lady Bathers"l_will be shown for th» last time to-day at the Continuous Wondergraph in Hindley-street. The pro- gramme also includes ''The Conscience Fuud,'' star drama, and five other sub- jects. A new programme will be pre- sented on Monday morning.

Railways' Band at Glenelg.

To-night at Glenelg the South Aus- tralian Railways Band will give its tenth seaside concert, arranged by the Railways Commissioner. Bandmaster W. J. Thorne has arranged an attractive programme of classical and popular music, including the overture, "Poet and peasant" (Suppe), and, by special request, selections from Wagner's works, consisting ol' numbers from "Tannhauser." "Lohengrin,'' "Kiewa," and the "Flying Dutchman;" waltz. "Gold and silver"' ÍLehar); descrip- tive fantasia, "Gipsy life" (Hume); ro- mance, "Old love is never forgotten" (Lincke); two step, "Might and main" (Mann), &c, &c. The Railways' Band con-

certs are proving popular, invariably at-1 tracting large and appreciative audiences.

Pav. Pictures.

The complete change of programme at the Pav., from 11 a.m. until 10.30 p.m., n well up to standard, and contains some excellent films. Among the new selection

the "The Breed of. the North,"- dealing, I with the north-west'mounted, police-' ofJ Canada; "Love, Life, and Liberty," "Max as a conjurer," and other attractive films.

The Moths.

At Glenelg every evening a firstxuass en entertainment is given by the Moths en- tertainers, a well-selected, troupe of versatile artists. A complete change of programme is announced for to-night. For Tuesday next the management have ar- ranged a benefit to the District Trained Nursing Society.

A continental will be given this evening in Pulteney-street School Grounds. A capi- tal programme has been arranged, anti the following will take part:-Misses Martin, Rowe, Lellmaun, Dickie, Martyr, Attridge, Holder, Aller., Brown, Messrs. Ophel, Hale, Masters Harris, Raggatt, McDonald, and members of St. John's Girls' Friendly Society.

The educational activities of the Young Women's Christian Association, Hind marsh-square, will be vigorously resumed in the last week of February, when classes in dressmaking, millinery, cookery, St. John ambulance, English, and literature, and other subjects will be reopened. An ad vertLsement in another column gives further particulars.