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Family Notices

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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS BIRTHS. BAKER. — On the 27th November, at Eton-street, Malvern, the wife of A. G. Baker, of a son. BEATTIE.— On the 22nd Ocyober, at 5, Wilton drive, Glasgow, the wife of George Nicholas Beattie, late of Port Adelaide, of a daughter. CLAUSEN.— On tho 30th November, at Fisher street, Malvern, the wife of C. A. Clausen, of a son. DECOURCY-IRELAND.— On the 5th December, at Wallaroo Bay, the wife of W. T. DeCourcy-Ire- land, of a son. FERRIS.— On the 21st November, the wife of S. E. Ferris, of Rundle-street, Kent Town, of a son. HOWARD.-On the 29th November, the wife of F. C. Howard, of a daughter. JOHNSON.— On the 2nd December, at Bendleby, the wife of Tom Johnson, of a daughter. OCHERNAL— On the 4th December, at East wood, Glen Osmond-road, the wife of F. Ochernal, of a son. WATERHOUSE.— On the 21st November, at Brougham-place, North Adelaide, the wife of Arthur Waterhouse, of a son. WHITING.— On the 30th November, at Henley Villa, Henley Beach, the wife of Norman W. Whiting, of a daughter. WISE. — On the 3rd December, at Young-street, Parkside, the wife of C. S. Wise, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. CLEAVE— HAMMILL.-On the 24th October, at St. Saviour's Church, Glen Osmond, by the Rev. W. H. Mudie, Thomas Charles, eldest son of Thomas Cleave, of Chatswood, Sydney. N.S.W., to Jessie Langton, eldest daughter of James Hammill, Esq., of Parkside, S. A. CROSS— MILLS —On the 11th November, at the Roman Catholic Church, Norwood, by the Rev. Father Peters, William George Cross, of Alberton, to Margaret Mills, late of Wadnaminga. EDWARDS-PLAYFORD— On the 23rd September, at St. Luke's Church, Adelaide, by the   Rev. W. A. Moore, Captain Vernon Edwards, S.A.M.L, eldest son of the late Henry Edwards, of Brighton. S.A., to Florence, second daughter of Edward Playford, Esq., of Mitcham.

NENKE — HOLLAND. — On the 20th November, at the Bible Christian Church, Solomontown, by the Rev. Jno. Pearce, assisted by the Rev. J. Thomas, Julius C. H., of Wirrabara, second son of Mr. R. G. B. Nenke, of Solomontown, to Clara A., second daughter of Mr. Edward Holland, of Beetaloo. TIVER— KELLY.— On the 26th November, at the Redruth Wesleyan Church, by the Rev. D. S. Wylie, George Samuel, fourth son of Mr. James Tiver, J.P., Aberdeen, Burra, to Ellen (Nelly), only daughter of Mr. James Gornan Kelly, of Copperhonse. WILSON— LAURENCE.— On the 27th Novem ber, at St. Michael's, Mitcham, by the Rev. A. W. Clampett, Algernon T. K., eldest son of the late Charles Algernon Wilson, of Cwm Hir, Kensing- ton, to Lillian Charlotte, eldest daughter of the late Walter Laurence, of Napier-terrace, Haw- thorn. WOODARDS— CHERRINGTON.— On the 20th November, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. J. Henry, Goodwood, by the Rev. James T. Robertson, M.A., Harry, eldest son of the late Mr. Henry Woodards, to Alice, second daughter of the late Mr. T. E. Cherrington, Victoria. DEATHS. ADAMS.— On thuOtii liisdaujhter's residence (Mrs. V-'. Binge**), Annas-street, John Adams, late of Nearluiiga, aged 7S years. A colonist, of ;')fi yu^rs. ALEXANDER.— On the 5th December, at Port WakutlulJ, Rfter a long and p^iniul iliness, borne with Christian resignation, Harriet t, tba beluvtd wife of J. 1). Alexander, *i?i)U 70 years. BADCOCK. — On tho 8th Decembor, IlarTii-t Emily Badcock, youngest daughter of Frederick Rndcock, and aiawr of Mra. John Lukt), (ii Gleu Osmond, ageii 25 years. BEYER.—On the 7th December, at his residence, Halifax-street, Franz Victor Beyer, aged 51 years. A colonist of 47 years. BLUNDELL.— On the 2nd December, at Salop- street, North Konsinpton, John Pole, youngest s-on of the late Bryan Bluudull, Ksq., of Liverpool, aged C7 yeara. BOWMAN.— On the 12th November, at Warerney Station, Queonabnil, 1'iuheleiio Ch irlott, dearly beloved liuunlilarof i'red and G. Bov,inan, aged 1 y«ar and ti months. BROOKS.— On the 3rd December, at the Ade- laide Hospital, John B. Brook.s, of Gawler, aged 61 years.   CHESTON.— On the 6th December, at South wark, Benjamin, elds^ sou of Benjamin and Mary Jane CIie.-ton, aged 34 yearn. CHRISTIAN.— On the 5th December, Mrs. Isa- bella Christian, of Warrnamrmol, formerly of Wick, N.B., the beloved mother of Mrs. J. H. D. Davidson, HydePark, Adelaide. Aged 65 years. CRAIG.-On the 13th November, at Cue, W.A.,   James H. Craig, beloved husband of Janet F. Craig, and late of Broken Hill, N.S.W., aged 49 years. GREAYER. — On the 5th December, at the residence of Mr. P. O. Greayer, South-terrace east, Elizabeth Jano (Lizzie), buluvud wife of John G. Greaycr, of Cub, W.A., in her 20th year. GUBBINS. — On the 7th December, at his resi dence, Hu't-street, of pneumonia, Blakeney Chirlns CSubhins, tho dearly bclovod husband of JuliaGubbius, aiod 47 years. Dublin atid Limerick papornpieasucopy. HEWISH.— On the 23rd November, at Oodna- datta, of bronchitis and eonvul.siun.-i, Hector M.iuil, beloved and only uaualitor o£ A. uiid P. U. Hewish, aged 11 mouths. HOGAN.— On the 6th December, at the Adelaide Hospital, Andrew, tho youu^ot son of tndrew Uogan, of Sprinsbank, Mltcham, aged 2a years. HOMBURG.— On the 30th November, at Tanunda, Friodrich Adolph Homburg, aged 51 years. HUBNER.— On tha 30th Lobetbal, Emily, the belovud \vi/o of Ju'aann Gotliub Hiibnar, ageJ SI years. Tha laving in -ther of Mrs. T. G. Wright, of llundlo-stroet; Otto Hiibner, Waterloo, Schoolmaster ; Theodore ilubnur, Minyip, Victoria, Kanner ; and Mr9. Joseph Prentice, Donald, Victoria, Fiinner. JOHNSON.— On tho 5th December, Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of the latu C. D. Johoiauauil Mra. Lowe, of lidivarditowa, need 41 y^ars. JOHNSTONE.— On the 26th October, Charles Sutherland, thu only and daa.rly beluved -sou of Allan and Mary Jano John?toni-. who was acci ieu tally drowned at Capo Lauwin, W.A_.,agudi4yearii. Deeply mourned by all who Is new him. Melbourne papers please copy. Safe in tlie arms of Jesus. KEMP.— On the 3rd December, at The Hermitage, Rhynie, Mary, the beloved wife of J. Kemp,   and youngest daughter of the late John Eastwood, of Abbercombe, near Middleton, in her 45th year. LONGBOTHAM.— On the 21st November, at       Goodwood, oi Joubla pneumonia, H'urold Hoy, disarly beloved adopUd son of C. aud E. Ii. Luug boUiain, wed 3 mon!li.i. MORCOMBE.— On the 6th December, at Gordon-road, Pro»p«cl Hill. C!i?-rli-M Hid^rw;vy, belovfd auu of T, Y. and b\ MoicoruhJ, axud 7 months. OLSEN.— On the 5th December, at New Glenelg, Isabella Mary OLicii, wife of L. S. Olsnn, vouiti'mt and beloved daughter ol felien and Knn!; Koibar, of he&rt -3U6!v«b, a.irod 28 yearn. A', rcitin .lesits. POYSDEN.— On the 18th November, at his son's residence, Hamilton, S. A., Richard Poysdon, aged 92 years. Arrived in the Steadfast, 1854. Kent papers please copy. PRIME.— On the 5th December, at Inkerman. through gun accident, Herbert Francis, son of Joel and H. Prime, of Dublin, .S. A., aged 28 years and 6 months. REYNOLDS.— On the 25th November, at Nor wood, Elizabeth, dsirly b-jJovud wifo «f Win. R%ynold4, axad 6') years, Litsof Lms:unlut, near Swansea, Smith Wales. ROBERTS.— On the 4th December, at his fnthor's rvniduncu, Kybnn^a, Georgts Ualpll, elde*t, »on of Hichaid aud ilsrgarel Kobtrta, aged 25 years. SALTER.— On the 6th December, at the Private Hospital, South-terriM. of inlluanza, William Thomaa Sillier, aye-! dl. SAUNDERS.— On the 28tb October, at Jeru salem, Holy Land, Samuel R. Saunders, beloved and revered fii'h»r s-f -idomou, Alex., and John Saundera, of Adelaide; thu Uov. M. .SaiiDriur.i, of Melbourne; L. Saundem,uf WVntern Australia; .-uid Mm. P. Jfl.fliari.ili. of Now Zealand, in his TSrli year. An old rolonisi, and ro-p^ctcd by nil who knew him. May ho red in peace. TRUSSELL.— On the 30th November, at Cob- dogla, James Trussell, the beloved husband of Mary Ann Trussell, aged 69 years. For over 45 years Manager for the late Mr. John Chambers. Arrived with Colonel Light in the brig Rapid. VIDAL.— On the 1st December, at Fullarton, South Australia, Dunstan Vidal, aged 64 years. R.I.P. WADHAM.-On the 8th December, at his resi dence, Rvstwoml-tcrrfu-, E*st-v.,fjd, after a lony and piinful illuu.s, Willbia WaJham, aged 70 years. WATSON.— On the 8th December, at the resi- doiico of her .son, Mr. Jo«evh J. Watson, 18, Straniiwavfr-terraca, N. A., Mary, relict of th.- late Hugh Tho'ina* Wnt-on, Alnwick, Norihumbarland, and of Montrose, Walkerville, aged 82 years. WORDEN.— On the 27th November, at his   mother's residence, near Mallala, Parker, tbe youngest son of the late John Worden, aged 19 years.