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PINNAROO. January 30.-About two '

years ago a Victorian settler took some baby emus from their nest and presente»! them to Mr. B. L. Barfield, head teacher of. the -local public school. They liave grown quickly, and have,been quite a curiosity. ïesterday one; got out of its enclosure and wandered, "some distance away before its absence was noted. Se- veral golf players noticed the bird, and, with Mr. Harfield,. drove it back t»j the school ground, where they managed to get a lope on its leg. "This seemed to anger the biid, and it fought hard for liberty. In ils struggles it struck Mr. Roy Pickering and caused some very ugly cuts on the hand. Mr. Hiirfield's clothes were damaged and he received a kiek on the leg. The bird became exhausted at last^and lay down: then, raising its head, banged it hard against".the ground and died. Mr. Harfield intends having it

skinned. ' -'- -


'MOUNT-GAMBIER, January 28.-On Monday afternoon ' nine motor cyclists took part m a petrol consumption com- petition, arranged and managed by the Mount Gambier Motor Cycle Club. Tlic luu was to Port MacDonnell and back, a distance of about 35 miles. The condi; tions stipulated that the machines weiè to 'be in ordinary touring condition, and that ¡the contest "should be decided on the greatest number of ton miles run per gallon of petrol used.', The petrol tank or each bicycSc was drained before start- ing, and half a gallon of "petrol was poured into it.and.the filler cap sealed. _ On its return ' the tank was again/emptied and the quantity, of petrol remaining in it carefully measured. > .The stewaids man- aging the contest "were Mesar«. G. Gavens dud H. C. Hosking. The actual mile- ages per gallon was as follow-'-L. Simp sou, 147: <M. Simpson. 120è; J. Collins, US 4-5; 0. Knight. 120 8-9: H. Green, 1373; F. Gavens, U9Î; 0. Brown, »5}; J. MacCorquindale, 82Í; F. Pritchard,



Mount Gambier. January 20.

-Mr. A. Lockwood,, of Gambier East, ¿as .obtained 'big returns from his quarter of an _ acre 'crop of .onions tais seaspn,

less than lu 'bags being returned. In 1912, §6 bags were taken off this same piece of land.^and 76 bags in 1913. The

onions are a fine sample.


SEDAN, January 2S.-The Sedan annual athletic and cycle sports were held on Monday in tho Recreation- Park. The ground being only re- cently purchased, is very open, but the commit- tee did everything -possible to provide for the comfort of the public. Dwiñg tne day selections were rendered bv the Black Hill Brass Band. The weather wau ideal for outside snort, but the at tondarce was nut atiitc ¡.o lame as usual owing "lo attraction!, elsewhere. The gate takings

amounted to £16. Tbe officials were:-Commit- tee. MesT*. I'. C. Tucker. G. A. Payne, J. Ras- mus. G. Hausier, W. Pavnc. E. W. Biickerflclil. V. r. ZaniKe. G. P. Lchrmann. H. Pfeiffer, and li.. A. Zadow; judges. Messrs. F. W. Róthc. W. .Shannon, and G. Zadow; liandicappcrs. Messrs. W. T. Vicar. Jamts'Baker, "and D. -I. Lambert; starter, Mr. Phil G. Marshall; stewards. Messrs. H. Buckley. R. Cowland, A. Stengert, E. w. Bückcrficld. D. D. channon; joint secretaries, Mcffcrs. W. G. Lehmann and J. Rasmus. Re- sults:-ICO Yards Men's Race-P. R. Gerlach, F. W. Kiegcrt. Boys' Race-Les Payne, A. -Buck- ley. B. Schul»-. Girls' Race-C. Buckley, D. Zadow. A. Pat re. Sheffield Handicap-H. Kerr (16 tards). J. Rasmus (13 yards), P. R. Gerlach (0 vards). K. Fiebig (U yan]»). Slieaf Throwing -D. X>. Shannon and J. J. Cowland tieri. Step- ping Distant«-E. Rasmus. C. (Yuland. One mile Bicycie Race!-L. -Seidel. A. 'Marks. 150 \ards Hurdle Race-J. Rasmus (16 vards). E. G. , Lambert (20 varrls), P. li. Gerlach (12 yards). Vi Mile Bicvcle Rae»»- W. Kruger (.50 yards), L. Seide! (15u .vards). 0. B. Ku«a (ISO yards'». 220 Yards Handicap-F. Maynard. R. Cierlarh, J. Hunter. High Jump-J. J. Evans, E. G. Lam l.ert. Half-mile Lot al Rio etc-J- Nickolai, J. .1.,Evans. Consolation Race-A. Cook, R. Giles. Glittering Competition-Mi»s Ella Ilenke. Hor^e , Races.-Maidens-A. Garrctt's .. So Hoon.

. Dixon's Gladwync. Trot- W Koch's Trooper, T.

Haird's Ruby." All-mmcrs»-T. Baird's .llappy .laek, 31. Graetz's Niuio. In the rvrang a con- cert was hold in the institute, hall. Mr. Y.. W. Burkcrficld occupied the chair. V.r. R. W. Lyon, oí Adelaide, was tbe principal vet-former, and hi-, liuoiorous monologues», ki:, -.vere much appreciated, and loudlv encored. The programme was varied bv an overture by Misses It. and N. Za»low; cornet folds. Mr. A. S. Fowler: «oíos. Misses E. Kelly.' M, Payne, Chrissie Bucklej-, and VIr. T. U. Ekers. A dance followed, at which Mr. i., J. Evans acted as" MX. The takings for Hie cvcniiK; amounted tnT £6. .

RENMARK, January 24.--Êjtcme fruit drying is drawing to a close, .and *6¡»on»tjill hnndv one hears of rciord crop«/. The drying season lias been ex- ceptionally favorable to far.

MOOROOK (River Mulray), January 26.-A vio- lent storm passed over heit» on Sunday, caii'iiK-' considerable damage. As many as HO cases of peaches were blown from the trees of an orchard of about 7 acres.-Tlie Government snagging st came»* Industry passed np stTeam last Thurstlav. She w13 delated here 12 hours on account of the paddle wheel becoming fcftilc-d by a snag.

ANG \STON.' January 27.-On Friday (wemmg a .farewell dinnT was given to Dr. 'Nicol, on the ove oi hi« departure for Loxton. Dr. Nicol has been locum tenens for Dr. Cowan for nine months while the latter was absent in Europe. The dinner took place it», the Commercial Hotel, and 3fr. L. N. Salter presided. The chairman proposed the health of the guest, andj referred io his great popularity. He would be greatlv missed. The Rev-j. W. B. Docker and Mr. William Salter sup

ported, and the toast was drunk with mugcal honore. The chairman then presented Dr. Nicol with - silver cigarette ca»c.

FOREST RANGE, January 27.-The annual sports in connection with the Forest Range recreation ground were held yesterday. The weather condi- tions were ideal, and the attendance large. Re cults-Hurdle Race.-T. Shueard, C. Mason. E. Jiaioii. Maiden Biejele-A. Conlon. House. Tan ton. H'gli Jump-J. Marshall, li. Shueard, Winch. Handicap Flat-E. Masou, C. Mason. Kicking Football-E. Dcarmnn, li. Mason. Mile Bicycle Race-7. Creen, J. Davies, T. Shueard. Stepping the Distance-E. Mason, J. Fox. Miniature Rifle shooting-E. Dearraan, B. Dearmon. cjuoi's-F. Mason, S. Norton. Hop, Step, and Jump-T. Eglinton. H. Shueard. Bowling ¡it the Wicket , li. Norton, W. Peterson. Ladies' Race-Miss V. Fglinton, Mrs. L. Mason. Two-mile Bicycle.-F.

, Cook, J. Clasholm, 11. Mills. Hitting Tin, blind- . I folded-Miss D. Peterson, Miss "T. Lawson. Los

e-hoppinrr-J. Dalton, J. Probert.'C. Mason. Oli ! stade-W. Oliver. T. Shueard. Cotton Wind-

ing-rJtrs. W. Hunter, Miss I). Peter-n. Mrs. 1*.

, Creen, The proceedings were enlivened bv the

. Uraidla Brass Band. A dance was held in the cenimr. Mr. V. Kliensfhmidt presided ar- the piano, ¡ and Mr. (\ Hew acted as master of cérémonie». i Much of Uie suecoss of the fixture was due to

j the. efforts of Mr. A. Mason (secretary). - I

HAMMOND,- January 27.-A public meeting was held in the Hammond Hall on Saturday after to discuss matters of interest to farmers and producers. Mr. T. C. O'Donoghnc presided. Mr. J. J. Cormack was elected secra tary. It was unanimously resolved that Meásrs.

O'Donoghnc and A. G. Martin be appointed delegates to Adelaide, and with the assistance of tile members for the district of Flinders, lo convey to the _ Government the following re- quests:-(1.) That the Commissioner 'of Crown Lauds bo asked to provide, if possible, agist mont for stock 'and its carriage to commonage1 at a reduction on presmt rates, (2.) That the Commissioner of Public Works be asked to re- duce considerably the carriage on cereals and fodder, to enable fanners to put in their crops during the forthcoming- season. (."). That the Commissioner of Crown Lands be asked for an extension of time till February 1, 1015. for all rents free of interest on leaseholds. (4.) That the Commissioner of Public Works lie asked to grant ratepayers on the Coonatto to Hammond and Amyton water mains n considerable reduc- tion on their water rates, and also to grant an extension of time for 12 months. from due date on existing water rates, free of interest.-r-Last Sunday after morning service the vRev. Father Kirby thanked the ladies, especially Mrs. W. Ryar and Miss M. Burke, for the way they worked to make the New Year Day sports a

success. He added that he would like the | committee to ünd some other way than horse-'

MILLICENT, January 27.-The harvest this sea- son is a. record one, and the operations are almost completed. An enormous quantity of barley is being loaded -at the railway-station, and ¡It all times of the day teams ean be seen carting grain for transhipment to Melbourne. Little is going to Adelaide. It is estimated that iw.000 bags of harley and wheat will be sent from here. About 3.000 tons have been cut for hay and chaff. Some splendid crops of potatoes are to be seen on the peat flats, and if the frosts hold off there will be a heavy yield. In the Rendelsham lands chicory crops look promising, in spite of the set back they had in the early part of the season through wind and dry weather, racing to raise money for the church.

PORT BROUGHTON, January 27.-On Thurs ady afternoon last a meeting of ladies was held in the institute to consider the question of assisting on a stall at the Blind Fair, in Adelaide. Mr. Bitmead was present to explain the object of the fair, and the following officers and mernbers were elected:-President, Mrs. G. Loader; vice-president, Mrs. W. H. Whittaker; treasurer, Mrs. I. T. Eley; secretary. Mrs. G. Tothill; and Mesdames Barcb»-,. Clark, Pat tingale. Waru, Eckersley, Bawden. Allehurch, Donnelly, Bradc-y, Storr, Davie«, Winterbottom, Andrews, Laxton, and Gray, and Misses Pattin gale and Bawden.

YORKETOWN, January 37.-At the epuncii meeting last night Councillor W. Russell moved "That thii council has every confidence in its police officers, anu that a.copy, of this re- lution be sent on to the Commissioner of Police." He regretted that a Eeetion. of the press had been publishing reports which would lead to the belief the town was left -at -the «mercy of the crowd. As a do(tor, he was out'at all hours, and could verify the statement that the' police officers were doing their,duty all the time. The remarks were endorsed by all the councillors and the mayor, and it was decided to write Mounted-Con- stable McArthy inn the terms of the resolution. Mr. Kollosche, an old and respected resident, cele- brated bis Sith birthday yesterday, when a birth- day party was held at Iii.-,- residence. The old gentleman is a colonist of ,i3 years, hav ing arrived m the State in 1S58, and on the Peninsula in 1S72. He selected a block oí land and remained on it until he retired some time ago. Mrs. Kol- losche (nee, Mi-s Anna Krusor) died about two years ago. There was no family, but four children were adopted and'reared, three or whom survive. At the gathering hearty wishes were expressed for the future welfare of the. old gentleman.-Mrs. H. Koop, .»cn., aged S-t, an old resident, died this morning. !»hc was a colonist of 53 years, and had been a resident of the Peninsula since 1S71. She left a large family. Much sympathy is expressed for the bereaved husband, who is ¡57 years of age. -The new post-office is completed, and the tele- graph staff have completed the erection of fresh poles and a new cable containing an increased number of telephone wires. The new facilities will be much appreciated.

BURRA. January 2S.-On the holiday the Clare Tennis "Club with a good many friends, visited Burra, 'and played the Burra Association. After a close finish the visitors foorcd a victory by one set. In the evening the Clare Vagabonds gave an entertainment in aid of the two clubs, awl .hail a fair house, but the excellence of the entertainment merited much better support. The performance was much enjoyed.

HUDDLES'TON, January 25.-A record acreage of strew Ivis been cut for stacking, and a few farmer» ¡ire busy cutting the surplus »traw locally. Tlie fallowed paddocks are particularly clean 'this


MHÜCENT, January 27.-The sneak-thief, like the poor, is always with us. During the past week several cases, have been reported. In one instance the nocturnal offenders entered the resi- dence of Mr. John Sloggett, and abstracted the sum of £2 10/ from a pair a trousers and seve- ral other articles that were handy. Gardeners are also sharing in the visits of these night hawks. It is tie practice ot country people to tether their horses and vehicles in the hotel vards, and very often the week's supply of gro- ceries is taken out of these vehicles.

MOUNT BRIAN Januar» 3S -On Saturday last the dLtnet experienced extraordinanlv heavv ram Floods came down all the main roads and evert creek The gangs of navvies employed on the railway line were held in readiness for an cmergencj but fortunate!} no damage, re salted to the line -Mr Burr, who Has beui rail

way ganger here for «orne time past, left last j Saturday afternoon Vluch regret was felt at los- ing Mr Burr and his farmlv They were alt

workers in the Anglican Church and on Fndav |

afternoon a farewell sociil was given them '"

Burr was presented with a handsome hanging | lamp, and Miss Burr with a silver cruet On Wednesdav evening a social was given to Mr Burr by the Labor Partv when he was presented with a « Iver mounted pipe "mother social was

given the fanulv on the eve of their departure by I

the railway navvies

PORT YTXCENT, January 2&.-\t a well-at tended mcctirg of the re-qacnts of the distne-t, under the chairmanship of Mr T V\ Luxmoore held at the Ventnor Hotel last Saturcray, the Port V mccnt Picnic Race Club was lornietl Con

iderable interest wa«, manifested ind tbe ftr*t rate meeting was nxed for "aturda}, Vlarcüi 11 The subscription for membership was tiied, end a programme offering .fl ui prizes was drawn up,

tinl will be considered and finallj dealt with bv j

the committee at its nett meeting The follow

mg offltials were appointc-d -President, Mr lohn j

herr vice presidents, Messrs. s G Germein, C S Kerr 1 W Luxmoore P T Germein and I Cadd, committee. Mess. I Hickmeui, b & Germein t, S Kerr, Stair Klit, I Grundy, *t

G Thiele, H Hawkes, J Bowden, and T Goode, bccretar} and treasurer, Mr V\ J Ponder, as s-istant secretar», Mr B \ Thiele starter Jtr H Grund}, judges, Messrs John Kerr and H A Ford, clerk of scales Vlr H. Hawkes clerk 01 course, Mr A G Thiele, handitappcrs, Messrs. J Grund}. E A Travis, aid b J King

PORT WVKFilELD, January °S -\ esterdav

while Master V\ Bampton was driving som«- I cittle dons' the \dela ide road, ilose to ihc town ship his dog encountered a large brown «nakt

Tie lae! pluckih went to the dogs assistance and '

illed »he reptile, which ni<_isured > ft 9 in m lergth -ind was well proportioned Snakes hav». i been plentiful thia season, and man} of the towns I people h ive lud the unpltasan* t»;pcricncc tu I ottasionallv finding them indoor

SEDAN January 25-Regret was expressed last Fridav afternoon when it became known that an     old reaident of near Sedan, Mr David Goodes

sen, had been found drowned. Mr Goodes who |     was 76 years of age, had lately been ill but was recovering. His son in Iaw who was with him, attended to his wants and then went out into a paddock to do come work. When he re- turned he was astounded to find the old man was missing and was horrified at finding him face   downwards in a trough. An inquest was deemed unneccssary.  

I \L\T\ Tamar} 2S-*» meet ng in connection

vuth the optSun" of a aunelav school at Yunta »ao held on sunday cvemug under the chairman snip of Mr Odgers fnc members elected were -Mr S lenmmore (superintendent) Miss Ld wards (li-1 treaecrer) an»l Mis»i K «ú>gli i (si t

rttin) Miss M Coc'in and Miss L »ii appointed Jo tcuhens.


' CRYSTAL BROOK, January -".-The command-

ing oniecr of the 2Uh Flinders Lignt Horse Regi- ment (_eutcnant-CoIoncI A. Mieil) has decided to have.his headquarters at Crystal Brook., The erection of a drill hall lias been authorised. On the e-oinpletion. of the hall ural five offices the permanent staff will be stationed here.-The local ericke-t team journeyed to Merriton on Wednesday and scored a-win. compiling 107 runs to-Mcrrf ioii's 2.J. J. C. Scote-her secured £ix wickets for

Ü runs.

INMAN VALLEY. Jaan-Jry 2U.-Mr. and Mrs. t.. Brooke of Torrensvalc. were tendered a surprise social on Mondav evening by a large number oí Iricnet. Mrs. Brooke was presented with a sil- ver sei in ¿-civet case, and Mr. Brooke with a. nair of meerschaum pipes. The recipients are leavi-ig for Goroke (Victoria), where Mr. Brooke 'ias bought a-farm. Ile and his father (Mr. F. Brooke) before bim have lived on the one lana for upwards of 60 vears, and are much respected.

_UUKAY BIUDGE. January 29.-A meeting of the Murray Bridire l*rogro- Association was field in the Institute Hall on Wednesday night, wheu Mr. J. Homburg presided over a fair attendance. The rcsig-tion of the secretary (Mr. L. S. Kellv ) was accepted, and Mr. G. R. Handley was elected secretary pro tem. Mr. He-burg's resignation a: president was accepted with regret, and it was resolved to record the association's appreciation of his services. Mr. florafbuTg explained that he would etui remain a member of the association, and work in its interests. It was decided to write the Hon. J. Cowan, JLUC., asking him to urge on the Commissioner of Public Works the nece.-ty of improving the railway 6tatkm. ¡^It was decided to ask the Sedan Railway Commission to sit at Murray Bridge -for the purpose of taking evidence on the proposed route. The Rev. S. F. Brandt referred to the need of the Building Act being applicable to district councils, and also-the necessity fat regelating the traffic It waa --

solved to write the council to sec what could be done. The association decided to write the post office authonUt-s, asking that the light in front of the letter boxes be kept burning till 9 p.m. The Rev. S. F. Brandt suggested, that police should systematically patrol the streets of the town, particularly at night.

MOUNT GvMBlER. Januarv 29.-The annual meeting of the Town Band was held at Vansit- tart Park on Friday evening, Mr. L. H. Johnson (bandmaster) presiding over a fair attendance. Tlie report and balan t->eheet were adopted. It was decided- to re-elect Mr. Johnson as "hand master. The following were appointed a com- mittee:-Messrs. G. Kent. A. Higcs. Howell, II. Cornish, and B. Ellard. The secretary (Mr. W. B. Shepherdson) waa voted an honorarium of £6 GI.-A meeting of the committee of the St. Patrick's Dav celebration waa held on Tuesday evening to draw up a programme. . Mr. E. P. G. Little presided. The following officials were appointed:-Judtre«-Children's events, Mr. A. Hayes; militarv. Mr. E. J. Locke; open. Messrs. Locke and A. F. Sutton; ladies' drete in Gretna Green race. Mrs. A. F. Sutton: stewards. Messr». J. Spain, W. I'.., J. P.. and H. L. Kennedy, H. Jens, W. H. Sutton, A. Hayes, J. Roughan. ajjd -1. Pick: clerk of course. Mr. V. Ha}es; time- keeper. Rev. Father Janies; ring steward, Mr. J. Barry; assistants. Messrs. J. Sutton and F. Regan.

MELROSE. January 29.-On Wednesday eveuing a concert was held in the hall, under the auspices of the Frome Jockey Club. Tbe proceeds amounted to over £20. A dance followed.

PORT VICTORIA, January 29.-On Tuesday G. W. Allen was charged by Mounted-Constable A. E. Toop, before Messrs. M. Whitburn and F. Garnett, with having committed a breach of the Roads Act, by leaving a team of horses unat- tended on a main road. -Fined 5/, costs 7/6

QUORN. Januarv- 29.-At a meeting of New- castle Lodge of Druids. P.A., Bro. George Rus- sell, wjs bandi d a P.A. rollar iu recognition of valuable services rendered to the brotherhood. Re- ference was made In- the Areli Druid to the de- parture of P.A.. Bro. B. Aveling, who. aftrr uianv years in the employ of the South Aus- tralian raih-avfi. has relinquished his position to enter the employ of tl'o Commonwealth at Port Augusta workshop-. The departing brother has been connected willi the Order for some time, und was a »rood worker for Druidism. Bros. Bucklev. Russell, and Millard airo spoke words r.f regret at Bro. Avelirv-'s departure, and wished ¡uní suet ess in his new sphere.

SNOWTOWN. January 20.-A meeting of ladies convened by Mrr. -7. J. Tardiff was held on Fri- day afternoon to form a committee for the pur- pose of ossistinff at the Blind fair in the Adelaide Jnbilee Exhibition Buildírig Mr. Bitmead ex- plained the object of the iair, and the following were elected to the committee:-President. Mrs. J. J. Tardif!; vice-president. Mrs. T. J. Martin: secretaries. Misses S*. MoFeat and E. Woodward; treasurer, Mrs. P. M. Walker: Mesdames P. T. Tomer, J. O'Neill, L. I*. Hen»triteh. D. A. North-, F. E. Fi-'nc-r. C. II. Colton. A. E. Gunter. H. Bradev. G. H. Matheson. A. Kelly. A. Mc- Donald. F. Slatrery.

WALLAROO, January 29.-Mr. W. J. Hughes had his fishitlg cutter "Jenny Lind," -40 ft. over- all, 10 ft. bean, with centreboard, 6tolen during last Sunday. Tile number of the boat is 171. A very successful meeting of the male members' and adherents of the Presbyterian Church was held in the church on Wednesday evening, the Rev. A. J. McLellan presided. Addresses were delivered by Mr. McLellan on the mission of the church, and by Mr. A. Young, on men's work

in the church. Messrs. J. Malcolm, T. W. ¡ Rees, - Bryce. S. Watt, K. Bews, .and others, also spoke. Songs were rendered by Messrs. ti. Watt and K. Bews. It was decided to form u branch of the men's club in connection with the church. Mr. li. Bews borne appointed or-

ganiser. Those present pledged themselves to | try and secure a better aitendunce at the Sun- day morning and week evening services.-Mr. W. H. Hilton, who has been acting as clerk of the Local Conrl, Port Wallaroo for the past seven months, was on Friday lost permanently ap- pointed by the Executive Council to that position. Mr. Hilton has been 13 years in the service, and has occupied various positions in the Ade- laide Local Court, and is regarded as a very efficient officer.

PRTERSBTJRC, Januar}' 30.-For 30 year», I despite intervening drought and adversity" the

Roman Catholics of the Lancelot district bave , held their . annual picnic and bports, and

¡this year the fixture was, an usual, hcdl on

Foundation Day on Mr. II. A. Bohmc's pretty grounds at Ucolta, and proved highly sm.-eess ful. The committee and the secretary (Mr. T. J. Donnellan) spared no effort in preparing the grounds, and ever} thing wai in perfect order. The sports programme was run off in good tim«, and the large gathering s-howed much interest in the various items. The horscracing attracted a good deal of attention. The refreshment booth was under the management of .Misses Kilderry anti Dtmnellan, :i*astcd by Mcodames Wismv«ki, ¡»arsons. Darragh, J. Smith, Misses P^rsorw, Curry, O'Dea, and Sheeliao. The officials were:-Judges-Messrs. R. A. Böhme. E. Darragh, J. F.. 0*LoughIiii. J. H. ¿Smith; hadrii cappers (cycle events). Mr. M. V. Donnellan; pedestrinn events. Mr. T. Donnellan; starter, Mr. W. J. O'Lou-rhlin: roaster of track, Mr. W. Mc- Ginn: srte-wanls. Messrs. J. E. Pick, T. Donnel- lan, D. v. Dollard, E, Darragh, and J. O'lough- lin: assistant secretar»-, Mr. P. Paeholski: com- mittee, Messrs. P. Wisncvsla. M. darkin, T. Parsons, C. O'Dea, J. Ofoole, J. Leigh, and Mr. J. Murphy, J. A. Denrreey: secretary, Mr. .1. T. Donnellan.-The bishop of Port Augusta, accompanied by the Rev. Father O'Byme was present. Results:-Bovs' race (under 14)-H. Newton, R. «Carty, S. Cooney. Sheffield Handi-

cap.-First heat-B. Dowd (15 yards), A. Per- I kim- (11); cecood hast-»F, Purdy (19)> E. Smart |

(IS) : third heat-M. Liddy (IS). P.. Harford (IS). Second Round.-First heal-F. Purdy, .A. Perkins; second heat-- Liddv. E.? Smart. Final-A. Perkins, M. Udy, F. Purdy, E. Smart, Bicycle race. 1. mues.-First heat-II. - Critchley (215). .1. W. Elliott (120), W. Pascoe ii»): second heat-T, W. Robinson (210), S. A. Taylor (120), W. Kelly (2501. Final-J. ***. "Elliott, ? S: A. Taylor, T. Robinson; Ucolta Stakes-B. Lang's Ragtime. W. McCann's Grey Gown. "Trot-M. O'Toole's Miss Nace (75 yards behind). C. Wehr's Silver (s'cratch). Hack race-B. Lang's Rag- time, J. Sheridan's .Spero, W. McCann's Grey Gown. A protest'entered against Ragtime for having previously won an advertised race, was upheld, and the stake awarded to Spero. Bicycle Mile.-First heat-S. A. Taylor (120), H. Critchley (145). W. Kellv (175); second heat-T. Smart (!«*?), W. Pascoe (40), J. TY. Elliott (120); third heat-E. J. Wall (501, J. Summers (135), C. Mutton (160). Final-J. Summers, _ J. Wall. J. W. Elliott. High Jump.-E.- Smart (scratch), l; M.C. Jurv (4 in.), 2; heitrht, 5 ft. 2 in. Handicap, 120 yards.-H. V. Donnellen (12 yards), E. Smart (13 yards).

\itrrOR HARBOB. Jan-ry 30.-The telephone

s.v»tem h- at last been installed in the Encoun- ter Bay post-office, which is just over a mile from the local office. Yesterday morn-g. at 10 oVIor-k, a number of residents gathered at the official opening. Professor Rennie, of the Ade. l.iidc University, was the first to speak over the line. Mr. E. B. Bolger, who has been the postín-ter at- Encounter Bay for SO years, »aid at last his pet scheme had become an accomplished tact, as they were now linked up with the city Tia Port Victor. The Deputy Postmaster-General, in reply, congratulated the people of the district, and said he hoped it would be a great conveni- ence for them._. _