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At the Adelaide Police Court on Monday morning, before Messrs. J. Gordon, S.M., W. Hooper, J. M. Symons, J. Abbott, M. H. Madge, and A. Myers,

August Sebelest, who had a black eye, was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on Charles Wullf in Grenfell-street on January 13. Mr. P. McM. Glynn defended. Charles Wulff, who appeared in Court with his head in bandages, said he was a miner living at Glanville. He was at the Allgemeiner Deutscher Verein in Grenfell-street   on Saturday night. Saw defendant there. Witness was having a drink at the bar, and his little girl waa standing alongside. Two persons were fencing, and they struck the child. Stopped these two fencers, and while remonstrating with them defendant interfered with him. Sebelest collared him with both arms and shook him. Witness told him to take his arms off him, and say what he wanted. Defendant then got hold of him again, and witness pushed him back. Some body interfered, and then he (witness) went to the other end of the bar, where he got clear of defendant. Two or three times they met again, when defendant shook his fist in his (witnesses) face. Witness told him if he wanted anything he should come outside, as he did not want to kick up a row with the people in the club. 'After the ball was over' he went away with his friend, leaving defendant in the bar to the best of his know- ledge. Proceeded to the street past the Arcade, aud while standing talking there to his friend and another man, defendant came along. Remarked — 'Here comes the man who ia going to knock me about.' Defendant, who was then close upon him, made a motion as if he was going to strike him. Witness struck out also and hit defendant in the face. Two or three more blows were exchanged, and then he became dazed aud was binded by the blood that ran down his face. He had wounds on his head, neck, and arm. Did not feel the wounds at the time they were inflicted, as he was too excited. By Mr. Glynn — Had a lot of liquor in. A good many said to him that he should not kick up a row. Did not strike defendant in the club, but told him once or twice to come outside. Did not remember, but thought he hit defen- dant twice outside, as he used both hands. Dr. Arthur Goode, House Surgeon at the Adelaide Hospital, said he saw defendant at the Hospital about 2 o'clock on Suuday morn- ing. He had a considerable amount of blood on his head, face, and neck. Examined him and found two scalp wounds, one about 1 1/4 inches and the other 3/4 inch long. The neck wounds were about 1 1/4 inches and 1/2 inch long, and 1 1/4 inches and 3/4 inch deep respectively. There were alao two skin cuts on the left shoulder. The wounds were clean cut, and might have been produced by the penknife produced if used in the right way. The man was out of danger. , Franz Gaetjens, accountant, said he was at the Aligememer Deutscher Verein in Gren fell-streec on Saturday evening. Heard an animated discussion between defen- dant and prosecutor, who were there. The two men were quarrelling, and Wulff eventually struck Sebelest. Then got in be- tween them, and said 'No fighting allowed.' Defendant left the club about fifteen to twenty minutes after Wulff. Heard the cry for help subsequently, and proceeded to the spot whence the voices came. Sebelest said to   him 'The ____ struck me.' Had seen a knife similar to the one produced in defen-   dant's possession. By Mr. Glynn — Had   known defendant for two or three years, and he was a quiet, peaceable man. Carl Janitz, bootmaker, deposed to leaving the club with Wulif on Saturday evening. Proceeded towards Twin-street, and when there defendant came along, and the two men rushed at each other. By Mr. Glynn — The man who examined him at the police station said it must have baen Sebelest who struck Wulff, as neither Kahl nor him- self did. Ernest Kahi corroborated. Constable Barien said he was on duty at Hindmarsh-square on Sunday morning. Henrd cries for help, and proceeded towards Twin- street, where he saw Wulff in a stooping position. He said 'I'm stabbed ; take me home. Defendant was standing close by, and Kahl pointing to him said 'That's the man who did it.' Subsequently fouud the blade of a knife (produced). Sergeant Duncan deposed to finding the broken knife produoed. The blade fouud by Constable Barien fitted it. When arrested and cautioned defendant said ' I did not do it, I had no knife; he struck me first. '' Committed for trial, bail being allowed in two sureties of £75, and defendant himself in the same amount.