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At noon on Saturday nominations closed ' for the positions in the various municipal

councils which are rendered vacant an- nually by the expiration of the term of office of sitting mem- bers. In many instances there were more nominated for the positions than

were required, and in those cases proceed- j ings have been adjourned till next Satur-1 day, when the annual election will take place. Principal interest, of course, centred in the City of Adelaide elections. Mr. A. ¡ A. Simpson was elected unopposed to the

position of mayor, in successor to Mr. ' Bonython, who is retiring from municipal ¡ life, while Mr. Isaacs was re-elected alder-

man and Mr. Moulden was not op- j posed in his candidature for the other ' aldermanic position rendered vacant by the promotion of Mr. Simpson to the chief magistracy. The details of the nominations for the various municipalities are gives



Returning-Officer-Alderman .Cohen. , For Mayor.

Alfred Allen Simpson, of East-terrace, manufacturer (elected).

For Aldermen (two wanted).

Isaac Isaacs, of Childers-street, North Adelaide, lana and estate agent; Frank Beaumont Moulden, of Pembroke-street, Cpllege Park, solicitor.

For Auditor (one wanted).

William John Brook, of Finniss-street, North Adelaide, (professional accountant and auditor; Reginald Guy Lillywhite, of 58," Cheltenham-street. Malvern, public ac- countant; John Blood Pitcher, of Victoria street. Mile-End, accountant; Hubert Hill- man Sando, of Harrow-road, College Park, public accountant and auditor; Henry Tassie, of Byron-street, Glenelg, public ac-


For Councillors.

Hindmarsh Ward.-Edward Angas John- son, of 295, Pine-street, Adelaide, medical practitioner (elected).

Gawler Ward.-Walter Weech Forwood, of Esplanade, Henley Beach, engineer (elected).

Grey , Ward (one).-Francia Walter Lundie, of 11, Frederick-street, Unley, laborer; Clement Victor Wellst of Grote street, Adelaide, medical practitioner.

Young Ward (one).-George Edwin Yates, of Avenue-road, Highgate, secre- tary; James Anderson, of Gouger-street, Adelaide, dairyman.

Robe Ward. -.Tames Trembath Kevern, of Beach-road, Grange, grocer (elected).

Macdonnell Ward (one).-Frederick Wil- liam Birrell, of 41, Melbourne-street, North Adelaide, compositor; Evan Cottier Clucas, of 42, Finniss-street, North Adelaide, out

of business.


For Mayor.

Joseph Hervey Clouston, Fletcher-road, Birkenhead, boilermaker (elected).

For Aldermen.

.Tbhn Henry Dowsett, Webbjr-strcet, Queenstown, carrier; Arthur Johnson William Lewis, victoria-road. Queens- town, out of business; Henry John Pud ney. Claire-street, Largs, auctioneer; John Sweeney. Port Adelaide, mill manager. Extraordinary vacancy-Edward Allan Farquhar, Dudley-street, Semaphore, ship manager; Thomas A. Pellew, Embank- ment-road, Glanville, striker. ,

For Councillor.

North ward-Gilbert John Beasley, Whyte-street, engineer: William A. Sal keld, Rann-street, Birkenhead, butcher.

South ward-Richard Hettle Smith, Commercial-road, Port Adelaide» painter and contractor; Arthur Oscar Tteynolds Tapp, Melbourne-place, Alberton, grocer.

East ward-George Williams, Rosetta street, Graytown, saw doctor (elected).

West ward-George Daniel Clarke, Car- lisle-street, Glanville, butcher; Frederick Wilbam Plate, ,Buxton-street, North Ade-

laide, out of- business.

Centre ward-**Joseph Anderson, Queen street. Alberton, accountant; Percy Rogers Brimage, Port .adelaide, licensed vic-


For Auditor.

Frederick William Allen, Tynte-street, North Adelaide, accountant; James Manly Sala Brimage, Port Adelaide, accountant; William John Brook, Finniss-street, North Adelaide, professional accountant and auditor; Frederick Ward, Heath-street, Birkenhead, commercial traveller.


R^tnarning-ofEoer-Alderamn A. 8. Lewis.

For Mayor.

Walter Dollman, Austral-terrace, Mal- vern, accountant (elected).

For Aldermen (2).

John Herbert Cooke, Edmund-terrace, New Parkside, patent attorney, Robert Palmer, Jaspar-street, Unlev, gentleman; William Norman Parsons, Valmai-avenue, King's Park, land agent.

Por Councillors.

Unley ward (1)-Fred Grasby, Grove street, Unley, out of business: Thomas Elliott Yelland, Young-street, North Un hy. ern.nany secretary.

Parkside ward (1)-William - Harold Langham, Frederick-street, New Park- side, clerk; Joseph Grove, Wattle-street, New Parkside, builder.

Fullarton ward (li-Alfred Ernest Mor- ris, Ferguson-avenue, Fullarton, master ooachbuilder; Walter Henry James Welch, Glen Osmond-roadv Fullarton, printer; Charles Williams, Young-street, Parkside, house painter. ,

Goodwood ward (1)-Arthur Henry Ar- nold Clarke, Albert-street, Goodwood Park, bookkeeper; Hubert Reginald Rose, First-avenue, Forestville, manager Shoe Store Company. .

Goodwood South ward (1)-Caleb Mack- lin. Dixon-street. Clarence Park, dentist; William John Hill, Goodwood Park, com-

pany manager.

For Auditor.-Reginald Guy Lillvwhite. Fullarton-road, accountant; Richard Howard Tapley, Davenport-terrace, Way

ville, accountant.

KENSINGTON AND NORWOOD. Returning-offieer-Alderman Phillips.

For Mayor.

Henry James Holden, merchant, Osmond terrace, Norwood (elected).

For Alderman (two wanted).

John Hooper^grocer, Queen-street, Nor- wood; James Henty Mattingly, building contractor, Gray.-street, Norwood.

I . For Councillors.

' Kensington ward-(one)-Peter. Gannon!. Undertaker, Parade, Norwood; Albert George Packham, chaff merchant, Chapel street, Kensington.

East Norwood ward (one)-Thomas ATthur Buttery, cabinetmaker. First avenue, East Adelaide; John Joseph Woods, clerk, Rose-street, Norwood.

West Norwood ward (one)-James John I Francia Flaherty, clerk,. Sydenham-road, Norwood; John Ellis Silver, boxmaker,

Theresa-street. Norwood. |

Kent ward-Thomas Benjamin Atkins coachpainter, Sydenham-Toad, Norwood


For Auditor.

George Henry Grass Searcy, accountant, Kensington-road (elected).

Extraordinary Vacancy.-West Norwood Ward (one)-Lionel "Laughton "Hill,, secre- tary, Edward-street, Norwood; George Carl Christopher Martens; out of business, Os- mond-terrace. \


Returning-oflicer--Mr. H. W. Langsford.

Tor Mayor.

Joseph Henry Thompson, of Hackney, superviser; George Kewman Twelftree, of East Adelaide, builder.

For Ald-mnen (2).

Hector George Bradley, of Maylands, salesman; John Snail, of East Adelaide, out of business; Herbert Thomas Shep- herd, Stacey, of East Adelaide, agent, Extraordinary vacancy for alderman Robert Lowen, Hackney, motor proprietor (elected).

For Councillors.

Hackney ward (1)-Reginald Victor Wilson, Hackney, licensed valuator Íelected); extraordinary vacancy, Carl

lerman Luder Wilhelm Richard Nitschke, of Hackney, .»licensed victualler (eleöted).

East Adelaide ward (1)-Percival Nel-

son Gtylor, East Adelaide, Civil servent; Oscar Herman Duhst, East Adelaide, to-


Stepney ward (1)-John Patrick Crow» ley. Stepney, provision merchant (elected.)

Maylands ward (1)-George Coutts Ligertwood, Mayland», solicitor; Edward James Roberts; Maylands, electrical en- gineer. .

For Auditor - Harry Robin Guerin,

East Adelaide, accountant; Albert Victor Mitton, East Adelaide, accountant.


_tef__ning-ofiicer-Alderman W. Wood.

For Mayor.

Joseph Douglas Brown, mason, Hind- marsh (re-elected).

For Aldermen (two wanted) .-William Henry Herbert Drinc^ traveller, Hind- marsh; James Francis t_irig, builder, Hind- marsh; John George Murphy, produce merchant, Hindmarsh; Frank Keen Nieass, compositor, Brompton; Albert James Rimes, butcher, Bowden.

For Councillors.

Hindmarsh Ward.-Robert John Holiday, printer's manager, Hindmarsh; Charles Henry Rosenhain, jeweller, West Hind-


Bowden Ward.-Augustus Charles Wise, carpenter, Bowden-on-the-Hill (elected). Extraordinary.-Thomas Robert Tolly, storeman, Bowden (elected).

Brompton Ward.-William Wood, brick maker, Brompton (elected).

Croydon Ward.-John Mcinnes, union secretary, Croydon; Sydney John Smith, greengrocer, Croydon.

For Auditor.

John James, commercial traveller, "Hind- marsh (elected).


Returning-officcr - Alderman G. W. Stacey.

For Mayor.

James Arthur Rawling, Clifford-street, Torrensville, draper; Thompson Green, Turner's-road, Torrensville, member of Par-


- For Aldermen (two wanted).

James Manning, Carlton-parade, Torrens- ville, land agent; Robert Martin, Walsh street, Southwark, ironfounder; Walter Edward Hounslow, Bagot-avenue, West Adelaide, contractor; Frederick Riley Ross-street, Henley Park, scaffold inspec-


For Councillors (four wanted).

Strangways ward-George Frank Rich- ards, Queen-street, West Thebarton, re-

frigerating engineer; Harold Sidney Brom-

ley Hijl, Philip-street, Southwark, store- keeper.

Musgrave ward-Alfred Escott Kildael, Maria-street. Thebarton, restaurant-keeper; Thomas Robert Richards, Kintore-street, Hemmington, sanitary inspector.

Torrens ward-Otto Herman Alfred Flehr, Bagot-avenue, West Adelaide, mas- ter painter: Alfred George Hinder, Glad- stone-road, Mile-End, piapoforte tuner.

Jervois ward-James Lock Higgins, Tay lor's-road. Torrensville, out of ousiness; Charies Stephen McHugh, Fisher-terrace, West Adelaide, estate agent.

For Auditor.

Walter James Manning, West-etreet, Tor- rensville, land agent; William Allen, Hen- ley Beach-road, Mile-End, caterer; Wil- liam John Brook, Finniss-street, North Adelaide, accountant.


For mayor-E. W. Crewes,-- merchant; J. McLaren, stock agent.

For councillors.-North ward-M. A. Radford, ' grazier; * J. Richards, Store- keeper. West ward-W. < H. Hardy, journalist; L. L. Wicklein, jewellers East ward-S. M. Lane, saddler; E. Moore,

grocer. ,

For auditor-,.. Treloar (elected).


For Mayor - William Henry Cox (elected).

For Councillors-North ward, Thomas J. Wilkinson (re-elected); East ward, John Letcher (re-elected): South, ward, Michael M. Lynch (elected).

For Auditor-Mr. C. H. Annells (re elected).

Very little interest was taken in the municipal nominations in Gawler. The retiring mayor (Mr. F. D. Temby) acted as returmng-officer, and he declared Coun- cillor Cox elected Mayor, and Messrs. T. J. Wilkinson (North ward), John Letcher East ward), and M. M. Lynch (South ward) duly elected councillors, there being no opposition. Councillor Cox moved a vote of thanks to the returning-officer, and thanked the ratepayers for their confidence in him. He recognised that the incoming council had a great deal of important work to deal with, especially in connection with the duplication of the electric light. Coun- cillors Lynch and Letcher supported the proposition, which was carried. Mr. Temby, in replying, deplored the fact that more interest was not taken in the muni- cipal affairs of the town.


Retarnmg-officer-Councillor R. Me Knight. î

For Mayor.-Alfred Menhennett (re-» elected). ' " «

For Councillors.-North ward--C. H. Shakeshaft (re-elected). South ward-M Thomson (re-elected). East ward-T. S Davie (elected unopposed). West ward J. M. Caddy, M. Ryan, C. A. Neindorff,

W, T. Truscott. , -

For Auditor.-W. 0. Martin (re-elected). The nomination of J. Howard Rees as councillor was declared informal, as the

name of the ward was left out* j


For mayor-J. F. Palamountain, elec-

ted. -^

For councillors-South-West ward-G. Truman, elected". South-East ward-J. Keegan, elected. North ward one vacancy)-T. Wright and A. Rook.


For mayor-Carl August Degenhardt, wheat agent (Liberal); James Ramsay, laborer (Labor).

For councillors.-North ward-Alex- ander Bruce, organ factory manager (Liberal); Bertram Harrison, union sec retary (Labor). South ward-James S. Gelles (elected unopposed) (Liberal). West ward-Adolph George Palmer, blacksmith (Libérait: Simon Cockburn, laborer (Labor). Solomontown ward Horace Manifold Pimlott, carpenter (liberal); Alfred Chenhall Jeffrey, butcher (Labor),

For auditor-Alfred Andrews Pearce, auctioneer (Liberal); William Leonard Blight, lund agent (Labor). .

PETERSBURG. | For màjror-J. C. Todd,' S. W. Dick-


For councillors-_outh ward-J. Hender- son, G. Phillips. West ward-D. J. Brewer, A. Jamison. Yongala ward-F. H. Frith (re-elected unopposed). East ward-J. W. Bowering (re-elected un-

opposed). - j

For auditor-E. T» Perry, S. D. Jones.


Returning-officer-Mr. H. H. Butler. I For Mayor.-J. Bell (elected).

For Councillors.-East ward - John Brcckelbank Jackson, auctioneer; Aaron Burgess, carrier. West ward-Fred Wool fitt, out of business; J. W. Elliott, news- paper proprietor.


I Mayor-R. T. Macfarlane, machinist;

J. S. K. Maclennan, solicitor. 1

For councillors.-North ward-W. H. Russell, medical practitioner. South ward -4jr. -E. Heaney, chemist. East ward J. Ferguson, storekeeper. I

Fob auditor-W. P. Riddle, ironmonger. ¿ Tho councillors and auditor were elec-

ted. _


For mayor-W. Price, jun.,. gen'tleman (elected). "¿

For councillors-.-North ward-George Chatfield and F. W. Frost. South watti -J. Kelly, J. Brenton, Richard J. Marke. East ward-T. Davies, jun., Richard Walsh. West ward-T. E. Ashton, David Moore. '

For auditor-J. Hawker (re-elected).