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Family Notices

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FUNERAL NOTICES FflHE Friemis of Mr. Akthi'j: Willumson are JL Tespectfully thai tin? REMAINS of las tite WIFE will tx- lvL-iiMvo.i fn-m lii-i KwWi'niv, Esmond-street. Hy.I.- I'.irk, THIS I-AV (Tiit^UyV at; 1.3n p.m., for* Iniemn.-nt in the AV«.--t-ierm.ce Cemeterv. VKXHKLLKV & KNAI'.K. fn.'rfrrakfr^ ami Kail miiuits. Telephone No. 4K THE FUXKRAL -f th- hti- CALIir. l'KACOCK, E.^).. will L.m-11. liL-.-n-t.-mue. N.-nh Ade laide, THIS AI-TKKNUON (Tui'sU:iv), :it J o'*:k-ck, fbrthe West-t«?irac^ I Vm--ierv. «:KO. DOWNS « SON, CnilerUkeri:. Telephong 73.';. ? OLD SCHOLARS of the ADELAIDE EDUCA- TIONAL INSTITU'TION (Mr. J. L. Young's) are invited to assemble at 2.30 o'clock. TO-DAY at the Register Office, Grenfell Street, to FOLLOW to WEST-TERRACE CEMETERY the Remains of Mr. CALEB PEACOCK, the first pupil of the Institution.   ARTHUR CHAPMAN.   WILLIAM BICKFORD M. SYMONDS CLARK Old Scholars. THEO. HACK. J. HARVEY FINLAYSON     THE Brethren «.f the COMMERCIAL LODGE No. 3*. S./v.C... are invitetl to ;iswinbl.- at the Kats-nee- to We-t-ter~icw Cemetc rv, at not I^t^r tian 3.ZS p.m. TO-DAY (TuexiayX'to attend the :_?_!___? of ottr late Brother CALEB PEACOCK. FRED- JOHNS. Master. fllHE Friends of the uiw Mr. FREDERICK J| JftHX KOEHNCKE are respectfully in :___rI't_—__ KE3LUNS will Ive Kemoved frc.m his late Besidence, !Intt-sxrw?t. THIS DAY liTnesdaj). :it 4 p.m.,, for Interment ia theWesl ' ; temce Cemetery. PENG EU.EY & KN ABE. '. ',:?'?'? Cndertakers and Einbaliner.*. '' ' Telephune. No. 4D6. ? fix fXTHE Friends of the tue Mr. C. F. C_rTTERlTK JL. are respectfully inforraetl that hl^ REJIAINS will be Eenn-'.eil fr«im the Kspcmla, Hu«pi_l for Jntexaient in tii.- Cli_vh i-s Kn^land Ceineterv THlS(Taesday) AFTE RN CON, at 4 o'clock. ax _*__v»^ iSRUTu¥r.S OF PEACE S_FaM_V^ -*-^ l.OlHiE AND ORDER are ^j^wi^ miI-' \]\\rtX LE, S^-rptan-. 4.IX.M \N'V -v SONS. 1-TRNlSfIING rXDKitTAKEIt'. I'uUeney-iitreet. Fune r.-U poTfi ?rm--il at ljtuvv.-t Ca.»li Prices or Tenns. Ee^rs* ;in.i Ccwrches . .:i Hire. 37th*Rj G. J. TREVELION, FURNlSHIMGt UNDERTAKER AND EMBAUH23. HAGIJ.L-KOAD, NORWOOD. A-i_i's Covered and Mounted Coffin, Hearse, and Monmiac Carriage. £4 V-s. Child's Covered -:i.i Mouate'l Coflia and 3Iourniii3 Carri-iae, i- 3s. Hearsts acd Mourning Carriase? on Hire. Telephone Hi. 302thscz