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Vacancies in tbe Marine Service.— The President of the Marine Board has been advised of the death of Mr. T. Cheeseman, an old identity of Port Pirie, and one  

of the staff of pilots licensed by tbe Marine Board. The late Mr. Cheesman was first licensed aa a pilot in October 1878, having thus completed exactly seventeen years of service. He was very painstaking in the discharge of his duties. The Wardens of the Board will be consulted at the next meeting as to filling the vacancy in the staff ot pilots at Port Pirie, caused by his death. The position of Harbourmaster at Port Victor, rendered vacant by tbe death of Captain Hellon, has been temporarily filled. The late Captain Hellon received his first ap pointment under the Government in 1882, as Berthing Officer at Morgan. In 1886 he was removed to Germein Bay as Harbourmaster and Lightkeeper, positions which be resigned the following year. Afterwards he occupied the position of mate on one of the dredges at Port Adelaide, and prior to his appointment at Port Victor in 1888 he was at Corney Point Lighthouse.   Education at a Discocst.— Tbe Govern ment are offering youths, who have passed the Civil Servioa Examination, positions as tele graph messengers at 10s. per week. There have not yet been any candidates on these terms. Cbimuval Sittings. -On Friday the Criminal Sittings were brought to a olose with the case of Edward Williams, who was oharged with being in possession of forged banknotes, and was acquitted. Local Cocbt— Vacchan v. Aktot. — An unfortunate error crept into tbe report of this Local Court case in tho Rcgitttr on Friday morning. It was stated tbat Mr. Russell gave judgment for Mr. H. J. Vaughan, the plaintiff, whereas, the judgment was given for Mr. W. O. Arnot, the defendant, theS.AL remarking tbat he was wholly in the right. We are sorry to have caused Mr. Arnot annoyance by an inaccurate report. Mark Twaix asd the Baseball Lcagck, —We have been requested to state that, as Mark Twain will be talking at Ballarat, Vic toria, next week, be cannot poseibly be preoenc at the opening of tbe baseball season in Adelaide on that day. The Coxtict Ltxch.— Tbe condemned pri soner Lynch, now in tbe Adelaide Gaol under sentence of deatb, maintains m cool, composed manner. It is said tbat when be was removed from tbe dock to tb» cell direc»-y after sen tenct- be showed himself quite indifferent to bis fate, sane and. whistled out of bravado, and spoke oallou»ly of the result of the trial; but since he has been in tbe gaol he has been well-behaved and quiet, without evinoing any dread of death. the Katal Visitors. — The President of the legislative Council on Friday entertained the captain and officers of the Cristofero Colutnbo, including Prioce Luigi di Savoie, at a pienio at his summer residence, the Bungalow, near Marble UilL After lur.cb, the guests walked down to Morialta, Mrs. Baker's residence, wii&nee they relumed to Adelaide. The Late Mr. F. A. FINLAYSON.— We have to record the death, at the early age of thirty-one years, of Mr. Frank Arthur Finlayson, son of Pastor R. K. Finlayson and nephew of Messrs. W., J. H., and E. Finlayson. The de   ceased. will be remembered by all fol   lowers of orioket as a most genial   and highly esteemed player on the Ade-     laide Oval. For years he was a member of the North Adelaide Club. It will be within the recolleotion of cricketers that about ten and half years ago— on March 19, 1885— Mr. Finlayson collided with Mr. Ernest A. Stow while at cricket practice on the Oval. Both were rendered insensible, death following in the case of Mr. Stow. Since that time Mr. Finlayson had played but little senior cricket, although as lale as last season he occasionally held a position in first-eleven matches. As a youth he was engaged in the office of Mr. W. F. Stock, and Uter with Messrs. R. Harper & Co., merchants. Afterwards he went to Western Australia, and succeeded in establishing a good business there. Subse quently he was in business in Sydney, and more latterly in Adelaide as a commercial traveller for Messrs. Wilkinson & Co. Tbs Eight-hours QcesTros. — At tbe meeting ot the GleuoU Corporation on Friday evening Councillor Biokfurd itubmittedamotion to tbe effect that in future all work of tbb Oounoil let by cuntraot be carried out on tbe eight-hours system. Tbe motion did not meet with tbe approval of the majority of tbo Counoillors, but direotly Councillor bickfurd bad concluded bis «pm-oh Councillor Royals rose and seconded tbe motion. For the nrst time the representative for New Uleuelg was liersonal, aud bo obarged Councillor Hooper with knowing no:h:ng about working in the sun fur .igtii hour* and overon a very not day. This temark brought Councillor Hooper to hit feet, and be inforuird Councillor Royals that he in company with two Irishmen Oug out in the oarly days of the colony a oellar in Hind ley -street, and received At. per day. He had aUo bad BOine experience on the gold fields, aud bad dune pleuty of bard work on mauy occasious for more than eight hours a day, and he was extrt-mely proud oi is. Councillor Biokford's motion was oventually lost by one vote. Dkath op Mrs. T. J. Siianahax. — The South' rn -.tost of Outober 11 auuouuces tbe deatb of this lady, which occurred somewhat unexpectedly at Knightabridgo. Mre. Sbana bnn wm the youngest daughter of Mr. J. D. Woods, of Norwood, and niece of the Jftt» Father Wood*, and wa« educated at tbe Dumiuican Gunvtnt, Adelaide. For some years prior to her marriage Mr». Shanahan neld a prominent position in tbe Telegraph Department, wbcre her otrrliug ?qualities ami amiable disposition won tbe love and regard of all thoce with whom nhe was associated. Free Dbstistbt.— Dr. Ralph Pottf, tbe 'D'utal King,' who ha* just returned from YVestern Australia, announces that he will give this evening a 'ree o|ien-air exhibition of extracting tenth, thn locality chosen being the vacant ground in Grenfelletreet opposite to tbe Arcade. Elictio.v of Axdkbwax.— Mr. C. Wells announces that he will be* a candidate for the position of Aldttuiao at the forthcoming municipal elections. . . . ? . . ,