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The new serle« of »ictnrea to be shown |

st Earl's Court to-niglft wiO Intdnde the

drama "Better times," the drama, "Three] X Gordon." and the latest edition ot "Pathes Gazette." As official synopsis of " Better times " issued by the manage-1 ment says:-"The story ls » email-town human interest dre ma, the locals Eu- reka Sprint«, a health resort whose day bs«, t'assort. Old Urra Pcroggs, proprie- tor cf the Lakeview Hotel, has developed into a confirmed pessimist and allowed bis hostelry to rim to seed. Nancy, hts daughter, endowed with hope and enter- prise, starts out to renew the pristine glory of the hotel- Bhe resurrects thc 1N02 model Ford, lights for (patronage with thc driver of tho rive! hotel's sur- rey, and sucrceds in kidnapping one young man. (he proceeds to feed him up with the choirest food obtainable, and he becomes a voluntary publicity bureau. The hotel prospera under their joint ef- forts, but Old SerogjtB cannot stand prosperity. He gambles away his money, and tho hotel, too. and then Jumps i«to the lake. Nancy use» her father's insur- ance money to finish her education, but find» the finishing school girls are mostly snobs. How she is reunited to her hero, »ho prored to bp a famous hall-player and whom. eb« believes had trifled with her, furnishes a happy climax to a story replete with pt thoa and humeur.'* The pictures will be only once shown. ?

On Monday nbrfir "Robbery nuder arms'' will b* pie*ent#d. A managerial note «aye:-" Everyone ha* read Rolf BoMrcwood's famous book 'Robbery under arms,' and it is reproduced In the play in all its excitement and will be fol- lowed with intense Interest. Mr. Kenneth Brampton, who prodtieed ' Robhory Under armf,' ir,*d? it a point, to present the rtory of Csptain' Starlight in the most realistic surroundings. One scene was filmed at the spot where Clark, a noto linus bushranger, held up the Araluen mai', and many other localities onee fre- quented by bushrangers and lawless cliarset*>rs were included. Tbwv are licet e of sensations in the play. The airest of the Ma redone ie one. It, is briefly described in tJte following--. The Marsdens leapt to their feet on thc sud iloii entry of tho inspector, but he bail the drop on them, and they quickly taw that anv show of re-úf ince would he futile. f-'n they went tn takr (heir inedi < ino lil-o moo-ai th never u whinn nor ;i vain reeret-wiih set jaws, reud.v to meet what might be eumina to thom. And tho women yt anding bv-an aged motbor and fond sister they watched-and. watching, saw their vision of liapjiines« come clashing down-and the hearts with :« (hem 'liid.' lt is claimed for the

screen version that it i» içuperior to the) book story itself. The audience ii brought | actually to the atmosphere of the bush

scenes and are held from the beginning!

to the end of thc play." j