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CLARF\DON, 4pnl 10-Delegates consistais of Messrs. Baldock and Waite (noarlunga) A Bruce and Townsend (Hillside), \\ Bottnll and SL Biddle (hang-anha), and h. Mitchell and W Potter (Clarendon) met at the ns-ence of Mr Brue-e at Hillside, on W ednesday evening to make arringetnents for the proposed football assoeu tion Mr W Bottnll was chairman. It waa unanimously decided to form au association, to be tilled ' The \lexandia Football Association," and to consist of the four dobs represented. It was decided that each dub pay a fee of £2, that all umpire' fees be paid through the association sec rctarv A code of rules were drawn up to _ipro\e tlte standard of football. Owmg to the position of the contesting dobs it isas decided to have a three-mile radius, am club playing a player out

l le t'-it distance to lorfcit the match. The re - ignition lee «as fixed at 6d , and no plavcr is to be allowed to take part in a match linley registered *r\en day5 previously It «as decided I tltat the team-» should meet on three occasions to

constitute the first rounds delegates to meet at Kangarilla and Hillside at least once in six »cuvi Dvcr\ pla>er is to be provided with a copy < f tlie constitution and rules, with -prograrnme of matehe« and permit attached. Officers dectcd -l'atron, iii C J Dashwood, K.C , president, llr It ? Morgan toa. secretary and trca.Tircr Mr A. Bruce auditors, Messxs. W E. Bottnll and E. H Mitchell, umpires. Messrs. S Cottage and F Jones. The asociatian matches are to commenoe on Maj 10. A meeting of the Clarendon rootball Club was held in tie town hall on Thorsdav evening Mr G Paddick pre- sided It »as decided to make several slight un .provemctm- to the planng arena. Mr B. Powell »as dected to fill the \acanc\ on the sdectaon rooimittoe. Mr 1- H. Mitchell (captain), on be- half of the pla%cr= presented Mr L. Gués, one of the member* -«ho i« leanne fir ih>fnct with a cop» ol Dickens' Lottie Doini." Jil,. Gi-» ter