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Petiza did not leave ty tram on "Tues- day with the balance at Mr. F. Merton's borres. He is engaged at Tattersall'« meeting," and. »11 going well, will run at ¡Mprphottvdle. t

A Herth trainer telegraphed on Tuesday &>-king,if Penza was for fale, and, if so, what prier Mr. Merton wanted for him 0"he reply of the owner was. not for sale.

Mr. Henry Hugh«* ha» iimed the weights for ^tije .meeting to he held at Broken ¿lill ion ..June 21-the hospital benefit fixture.

When Mr. Nat Campbell, the starter to jtne S.AJ.C ind the A.R.C., heard that Mr. J. O.' Tngljs had been appointed to Bucoped tto the late Mr Godfrey Watson aB.$arter to the V.A.T.C.. he intimattd ¡thatTh« lad withdrawn his application sent fin to the .V.R.C. In racing nicies in Mel- bourne'it was generallv anticipated that Mr. India would be appointed both for Caulfield arid Flemington. He ha* secured »he work on the latter course, and, as Mr. 'Jona -Wren has appointi-d a .startf* for the ¡pony oouTiesf, there would not be much in st^supposing Mr. Campbell ' happened to secure the V.R.C. starting. He would be better off in Adelaide.

A busy day waa spent at the A.R.O* effiea on Tuesday, whi-n the stakes won «vfc the meeting were paid over. The win- ding' percentagfH to jockeys were also paid ojÇaxd the chief amounts were:

Birthday Cup-W. Smart, £56 Iff/.

\ CSty Handrcap-J. Ettershank, £27 i/.

Alaerrann Cup--W. H. Smith. £21 15/. Parkside Stakes-G. Lambert, £10 16/.

, Adekiderßtakes-J'.'E. O'Brien, £13 li/.

"Hie chjef 'évente at the Cup meetings here.fell fco inter-State horses-the Gond «wood Handicap. Widgiewa; S.A.J.C. 6t. iLeglr, Moe} Elder Stakes, Audacity; Ade Saide.Cup, Jliclnifht Sun; City Handicap, Crbe Liotie1:" Birthday Cup, Broadsword, tod-the-Alderman Cap. Aurifer.

The întér-Stçte horses who did doty at the Oop meetings in Adelaide were seht ¡back by' express train" on Tuesday after- noon. A specie left North-terrace at 3.30, arad.tie horses travelled in the bogie boxe«,

while a sleeper was attached for the com- j fort of -trainers and jockeys, and they were j 3oud in their praise of the arrangements i made hy the Railway Department for their I «necdj' return to Melbourne. -Mr. West, of I -the Live "Stock" Department,' who always ! «io«*-*Jl he can to assist trainers who tra- vel bone», was thanked by. them for_ the

«.ssiftatice -be had rendered. The horses that w*nt tway b£ the train were Adam ßkirving's, -0, 'J. Scobie'« 5, J. EIOVB . áV v if. P. "WTutty'fl 3,

¡while. JT. .Cripp'j. 3«n., took < Mr, A. T.. Creswick'e-4 and the 5 yearlings purchased I Iby that gsntlemttn at the Richmond Park f Kale. ,Mr. J. Mawby sent Mountain Prin,-1 «RES. and J. A. Whelan left with Common King; Barossa, and Pandnft. Dr. A. I?.

Bennett ¿returned Sanskrit, and with him!, lweottBray Oge who is to run-at the pony | meetings, in alelbourne. and the yearling r IcoltoHedmonfc. ' He has been leased by iMrr~H.i.3ríoore and wilf. be ,. trained by ¡Lewis St Caulfield. The yearling is a big fconed welî-grown cheenut, foaled Septem

iber''Í2, Uli, by Obligado (imp., grandson »f JÇJrmonde-winner The' Two Thousand «a-nineas, Derby, St. Leger, 'unbeaten, and arantfcstre ^>f Hying Fox) from Çyrenai«!, EyCyrenian - (aire of Cambrian. Hierarch, B-c.; and èon of SO. Simon). The horse* e»nt' awav totalled 35, and included Radia- tor. "The Glenelg lot were entrained at frfje Bay, while the city lot were put into the bogie boxes at a siding on North-ter

ja-ïe- '

The trainers'and jockeys who left by tlie special' express for Melbourne on Tuesday lwere:-r-J. Siely, Adam Skirving, J. Whelan, «nd J. Cripps,ijun., R. Lewis, J. Killora, IG.-Lambert. R- N.s Harrie, G. Harrison, iF.-Fraser;1 JEL' King, H. Butler. W. Anare, '*?' JW. H. Smith, P- Bennett.., F. Clarke, IL

Steddin, £. -Neary, W. Cody, E. Andrew», land- S. Cusdin. Mr. J. Williams, the owner"of Sandrift, travelled by'the same ¡train., James Scobie left for Melbourne on Monday/The special will reach Melbourne ert 8.30 this morning.

There waa an accident at the North-ter Jrace ^railway-station on Tuesday "while ¿he fcorSes -were being placed io their boxes. Sanskrit gave a little trouble, and Hardi- man, one of Sec-Die's boys, went to the assistance of the boy from C. Quinn's stable in charge of «the big. brown,. The. latter ikickég1 Irarllimân'on thé'heâd, but' the i .blow was not violent, und'hé^escaped with

a"-cut-, Hie head was,bandaged, and he ¡was able» to go on to Melbourne by the EpeciaL -

liri 3.- 0381156/8 horses did -not return to Melbourne'on Tuesday as was stated in-this column would be the case. C. Goodfellowsis remaining in Adelaide with th«n^ " r <

Craganour, whose sale to the* Argentine Bovernmenfat 30,000 guineas has been, re- ported by cable, ,was tha'be** fcwr>year>oId is England last season. Mr. C, Bower ' 'Ismay paid 3,200 gmirwa for him aa a

yearling. No doubt Mr- Ismay was greatly rüÄppointed/ai "the Derby "being taken from, Me colt for bumping, as it falls to *Sat loi if few owners m England to get a Derby-1 colt, and it ia a difficult race to win. ,;i> ""??".. ?*.

'Otate» and traine« should beat in mind ifch^lpeáfejtances close to-day for the Gawler meering. > .

A. meeting irfl}''be held -t Mentone to-

ds^," and-the programme will be found in

¡this - iseni,' i

Boniface wiTI be sent te Brinkworth by ferain to-day, »nd WheaE King to Quorn.

-Ocaea Rover and Playgirl will reach ÎAdeliide by train îtoni Broken-Hill this, evening. ' I

?íFor the Ascot Thousand which is t» be Héddéd-during September next, nomina tions are-^dne to-day. Mr. A. J. Gray, secretary to the Ascot Racing Club, will ta£ke entries' up to 6 p.m. to-day, in Mel- bourne^"1 , .

i"Mr;--W. ^Sfeal baa been appointed as- sistant overseer at Flemington at a ?aJary of" £200 per annum.

In spite-of the many notices in the press- thas under the new rules of racing

m»' I«»« *h* eb'gîbl* * far nomination

unlees registered by name, serrerai owners arat in entries of nnnnroed yearlings. Now the V.R.C. committee bave declared that the following horses were ineligible for the events named, as they had not been registered:-J. Brock's b c, by Vocal

Memnon from Heia, for fche V.R.C. Derby ' and St. Leger; J. Brock's ch f, by Vocal Memnon from Delta, for the V.E.C. Derby and Oaks; E. Millers br f, by Bobadil from Veloce, for the V.R.C. Maribyrnong Plate, Sires' Produce Stakes, Asootvale Stakes, and Oaks. Mr. Miller is a brother of Mr. 6. Miller, one time chairman of the V.R.C.

The caterer to the W.A.T.C. (Mr. H. Greville), who baa secured the contract for catering at Flemington, took up his new duties at the V.R.C. meeting on Saturday. His initial attempt appears to have been a succe«s, as one writer re- marks--"Mr. Greville nas expended a 'arge »um of* money in making altcrationn in ¿he luncheon rooms, public bars, tea houses under his management, and on Saturday there were general expressions of approval at the ifray m which the public

was served. The waiters and waitress«*! were attirfd in brown ooats and costumée, and everything was cal ried out on up-to date line*..""

The V.A.T.C. committee recently adver- tised for a starter at Caulfield m the

place of the late Mr. Godfrey Watson, i The salary fixed was £300 per annum, the starter to provide his own horse. There were some SO applicants for the position,

applications being received from all the |

States. The committee bos selected Mr. i J. O. Inglis. He has been acting as starter at Caulfield and other metropoli- tan courses for some months. He wau (says the "Argus") one of the founders of xhe Victoria Amateur Turf Club, wbone first meeting was held on the Dowling Forest racecourse, Ballarat, on March 24, 1876. -Tua Victoria Gold Cup (a welter handicap steeplechase), run on that occa- sion, was won by Mr. ¿V, S. Chirnside on Sailor, while Mr. Inglis was second on Xambok. Other riders to take part in the race included Mr. R, Pawer (Grey- stanes) and Mr. Norman Wilson (Canary). A painting of the race now hangs m the commiSree-room of the V.A.T.C. in Bourke-straet.

Totalizator fractions received at the

j S.A.J.C. Autumn meeting have been ap t portioned by the committee as follow - Distressed and .Disabled Jocke>s' Fund, I £04; Adelaide Benevoltnt and Strangers' I Friends' {society. £15; Convalescent Home, j £12; Home for incurable. Sick Poor Fund, Queen Victoria Hoine, Mpunt. Lofty, and I Adelaide 'Hospital,' £10: Childreh's Hos. 1 pita!. Catholic Refuge, Blind, Deaf, and I Duna Institution, Cottage Hcrçnes, North Adelaide, St.*. Vincent's de Paul's Orpah I age. House of Mercy. Angas-street, Pri | »oners' Aid .Society, Orphan Home, and I Prison Gate and Industrial Home, £7: ¡.Children's Home, Walkerville, House of Providence. ¿.Day Nursery (the Creche);, B. j Nunn Fund. St. Vincent do Paul's Society, North Adelaide, Cottage Homes, Glenelg, i District Trained Nuning Society, and I Queen's Maternity Home. £5; Samaritan rJund, Home for vTeakminded Children, St. [ Joseph's Orphanage. Largs Bay, and Sea 'mon'ß Mission, £3 S.P.CA.. Society, £2; .'total, £279.