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— - j ? ? '_____ ' '____ __~'___lL_*_ ? ..AUctioNs:: ':?_. ':y'-:&:i' .4 BSTHACT OF SALES Bi* AUCTIOX A. THIS DAY. Johnson & Co. -At their Msrt, at eleven-Land and Houses. - J. J. Cukk & Co. -At Payneham-road, at eieran-Land and Houses, Furniture, 4c. T. Hn.rcE.-As Old Exchange, at elevenFurni ture, ic F. .1. bomNG * Co.— At eleven-Furniture, Ac Kldeh, smitu, ,t Ca-A: their Salerooms, at in-clre— Land anil Uoutcx. J. PAi.TaiDCE.-At Alltn'* Buur, at two— Horses. ? . ? THIS MY (THURSDAY), AUGUST 2. it 11 a.u. AT TUE OLD EXCHANGE-ROOMS, PIRIE-STRBET. GENUINE & TOTALLY UNRESERVED SALS OF OOU1) SECONDHAND HOUSEHOLD FU1OTURE A-D ALL TnE APPTJRTKNANCKS OF TWO KIKSr-CLASS KKSIUF.NCKS. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FBOM MBS. ANDERSON {Mrs. indenon hating decided to tettte in Western Australia), .\XD MfiS. JULIA BULLOCK, OF JLNQAS STREKT (rha it larina Adelaide). walnut cabinet oruan, with u stops, A GOOD INSTRUMENT. GOOD WALNUT PIAXO. BRUSSELS AND TAFE5TKV CABPET3. Sots— 17 ft. 6 in. s 15 ft 6 in. 1 15 ft. x IS f L i-ft. xlift. loftxttft. ]' it. a io. 1 12 ft. fl in. (Uft.oin.xl2ft.8iii. ?.'fr.xllft. 1 13 ft. X 11 It Uallnti'I Uintoeroom Linoleums, larpe well-made Aviary, tian!en Salt. Verandah Blind*, Archi tects Plin Cabinet, Theodolite, IOO-g&U. U.L Circular Tank. W.-Unnt H.ilI*Un-l asd two ennin, i ft. a in., Mahogany Hall Table, Hanging H.ill Lamp, Tapejtrr and Plash Drurinp-room **-iite (7 pieces), Walnut Card Table, luye Walnut HotelledplatB Overminte!a, Walnut D.U. Cabinet, Kockeri in Velvet Pile, Bras« Curtain poles L\e» Curtains, Bras* and Nickel Feeders and Fuvirom. Walnut Oec**iuiul Tallies, S ('. Extension Diuio^ Table. Walnut Dinner Wsjon. MuiiTd Walnut 6 ft, Sidsboanl with Bevdled r'lte Bjek, 9 it. high, Cedir Chiifonnier Boot i-aic, Butler'* Tray and Stand, K.P. CKret Tapkard on htaed with 5 Cnp«, Diuing-rooai Suite in leather (3 pitcei), set b DishcoveM, lift. C*J«r Sideboard with mirror 5»ci. C-ft. Kxljniiiu Dining Tablo. mull Cedar liookrase, 4-f:. Mahogany Sideboard, well-rondo Office Titbld with 5 Drawers . Oak PedwtalOfaceTablM. with American flexible mil 'op, f i;eonboie.', iuiiI 7 Drawer*. library Saite ia Tar«itrr, Engravingi. airtnibercoiiiIPictari'*. massive walnut 7ft. bedroom suite. Bedroom Concha, folding Chair. Bedite.-id. Xalroom Salt* in Cedar, Ilaon Pine Bedroom Suite, Duchess Pain in Mahoiany. Walnut, and Huon PJae, Hsuily Unu^-nounled, Frrnch, I'arjisji, and Ual/-tc5t»r B«J«t«.i.l-. Wire ud IToTsehiir MattrsMcs, 1) Single TUHUttads and Iisldlnp. Toilet Sets. Tioltt Mirrors, Toilet Pairs, Chesu of Drawers in Walnut, Cedar and Harm Pine of 3. 5. 7, and S lfcawrr', Jfiejlit Commode. Child'* Cot. 2 BriJfard Muflei in Rood order, 7-ft. Kitchen DrrsKM, O.I. Plunge iiith. ??Tha SIijtru»~' Cookinp Store, Portable !J csllon Copper, Kitchen Table, Kitchen and Culinary Uteaail*. THEODORE BRUCE bu been favoured with instruction from Mn. A n.ierson and Mn. -InlU Bullock to Mil by auction, THIS 1)AV (THURSDAY), at the OLD EX CHANnE, PIRIESTKEET. Anotioncer1! OfScej-i2. Old Eschuge, FirU ? iire^t. ? ^__ 'JMLUER, SMITU, & CO.. J.IMITEU. VJ are imtrucud to tell by pablte anetion, as tMt-ir.Sileroomi, Carrie-street, Adelaide, THIS DAY (Thandav), .Vnguit 2. at IS o'clock noon, the follow ii; j Freehold Prooertiej :— lX)WNsniP of LBFEYBITS PRNTNSULA. S::CTlONS SS-, mi, S&Z, SS5, containing together -' :u-ra. TOWXSinP of GKOBCETOWN. — SECnON c. in the nnin street, containing 37 petcbtt, on which is elected a rood Stnne Sliop ami Dwelling. TOWNSHIP MABREE.-LOT Ii7,eontaininc lroml. Al-PILA-YAr.BOnriE.-LoU S3 and E4, con tainine together 1 acra 1 rood H parches. Saborban Section 130, flUNDHED of APPHA, ennUinioe 11 {acres. Tba Titles to all the abort are under the B.P. AcL ? TamH Ca*h. ? SC9.11,4r THIS DAY (TboodaT), Angost Z, at 11 o'clock. SUPEBIOB HOUSBHOLD FUBNITUBE AND EFFECTS. F. J. BOTTING & 00. will sen. Tbii Daj (Tbttndij), Augnst 3, at 11 o'clock— Very Choice and Mature DRAWING AND DLMNG-ROUM FURXITCRE Ottomuii, Set'eM, Kas; Cnaira Box Coaches, Lounges, Sofas BrnsjeJj Carpets, Dinner Wagons Orermantdi, Pirtnres, Cbohe Sldehoaidi Manive Bedsteads, H.H. Mattrcstes . Cheitsof Drawen, Dnchess Suites Dinins-room Tablet, Hallstandi .Superior Kitchen Dreisers end Safes Two flntdais Waahini; Machines and Sncdrie*. ALSO. Chnirelotbut Platedwara, Jewellery, Lsmps, and Kveral good lines of Fancy Goods THI8 DAY (Thursday), at 11. AT TDE 3IAHT, TNnUSTItlAL BUILDrNGS. IN THE ESTATE OF BOUERT J VALK, OF U.VLEY PARR. DRCEASED. Eiihirsntialir bnllt Cottace of Four Hoomi (three ro..ta5 12 x it nn4 1C x U), Yenndah back and from, Lind hu Frontage to Omar-place of 40 f L -iy a depth of 10ft ft. JUHNSON & COMPANY will sell as aboTe. THIS DAf (Tbanday), Angujt 2, at 2 o'dxk. ALLY'S EOnSE BAZAAR. CURBIB-STRSET. 1OA DRAUGHT and MRDIUU HORSES nad TO n N P~A~L T R I D O E ii instructed to sell by auction, on account Messrs. Uoad Bro*.— 1 A a Head IIORSES, comprising Heary l\)\f DranchU(Bt for .'tonecart.»), .Medtum Dranghts, Coacbert, Buppy Pairs, and U.ick». Q A Smart PONIES, broken and unbroken, /£U nice harness sorts. A great number of the Draught Horses are broken, and will be sold snbjact to trial Approred bDIs. !1S1 TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), An(ust3,atll o'clock. At the Mart, Currie-street (flxe doors from the Bank of Adelaide). Quantity of Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE AND EFFECTS, Uuder a Bill of Sale. Removed to Mart for Con venience of Sale. 2 VERY SUPERIOR UP RIGHT GRAND PIANOS BYKNAKEANDHOEL LING AND SPANGEN BERG. THE WHOLE FOB POSITIVE UNRESERVED SALE. TO PASTIES FURNISHING, DEALERS, AND O1UEUS. M..T.SOLO3ION&COMPY rill kU, at their Mart, Carrie-street, To-morrow (rndsyXatllo-clcck. WITHOUT~kESERVE. FAItM AND DAIRY PHODUCK. AT THE P30DUCB MARKET, GRENFELL STREET. T0-M0RE0W (Friday), Angnst 1 AW. S A X D F 0 R D * C 0 31 P T. ? will sell by auction, comnencine at 11 eclock— BUTTER, Eep, Cheese. Rtcon, Ilonoy, .tr. 1 p.m.— Pott, Veal, Fowl«, Ducks, Gees*, Turkeys; alsn a fev- Dark Brahma Roosters and some Homing Pigeons from good strain ? ill-S TO MORROW fPrhlayX Aumin 3, at I o'clock. JOUN BULL YAUDs. UORSES 1 Q HOUSES BARKER * CORNELIUS will sell by anction 1Q Ustrful SADDLE and IIARNJSS XO HORSES. DN A DAY TO BE XA11KD ABOUT END OF ADGUST. RY ORDER OF . John Morris, Esq., J.P. 'BERWICK,' FULLARTONUOAD, FDLLAR- TON. On otcmnl ofUatinn for Kuropt. THE WIIOI.K OF HIS , ELEGANT MODERN HOUSKROLD FCUSITURK AND RFFSCTS (?Jie lult harinj Um vianufaetnrtit ly S. ifayf.tld nud &tu). Hu well-known PAIR HANDSOME CHESNCT CARRIAGE HORSKS. HOODED WAGONKTTE. PONY-CARRIAGE, KUURV. GOLDEN CHESNCr PONY, P0NV-CART. and HARNESS to match. The handsomest turnout in the colony. i DOUBLE SETS SILVSRMOUNTED IIAKXHS5. 2 SPLENDTD CCIWSTbotb in milk. The Wh'Jc to bt Sold WiHmtt nnj Hntnt. J.KWeidenbofer&Co. Ld.aro instructed hy John MnrrK Eiq ,'J.P., to sell by anetion, on tba Premises, on a day to be named, afoul the rod of Auzust,as ahore. fX^ILLIAH DEAN A SON, STOCK AND STATION SALESMAN, AUCTIONEERS, AND COMMISSION AGENTS tt. KING WILLIAM-STBKST, . ADELAIDE, Hold Weekly SCes of Fat and Store Sleek at the Corporation Yards, Adelaide.. '* Account Sales promptly rendered with Cash Etttleaent; Side

- '\' AUCTIONS ! THIS DAY (Thursday), August 2, at 11 o'clock. AT THE RESIDENC, PAYNEHAM-ROAD, STEPNEY. OPPOSITE JAM FACTORY. J. J. CLARK & CO. will sell, as above, under instructions from Mr. T. B. Bennett, who is leaving for Port Lincoln   Valuable PROPERTY situated in PAYNEHAM ROAD, as advertised in yesterday's papers. Also, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of— Hwewopd Settre. Oxk Chairs Mahozanv CliifTonnier (unique) W&lnut Oijuy Table, Hound Table Vary banilsoiue Mahogany Bookcase Cedar Duchtj l'air and Toiletware, Chest of lUIf-TMtJr B. M. BoJaleid Wire Mittrau i-dar Towelr.ii1, &e. MAgniiirent CeJar Dining Table, Archimedean SCKW(Uft) Jlauiv Miliopmy Sideboard, Uonebair Couch ? edar Di.iiae Cb.ti:s Lare-- quantity 'f superior Cut Glass, Dinner andCiockeo' Ware Large pi«:t of Linoleum, Kitchen Table, Cedar Cupboard And a host of Kitchen UtcniOs and Sundries Al«o, ca-e of .Mineral specimen, oM Coins, Ancient Books, and Carpinlsrs' Tools. Absolutely No Reserve     SATUKDAV, August 4, at Id. 30. THE CENTRAL AUCTION MART. D. W. MBLYIH will rffer— ORXEBAL FUKMTU'ltK noUsKUDLD. FANCY, and M1SCEL LANKOUS HOODS. ? MONDAY, Au«uit 6. at 10 30. TBE CENTRAL AUCTION MART. MKLVIN CUAMBb'US, 97 AND -M, KINO WILLIAM-STREET. D. VV. MBLVIH is Instructed by Sirs. E. E. Goodwin, Pawnbroker, of FrMman-stnet. to tell, Maflrerri«ed yostenlay— A Luge and Valuable Lot of UN REDEEMKD l'LKnr.Ra ? EUKRA MARKET. TO-MORROW (Frid.T), Anput X BAGOT, SHAKE5, 4 LEWIS, LIMITEI), will sell by auction, as above, a\4 o'clock— 8750 FAT AND STORE SHBF.P §75Q SCO ftima Tell-woolled Wethers from Eocmoo loo 1.0S0 Fit Wethers in Lots , 903 Fat Ewe* do. !!,C00 Forward Wethers do. ],:oo Well-bred Hopcers do. 1,200 i. 6, and 8 Tooth Well-bred Merino Xwaa with SO per rent. Iambi CM Morino Ewe* with SO per cent. Umbs TOO Merino Ewes, cood percentage lambs. 425 FAT AIfD S1038 CATTLE £25 K fat Cows 4? F»t Farm-bred Cittle 35') Miied Store Cattle HORSES, etc. 207,11.14? BAGOT, £1 HAKES, * f BWIS, SLXMITBD, L STOCK AND STATION AGENTS. HKAD OFFICkT ADELAIDE, with Branches at KAPUNSA, BUKKA. GLADSTONE, LAUSA, BROKEN HILL, and other Centres. llthse TO-MOKROW, FRIDAY. TO-MORROW, FRIDAY. TOWN HALLEXCH ANGE ROOM. TOWN HALL EXCHANGE ROOM. TO PARTIES FURNISHING AND OTHERS. O' IMPORTANT UNRESERVXD CATALOGUE SALE OF REALLY SUPERIOR GRNKRAf. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. 2 PIANOS BY BACHMANN AND ESDAlLK. 3 RESIDENCES. UNDER A REGISTERED BILL OF SALE. B' CNDKR INSTRCCTIONS FROM MB SAMSON, WBO IS LEAVING THE CITY AND TO DETERMINE A HIRE AGBEE MINT. Xemotfd to tit Exdiangcnom, Tom Ball, /or conrtnitna of tale, where they Kill be on new TAunrfay. Catalogue in eotme if preparation. C. G. Gurr & Co. are instructed to sell, is abote— BT IKTTBELT WITHOUT RESERVE. 'O DRAWING-ROOM. 2 Good PIANOS in Walnut, by Baehmann and Kvinile 2 Haodsome Suite* in Silk Tapestry and Pla«!i, Walnut Sideboar.l (Mirror Bict). Waluut O»ermantel, Brussels Cirj''. Walnut Ore. Table, Card T*U-, Get Chairs Picture*,, Bric-a-brac, Cnruin-oolcs, Cut tuns, Fender and Irons, Hearthrug:, ic, it DINING-ROOM. Btnswli Carpei, -J Suilon in Morocco nf 9 Pieces, MAS«iie Kxttnuon Dininf Tab-, Sitleboard, Ameriran Orpu, W»lnut SwrreUire, Wer theim Sowing Machine, Ocenoantel, Fender an-1 Irons, Henrtbroc, choice «s«ortment, of nUuware. K.J' Ware, Cutlery, Dinner Ser vice, Pictures, Ac. Ac. SITTING-ROOM. Tape«try Carpet. Femler and Irons. Hearthrnit, Bookcaic, Suite, ChifTucnler, Cedar Table, ic.ic BRRAKFAST-R00M Tapettry Carper, L'»- Table. Suits in Crntonne, Mabog^riy Sidcboanl, ExMrulon Table, Bsokcxke. Fewlrr nnd Irons, Hearth roc. Occ. Chairs, Pictures, Curtain-pole, Curtains, Clock, .tc, Ac. tiT BKDlttMiMS. *S- Handsorott Brus-mnnnted aad Nickel-plated Douhla (lalf-te^ier F.-'iich and Persian BedUearis. W.W. Mattresi 11.11. MiltrMS, Walnut Eoiropni Suites, T.ipe^try Cnrper), Fenders and Iron;:, C- ii.\r Wardrobe, Uuches* Pain. Concbe«, Flock Red*, and oihur Bed dint, Chain, Wash-t3nd-, Sintle BeU«:eads, Toilet Tables, Bedroom Sets, Toilet-glauei, Cots, and other Bedroom Fnrniture. ALSO, Garden Hose, Copper, Meatemfes, Kitchen Drasier, Wrineera, Stepi, Clolheshories, Tub. and all Kitchen Requisites and Sun dries. W Do no* mil* this Genuine Clearing Sak of rraUvipod Household Furniture. JSterj line to be abtolultly cltartA, tST Catalogues being- prepared. Furniture on Mew This Day. . C. 0. 0URR * CD.. Auctioneers. On MONDAY, August C, at 11 o'clock. AT THE RESIDENCE. No. 4. EBRNEZEB PLACE, NORTH ADKLAIDK. TO PARTIES FURNISHING. SUPERIOR HOUSRHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. GOOD PIANO, NEARLY' NEW, BT SIBVERT. UNDER DfSTRUCTIOXS FROM THE PBOPRIKTOB. ' er entirely wrriour reserve. d G. Gurr & Co. will sell, as abore— The Whole of the HOUSBHOLD FUBNITURB, comprising— Good Piano, nearly new, iralnnt frame, bj Sierert O.casional Essy Chain Oc.-a*i'iii»l Table*, Carpeti Oilcloth, Maw, Funden and Irons Wbatno:*, Ornaments, Piano-stool Curtain-poles, Curtains Anitrun BtintwiKxl Kurnitnro Extemloa Dinine Tab!«, Chirionuier, Sideboard E. P. Ware. Cuil^ry, Glassware, China Donblr toe! Sin-le Rediteids Siirine Mattrcsxeii, Bed Appointments W«-hilaod- and Dressing Tablta Tnllct SetTicti., Brackets, Lamps Iowelboms, ^ot, Ac, and a quantity of usual Ucusehold Fuinituro ALSO, KHcben Table, Safe, Kitchen Utensils Dinner aad Tea Wan. Lsnndry Uteniils Copper, and t quantity of Sundries. Note.— These Goods are aU in gcod order, asd will be absolutely sold. ? * ' ? C. 0. PURR ft CO., Auctioneers. BUSINESS NOTICES FOR PIANOS LE'ADING MAKERS \\D THE FAMOUS ESTEY ORGANS AT WHOLESALE PRICES, THE DIRECT IMPORTERS ARE A. KAUFFMAKN & SON, OBEN FELL-STREET (OPPOSITE GAWLKil PLACE). 132CT CE N T R A ? L PHOTOGRAPHIC -STOKF.3. J. W. SMALL i CO.. !7, RPNDI KSTBKK1'. E.NTBA.NCE, jAMES-rUCE. ltt-223 TENTS. J. GOLTI & CO., 78, CURRIE-STREET. eoihse

AMUSEMENTS ? H B A T £ K K 0 Y A L, Leesoe ... ...Mr. Wiiiert Reeve. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TENDERED TO MR. J..P. O'NEILL by bis Adelaide friends and members of the Muaical and Dramatio Prolessioo, assbted by tae leading amatats. TO - NIGHT (THURSDAY), AUGUST 2. UNDER THE PATRONAGE Of H.A.C.B. 9OC1ETT. Chainnan of Commiuee— air. Aldermin P. Whelan, J.P. Committee — P. Scnsoui, E-q , J.P., Tlios. Tierncv, twj., J. Lacrtvogt, Ksq., !?'. A. Gray, B«]., J. Carr, Esq., K. J. Gully, Kt-|., W. Bradley, Ksq., 11. Mitten, Esq., L. Suhani, Ksq., L. Conrid, k'tq., F. B. Krogh, Ksq., F. Bunneiiter, Esq., H. J. Whittington. Es.|., D. Mumhy, E^., O. A. J. Murphr, Kv[. C. S. Uebb^'Kwi.. *'. H. Kcelin?. K»q , F. C. Coombs, K»i{., .1. Df .mcv, Ksq., A. J. Ifuse, E.-q.. K. l^nlhall, Esq.. W. Gordon, Ksq., D. Young, tii].. 0. (j&rdiner, K*q., M. Itout, Lsq. Hon. Trranurer— L. M. lier, Esq. Hon. SecrotarieK— F. N. Dane, ]?'. N. Jones. the perf«rru.incH will commence with the first act of Dion Houcinult's stinlng drama— ' COLLEEN BAWN. IltrdrcJs Cretan ... Mr. Aloekman P. Wncux UinnyMann ? .„ ... MR. J. ROONBY Uornjan _ „. „. Ml Tom J. Moonr Kytlo Daly ? Mr. Ooskins Faibar Tom ? ... Mr. E. GjlLLaVGllEH Patiy _. ? ^ _Mit W. Bums Eily O'Connor (the Colleen Bawn) Hiss Minme GASni.VlK Anse Cliute ... „. „ ^ Miss Sausdehs MnLCregan „. _. _.MlSS HaZCLWOuu Sheolah _ „ _ ilia Lauiu Staxlev Mylu-n-Coppaletn ... Mn. J. P. O'Neill OLIO. Accompanists-Pro!. Hi'CUKS and Prof. Keesas. Piano kindly lent by ilCKtOCH .t CO. Coster Sone.' I Saw Her Steal Her Apron to Her Kyo'— Mr. Walter Diitt, 'The Mcxm bax Kaisnl ITer Lamp Arm™'— Messn. Fnitn DlM*Xand.]fLlAN O'sHILLIVaS. Mr. Val Voisnr.N in his creat Character Imper sonation 'Mm. O'tlourfco.' \ Recitatinn— Mr. E»G«R HOSKINS. Sonc. 'The that Kroko the Bank at Monte Car!o'-Mr. K. I.K.NTIULL Mr. Oscar SMITH «ill introduce his 'Fnnny Folks.' Sone. ' My Old Dutch,' and Lightning Change Mr. W. B. Wauxeii. Sung, ' Off to l'hilad-lphia'-Mr. E. D. Daties, By kinrt (Mtrmlsiian of Mr. F. K. Hills. THK MEMBKHS OF FILMS'S CIKCUS, iodniline the Cclol.rate-l FKELEY FaMILY. in iheirgmt Ladder Act, and m.DAN FKELEY'S UaRL.NO SLIDE FUU LI7B from tUe Dom« of the Theatre to the Slaz*. The wJiole W conclude with the First Act of THE SHAUGHRAUN. Father Dolan_ _ -. ... Mi. L. M. TIER CiptaJn Jlolyneau ? Mr. Daxsey Mi bpiiv Cnrrr KinchaU ... „. Mr. Dave Clinton Robert Ffolliott „. ...Mr.Jl'LIA.NOSlLUVAS HarTcrDuil „. „. ...JJr. Wills. DaniLTOS ?Vrceant .„ ? Mr. K. Kltox Cairo FfoIHott ~ - Miss Tll-nkiht ArteO'S«U ... -. ... Mr*. K jloja ? Miss Millie Ricii»«dm).v Mri O'Kelly „ ». ™ „ Mis.J*ckson AND Conn the Shaughrann ^ ~ Mr. J. P. O'Neill Peasants, Soldiers, it c., by a host of Auxiliaries. Drxa-cirrle Sants can ba re*eirea at Uanball and Sons' Music Waiehonse. ? CKAD MILLE FAILTHK. ? THEATRX R 0 Y A I. Lessee and Manager ... Mr. WriiERl Beete. OKAND ATTRACTION. THE ADELAIDE HARMONIE SOCIETY. SATURDAY next. Accmt 4; MONDAY, 6th; TUKSDAV, 7th; WKDNF.SDAY.8lh. wDl appear in Lecocq's Celebrated Comic Opera, LA FlXiLE DE MADAME ANGOT la the production of this Opera the Manacement baye great pleasure in announcing no eipenw baa btentnared tn citb a MOST PERFECT REPRESENTATION on a scale of completeness hitherto unattemptod by an Amateur Society. A FINK CAST HF CUaRaCTERS. CHORUS OF CO ORCHESTRA OF 24, CONDUCTED BY GKRARD V0LLMAB. ELBGANT COSTUMKS. BBAUTIFCLLY MOUNTED. The Last Act, THE ILLUMINATED GARDENS, By George UURDON. SATURDAY NIGHT will be under the Patron ice and in the Presence of HIS EXCKLLKN'CY THK KART, OF KINTOKE and t distinguished litl oi'valrmu. Plan for Beierroil -eats and Stalls at Uanball's. Tickets at AnnbhisterV ? 21:1-15 WATERLOO, Witnessed again last night by an immense audience. OX FRIDAY KVENJNO FUR THE LAST TIME. BIU ADAMS ? IN THE T.RKAT BATTLR. ON SATURDAY EVKNIV », FOR TUB FIRST TIME, WHITTINGTON s HIS CAT VERY MUCH kOMAM;&D. AGAIN TiiMC.lir, V, :.-:?, Tlio G teat and Exqui»i'.e TRINUPriCAN SCKSE.S Crowdj of vi.ti! dt' nc:mi turr.cj away list cfplit. I. M Hi HIT A. NT NUriCK. TIME EXTKX.SIO.V FORTlCcCKT-UOLDERS. —As surh euiir:nna] numbers id holders nf tickets for let Aueu^t have lierr. unilile to eaiu ailmiitiun to tba C?cioraiua and Trinoptican durinj; the past fc* nights, and the accommoihiion hcinn limited, and tn save thrir forfeiture, such tickets will be available and Ifci'n at the Cyclorania up to Ul September next. Imiccriiate uio o' -uch tickets is nec«a5ar)', as it w.ll take mnre than a month tn provide accommodation with CROWDED 1IUU3ES EVERY NIGHT. Open 10 .vtu. till 5 p.m. and 7 till 10 p.m. Admis sion as usual. Lectures 11.30 a.m., 3 p.ta., and 7.45 p.m. ? 2Uc OX. FRANCIS XAVIER'S UALlI Tho CtRE FAIR in aid of the QWIF.N of ANGELS' CONVKNT and SCHOOL, inKKAR ION, will he CONCLX'OKI) THIS EVENING. LarRfl quantity nf GOODS for DISPOSAL. Ths DRAWING of PRIZES will take place. Admission, Sizpence, ' ? jonn nuALY, cc. JULIUS FEURICU PIANOS are unequalled. WM. RUHNEL, Sole Agent, Piriestreet ? MithK P. A. HOWELLS & CO., l\ RUNDLESTRKtT, ?pposile Motsrs. C. Uirks * Cat PIANOFORTES 1 ORGANS On the Trnu-parmeatSyetet*. Piancf ones from ^0/ ptrnoatlu YIOLINSfro-30/ «* ACGOKDEONS ^ 10/6 «*. ^ All th j Lat«s: NtfeltiMia MUSIC rxeired erory tcontt TUNING a.dREPAlKS on the thorUrt notice. BRASS an* STRING BANDS complete'^ Sued cut. Pries* and dialog u«* «n aaplicatlm. ? WthMT OLLING t SPAXGK.VBF.RG PIANOS at W KUHiSKI/S. KlrKaireet. \1Wxk. SBONLNGRU'S CHURCH ORGANS at W. KUHXM/.-S, Pirie-street. ? i;«tnic MILLIARDS. GLOBE HOTEL, BUNDLE-STREET. Australian Champion, Sir. C. Menunou,and a well-inuwn Amiteuron THUlt-iDAY, AUGUST 1 Ply to commence at 8 o'clock. ? 21 V4 ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS, OPKN DAILY from 0 a.m. : Sundays, 2 to 6. OVER 1400 A-NI11ALS. BIRDS, 4c. ? leatwhtc I' IPP PIANOS, al»o SCHWECIITEN'S, at W. J KUHNEI.'S.Pirie--trmt. ? 12l'.htc TANCASUIKE CL iTTt. CONCERT and BALL FRIDAY next, August Srd, Co-operative Q.ill, Ancas-^treet. Doors open 7.30; commence 8 sharp. Tickets Is. each. 112,4,5 DAPERHANGINGS at W. KUUNEL'S, Piiie r strcot. ? l'4ihsc PKU RICH'S Sweet -toned PIANOS. W. KUHNEL, Sole Agent. i:ithsc ? SPORTING ? ADKLAIDE HUNT CLUB. Ihe HOUNDS will MEET on SATURDAY at STRATHALKYfi by invitation of the Hon. J. L. HTIHLING, M.L.C., at. 11.S0 Train utatts from Adelaide at 7.3) a.m. Gentle men wilhine to rrr.d I heir horwa by rail will piesse communicate with the Hon. Secretary at once, ns only a limited number of horses can co by SatunlRT's train. Horiejfor that train t* be at platform by 6.4.1 a.m. J. MOORIIOITSK, Hon. 5*aeUrj. S.A. JOCKEY CLUB. SPRING MEETING, 1894, Itl«aPHETTVU,LE. ?IrSffil | .SSSisi^ (Weather permitting.) ENTRIES THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 (btfortipM.). ALL N0MTNATI0N8 1 SOT. Wbti Forfeits 1 sot. etch in B.A. DERBTmay badedared aad paid.; : . , SIS* A. tt WniTXirOTON, See. S.A.J.C.

AMUSEMENTS ? FILLIS'S NEW BIRGUS AND MENAGERIE. LOCATION- WAKEFIELD-STREET. To-nisbf. To«iileht, To-night, AT S. AT 8. AT 8. LAST THREE MGim LIST THREE MIGHTS. LAST NIGHTS GRAND PROGRAMME WILL BE AGAIN REPEATED. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT THE BftADT3FUL STATUES. THK ZULU WAIL THE MAKtHLLOUS F£ELEY FAMILY. Pric«s-3s.,:i,ls. Children half-price (Gallery ixcepted). TO-MORROW, FRIDAY, CRAHD FASEWEIL BENEFIT TO UK, AVf) MADA« FILMS. ENORMOUS ATTRACTIONS. SATURDAY. POSITIVELY FAREWELL. 3RANH HORSELEAPIHG CONTEST tor a pune of £i aud Entrance-money added. Eutries lOi. each. Ap'.tly Circus at once. LAST GR4SD HITIXEE PEK FOItMAXCE at :t p.m. THE CRUELTY OF THE CONVICT SYSTEM Truthfully Portrayed on Board the PRISON HULK SUCCESS at Queen's Whurf, opp'niin Cusiom-uoute, 1'OIIT AiiKLAlDK. Her Threo Decks of Cells and Iigures. 'BELICS OF THK PAST.' 0-*CK SEKN NEVER FORGOTTEN. Open from 10 an. tn 10 p m., bundaym tnelaiied. Lduiuion, Is.: Children, Cd. 212-8 IHSriMONIALS and PRICE-LIST of FEU RICH'S HlAXOS posted free. W. KUHNKL, iule Ag-nt. Pirien'.reet ? mthsc PKL'IIICU'S PI.VXOS lead the World. W. KDBNEL, Solo Acent, Pide-stieet. 12«thsc EUKICU'S Hieh-cUss Sap.rior PIANOS. W. KUHXEL.Sole ieent, MrietttMt Withic PIANOS. i MARSHALL & SONS, tt, B JNDLS.STMIT. iNTITI iMptetlon ef Um busk SELSCTItV!, Weldds ef OttAND HANDS, COTIAQs! »UN03, and PianaMtti by ih* treat Bakers, %ll iriih Fall Xnu «a*e», a*u bpnuuj bviUhuu/itt ilimatei. PIANOS from U Oulneaj to 1M Qniatu. l_ ? a. Marshall ft Sons. pOLLAIU) * COLLAKD Pteos, ike tee41ag \_j eji^uui tiaao, scqauit* isioas, unica, koa inish. ? S. Marshall *8ons. 1|-CHKPianoi. Tbeet lastmsanu an medium J ta pnoe, and an iha Ttcy keM We can [uartWM ifatiu tu euuki any cliesace. S. Marshall A Sons. LjCfilEDMAYEK PUoo, the oldest makers iu O Uei many. S. Marshall a Sou.-. ^IEWKKT Pianos, cheap and cood. Suiublaior O c»u»ri« *''' ►chool. s. Marshall dc 6ods. LjlUiaOBUANS, ibe most suitable fwclmrctes O scliools, or S. Marshall 4 Sons. |-L4KO aad OhQAS lor saja on tba ZASl&SZ L X ZM'A i, one, tw#, or uiim ytart. ruUpu- Mitlhn puai ir«r. 3. Marshall * Sons. IJUNOS for 1IIBB bf months or quarter wi;u I. rijtat bt pateiiMt. H. Mirahall A Sons. rpUNlNO and KKPAIR8 by experiscccd m«n; X '' fact we an the only house in Adelaide wbu t«cp compeiaat umii able to rapair Piano* mud Jrgaoi thrjuehout. S. Marshall & Sons, lULLVS, the Urreet, best salecied Stack in AileUiJa, fram ?**. m £30. V J US1&-AU AotcIUm by e»ery mail. i MAKSHALL & SON8, It, EUXDLE^TEEKT, ? ADF.LAlDlt. ? mt»»~ IASOS, Who'ewle or Time Paymenis, at W. KUHNICI.S, Pirie s re«t. uahsc ?UBLICATION3 AND STATIONERY B. S. Wide & SON. jp NOW ^V If OK SALE, ^L I YELLOW ASTER, J V by ' IOTA,' Ii THE BO«KSOF THE TSAI. Jf KOW ^- II ON SALS, V f M AMELIA, I )\ MRS. H. W1BD, II \^ U. Slud 3i W.JI E. S. 1166 & Sffl, RDNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. ? IQatblCt Just Published. A MAGNIFICENT O1FT BOOK. Fall Cr. tto, W6 Map Plates, and Gazetteer of 289 pages, Kitra Cloth, R*T«l1ml Oilt Edges, price Ks. jd Half Morocco, Full Gilt Edges, Us. THE GRAPHIC ATLAS AND OAZKTYEEU OF TUE WORLD. Edited by J. G. BARTHOLOMEW, F.lLsi.E. K.II.O.S.,*p. E. S. WIGG & SON, l?,BU.N'DLK-sTBEET, ADKLAIDV. ? laitbtCT POPULAR NOVELS POPULAR AUTHORS. ROLF B0LDRKW00D, AXOs-£lN BlICCAXEEB. Paper, 2a. ed.; Cloth Ss. M.; posted it. Od. and Ss. led. I,AWRRNCF.I.LlNCn, AU4INST OD0.*, Price, !s. Jd.; posted, 2s. lid. A. C. GUNTER. THE KIND'S 8TOCKBROEEI (Sequel to Tbe Princess of Paris), Price. 2s.; posted, 2s. id. VKROU8 HOME, THE MYSTERY ??? LAN»T €ODttT. Price, Zt. Od.; posted, 3s. lla. W. 0. RIG BY, BOOKSETXF.R 4 STATIONER. 74, KING WILLIAMSTRKEX. Teloph»ne3Viy. ? iOfcr OOOLGARDIE THE ' ADELAIDE OBSERVER' IS NOW OBTAINABLE AT THE PUBLISHED PRICE FREE OF POSTAGE FROM TnE 'CQLDFIELDS COURIER' OFFICE, COOLGARDIE, [MMEDIATELV ON ARRIVAL OF THE MAO. AGENGIGN ban also btm tsttbUshed at HANNAHS, WHITE FEATHER, KURNALPI. BIIOAD ARROW, NINKTYMII.E. TWESTT-nvR MILE, FORTTFTTE MILK, and other OUTLYING CENTBE8. Sltcr

? AMUSEMENTS ? JUBILEE EXHIBITION. THE PLACE TO SPEND A PLEASANT EVENING. GRAND OPENING NIGHT, SATURDAV, AU6. 4. CONTINUING EVKP.Y EVKNIKO UNTIL FUnTQER NOTICE. A CAItD. The Manigemenf, recoxnbin; the public want at these limei of a rr»lly goud Variety Kntertainment at popular prices, Iiath cDpuseJ th-- J ubilte Exblbi tioa, and intend transforming it into a Mammoth Conesrt tln.ll, where arlUlet ran display tbeir versatility to adTivntagr, .iiiil in const quern* uf the |mt »ize of th« bnililinc the Dirvrtars can afford to introduco tlra:clas« Talent and Noveltioe at one low cliargo of admUsion. THE PEOPLE'S CARNIVAL AND CONGRESS OK AMUSEMENTS. The following Talented Artistes will appear for the OpeninR uf the Keaso:i: — MISS AMSIJA IUXKS, the tnilliant anil accnm;ilish-il ^o)irano from Mel hoiim«, Tliocrr.iitil iiuii a. f.ivournblu iinpressiun a-, tbe late Con:iuun:al Conurti. miss mm opie, the fiTouriie bu J talented Vocalist. MR. E. G.~M.4DD0CE, The Uisine Ynuna Tennr and linldar of Gold Medal for the Queen's FostiraL MR PERCV BROWN, The Kminent Youor Baritone and Descriptite Sinter. 4 SUNBEAMS 4 THE SYRENS OF THE SKIES, BrtbeMfoscsCHRSTER. BOULBV, KD WARDS, kBdBIOHAllUSON. in their encbantinc and DOT«1 SKIRT DANCE. THE BANJO QUARTET By Messrs. SPAEKOW, RICKroSO, BEEVES, and MAHT1N. S 0 H'O 0 T, THE BRIIIH MMX, Whose Won.ior/ul and Rraliitic Peiformanc* on ?u Drums suit be seen by all. 3 LA MS 3 THE MARVELS, And Most Extraordinary and Finished Acrobatsia Australia. CLARENCE LYNDON, THE CPIAMPKjN SKIPPINC-ROPE PERFORMER And Song and Dance Ariiat, in bis latest Speriili'Jei. SILVESTERS, ALFRED, QUEENIE, Royal Illusionists And PremicrTHAlMATlRGISTS of the World, introducing fcr th* flr«-t time In Ade laide tbeir latest greatest Novel!}-, THfi LinU FOUiWAIS! OR THE ABODE OF THE QUEEN OF NAIADS, introducing thi IAIKV WHIRLWINDS, the DIAMOXO PALACK, AERIAL OKM.--, PRIS MATIC SNOWaTOKM, (1IGANT1C JEWEL MIXK.S, nndotber Brilliitnt K:fectj. AnostbewilderiRi;andeiifh.intin;iipectacle,om ducoJ on a scale of graniieur never before attempted in the colonies. ONE INCESSANT ROUND OF AMUSEMENTS. GRAND PROMENADE CONCERTS. FULL MILITARY BAND. OTHER GREAT NOVELTIES IN PREPARATION. Doors open at 7; commence at 8. ADM I S~S I 0 N TO THE WHOLE ONE SHILLING. REFRESHMENTS OF ALL KINDS OBTAINABLE. ENTRANCE TIHIOUOU THE TDP.NSTH.ES. Managing Director ~ Mr. DICK WIf 1TTINUT0N Stage Manager ... Prof. ALK. .SILVE3TER. S13I HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS ligbteen words in IU jitter and KttrJng Journal Is. ; three insertions 2t. lid. prepaid. TAYLOR'S OYSTER, LUNCHEON, ISO SUPPER ROOMS, IK, KING WILLIAM-STBEEr, Opposite Hudson's Bijou Theaus. TbaabiTs EsWlUhment will wit 10) Pwp'.i ?nd Vislwrs will and k r«pl*;s wita ate/ coa(j;j asd conTonienca. ' ' OPEN FROM I A.M. TILL 11 P.M. SPECIAL TO LADIE » -I nave now ready a very pretty ROOM (or too to hare your DI.V.N'ER, TKA, or SUPPER in, aad alia erary conranieuce auai-beiL 4Cc GRAYSON'S COFFEE PALACE OPPOSITE il ADELAIDE RAILWAY STATION. ntiw ? W. j. JACK A. Proprietor OJX TAP. BASS'S No. 1 ALE. F0DS TEARS OLD. In Prime Condition. F. WARE, EXCHANGE HOTEL, UINDLEf-STREKT. 110: D QaIIIi fvlTy HOTEL ; excellent situi ? Hi OB 1(1 tidD: o^111 -trtct- KtI* £l° iiiiuuiui TlJlwUon. Ionj, leaje; -Ura; . _ can ba arrance-l. Uld Go., Sli;URI!AX HOTEL Can rc cimiuend. Rent, £i. l'ricc, £K0. OoflMtoek UOTKL, PRINCIPAL SEA POlt r. Ixite. s years. Kent, Chambarm. ^s- Valuation, £700. * ''' COCM'BY HOTEL. Valuation. ' £350. Rent, £1. Splendid KING WILLIAM goo»skaside hotel low Kent Valuation. Easy terms CTDtrr HOTEL. 12 miles out Kent, SOj. OlnttJ. Valuation, ££& Sectral other Unfit in City, Sub urb, and Ccnnlry, Ettablidied 1SC3 VUberalauistanco giren toCTieoU. ? awthscithc ADDITIONS TO S.A. HOTEL, OPPOSITE RAILWAY STATION, ADELAIDE. The Third Section (thirty new bedroom.*, thrw new hot Md old bttbrooon, &c. ) now open for viaiton. OitM reauclions to Penunent Boarders. aimwfe ? G. FLECKER. PEDECAL PALACE HOTEL COLLINS-SI BE KT, MELBOURNE. In dost proiimity to railway station and ?teamen. F1BST-OLA8S FAMUY HOrKL. Sptdal terms for Permanent Boarders and Families. Ersry home comfort. te FBKDK. PAUSON3, Manager.

? AMUSEMENTS ? Dijou tueatbe. society'8 reunions. Continued Unccaning Popularity of UNIVERSAL ADELAIDE FAVOURITES HUDSON'S SURPRISE PARTY, The Donatars of Heflnod Mirlb and Muaic. Enormous Success of the CHANGES IN LAST NIGHTS PROGRAMME. Screim* upon f-croiinj of Laughter at TUE TttAVsJLLEll'S DECAPITATION. lludson's Hearing Sketch SOMNAMBULISM EXTRAORDINARY, OB THE Sl.EKlMVALKKH'S SOLILOQUY. THE RIVAL WAITKltS. and a flood of uthcr icainrw. Prices— 3s., Is , and Is. Box Plan P. A. Howells's. r72|ss SATURPAV NEXT (August i\ ijgjg GRAND .SOUVENIK MGrtT and M0NSIF.R PIIUI.'IIAMMC, when altKAUTIFUL 1'INISHED PHOrooi Mr. T. p. HKHSON and n COPY of PAKUDY* on the POPULAR SOXfS 'AFTEU THE BALI.' wUl bo PliJ£«KNIKD GRATIS fo all PATRIOTS. Protestor NURUIS the Marrellous Trick .Skvcr. 'TA-ltA-UA LAMENT,' London's I.iteu.Succ»«3, by our Fnnr Unri»»llo1 Laily skirt Dancers. SHINE'd MODKLS, £c, &c, and 4 CORNER m 4 yiCTOBIA J1ALL (Y.M.C.A.). TO-NIGHT (THURSDAY), UnJcr the DulinguMied Patronagaof Ills Eicrt lency the Earl of ICintore. P.C., K.O.M.G., His Honor Mr. Chlof Juitice Way, His Worsliip tlie M«v..r and tliu Mayoress of Adehide (Mr. and Mm. C. Willcnx), Ma lirnorMr. Coiir.iiiwioner Husicll, nml thtt Board of Manscemcnt of the Y.M.C. A. JOHN VumiKo M0RLF.Y, JOHN Elo'iitioni^t, MOKLKV, JOH.V Historical MORI.KY. TO-MGHT, lr.;pi-r»onatw, TiKMfiHT. TO-NinilT. In coninnetion with IO-MliBT. TO-XlOlir. V.M.U.A. Literary TO-MUHT. TONIliHT. Hociety, TONKiHT. awUred liy Min Floraiico' Fowler, Mi's Mattel Knislit. Mr. Hort K. Hcscam, I-. W. Yeinm, A. L. Wmreri, anil tha Ouinlrc'l Family nf Musician* and lHlrincsri. jSpk-ndid HHOlilUMMK of N K\V ITEMS., Drnmxtic, Character Eccitalt, Son;s. 'X AHLttAlX an.-l BEU.UINGKHS. Admis sion, 2i. and 1*. iickets at. S. Marshall it Co.'s, Wtsljjon Hook Do'.iol, plan rvt Y.M.C.A. ? E. AS1I11Y. Arlitip General Secretary. HOUSES AND LAND WANTED Eighteen wordsia Jlenitter and Evuini 1 Journal Is. ? thtra Insertion* i*. 0-l. prepaid. ? QENT, Fi»o cr Six Koomed Detiched VILLA* t\, Suburlx. Full particular* to Corona, Mainpaon'a Ailverti.-tiiitf Atenry, AileUide. 213 J WANTED, GLKNKI.U, September, HOUSE, C or 7 Booms, bull, oua story, low rent E.A.P., thu office. ox HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE AND TO LET Eighteen words in RtjiiAer and Ktuiiny Journalin. ; three inMttioni 2*. 6d. prdpaii TO LfiT. Oillcs street, 8 rooms, bath, &e. ; large yard; 25s. Ken(Tvwn, Capperscreet, arooia^&c; Us. N. A., Mulcswuria-ntraei, T rooms, baih, ctllar; £85. X.A., Mell)ourEejlreet, i room*, 4c. ; 11s. ii. A., Darnard-stieet, 7ioom», bath; superiorhoosa; £6). Parkiide, Glen Osmund-road, 8 rooms, ore.; good o:d*r. 111. Kotuunst., \ room?, doubls front; 12s. lianrdco-st., i roou'.o; U. ClarenJon-sirtet, uli' tliiidley-stree!, 3 rooms; Ts. ParKsiJa auuUi, Uirs-sueat, ViUa, 6 rooms, bath, copper; \ acre, Dtar tram; \-i. Cd. l'lrkiiao, pretty CoiUip*, t rooui, bitb, copper, tank, Jicre; YSt. WaketlcU-strfet, & rooms, bath, pantry, cellar; £75. Parkside, St. Amu-plics, i ru-., bull, stable; Us. Gilbertoii, viilben-ruad, Ii rooms, bitb, ball; 13*. Darnl-Klritet.Sroonis ; as. King Wiliiaui stree:, 1 noon, Jbuhroomi, pantrT, pouo timer; close nt&iion; Hi. fid. Lifcrpucl-si., (.Ii lliiitlley-sl., Sroomi, 81. N.A., LoLibirUiircfet, SroortJ, bith, lot. Carrlugtou-kt.,5rini.,batb. double front; ISs C»mugtun-j|r«i,coruerMoor6it., Woodyard; 10s FOlt SALE. Etstwcod, Elizabetb-streol, 7 rooms, conveniences Land 3ii l l'JO, guoJ sirdcu, £iii; birjcaiu. EaitwooO, Mstiida-trreet, 7 rooms, bstb, cellar; £51)0. Norwood, Parade, 2 Urge Shops, 9 rooms; land Mi 160; £1,075; real barfi.-tin to close account. South-terrace, 110 z hu; coiner block; £3 10s. per ft.; chuap. N.A., Sirangtrays-terrace, C rooms, 36 x 96; £600. N. A., Barnnrd-ureet, Una only, 7Uj. (t. S.A., Wollinston-Miuare, lu rooms, man's room, stiblin(r,t«i;iO;ii,4.W. Murray l'ark, land, 00 x 150; £12 10s.; cheap. Albtrton, nearsution, lf.nd M x 210; £40u. Uaiisou-kliect, 4 room], &c , siabla, M X K*. l'almerplaie, K. A., D run., 10S x 149; £l,&0. -', EoflelM.iJicrs blocks; £'.£ ptr acre. l!enl.-v livicli, aea frootac*. ouly Xtn.; bargain. Findon War, guou Iinrt, i* acres; £10 poi acre. North Ade'luide, near tJOToritrcet, Cottage, 6 roDinsonly; Ms 71; £V.O. WooUville r-.mi:i, »:i:ion, number of allot racnts; frmi U. lu 'J-'t. J'-''.; position Al. Parkaiilu. Munlpelier-M., I.!-nd 2U-. wid 'St. per ft i'rosptct, Mjnie-st., allots, well tt. per (pot. Pai»-ide, at. ADiivpUie, Villa, trms., bath; iS7S; (le)xi-it. i5Jiio»n; int. it Upsrcout. Ccllrpir'tr;:, li»rro«Tonil,7rra». ooiiST.onojery, vin-u. 4v.; rjni; dspcsit, ui per cent. Prokpecl, cornur block, tr.tmline; 10s. ft; SS I U2. 1'ro.ptclUill. LtVtialluK; o-.(U, each 6UXM.6. Kent Town, llui!.l!i'-iU, 7J.- s Vi, slird; £4 10s. ft. Now (-Arskide, .Miii'lxirict.-iUouaej, t*cli3 rooms, yjible, ic.O'JJClW.iiOu. Whiimoiestiuare, 7 rouuu, all cunreniences, stable; i375; position Al. Prospect, Karraot.treet, 4 rooms, bath, splendidly built; £175: land 00x150. St. John's W'uotl, Pruspect, 1 rms., stabling, 1! acres; deposit £300, interest at ii p-r cent. Bomltli, l)rayton-Mreel,:innj.; £160; deposit £30. Unley, Ulifton-pai.tde, Villa, S ruu., batb, cellar, swblo, 50 x 1M; £700; let at 20s. Prospect, Gordonraiil. 50 s 131; Or ft. MONEY TO LEND. Land Sales attended, Tinners, Leases, Mort CSJwprepirsd, Keats collected, Auction Salej con ducted. Bank and Insurance Shares Bought and Sold. r*rop*rti«s placed in our lianil» lor sale aro in sertM in our printed c&talogun, distiibnted gmii. F. W. BULLOCK & CO., AUCTIONEKRS.LANDANDKSTATEAGLNTS, York Cbamben, Franklin-street. O U P eITi O B BKSID XSCL NORTH ADEUIDK, CHILDERS STREET, containing NINE. LARGE ROOMS, LARGE HAIL, BATHROOM, CELLAR. LAND ACRE DEEP. NICE LAWN. VERANDAH BaCK AND FRONT. FRUIT AND FLOWER GARDEN. SPLENDIDLY SITUATED. THE PICK OP NORTH ADELAIDE. A VERY COMFORTABLE HOME, ONLY £950; WAS £1,250. CAED TO VIEW. ? F. W. BULLOCK A CO. n»AA Only.-For Immediate Site, Rare otOv/V Chance— Gnley, Clifton-parade, park frouuge, Oakley Villa, D roonu, pantry, wash bouse, bulb, stable, Ranlen; twenty miauUn to O.P.O. ¥. W. Bullock* Co. ? rLET, North Adelaide, Molesworth-sneet, ?uperior Reiidsnce, 7 roomi.bilb, cellar, Ac. F. ff. Bollock & Co. ? rtrrrtC — Malvern, SbelHeld-streeL — Prettr ib I 4lU» VllUi. 7 roomi. luUl. bath, Ac.: land 10UX145; flower and fruit garden; lorely position; rooms,! lTxU.l 18x14,1 15x11,; 12x13. F. W. Bullock JtCo. ? T- R I C E R EDUCE D FOR IMMEDIATE SALE. £425 For VflbTiix rooms, hall, bath, pantry, and reran dabs, iu good order, as Paiktide, on tramline ; land 1M ft. deep; street front and rear. . ? F. W. BOLLOCK & CO. IV) LET, Waymouth-street, alarge and extensive Warehouse; rent, £30. F. W. Bullock & Co. mo LET, Grand Junction, 03 Acres, in two pad X docks; sbeep-proot leuce; water laid on; theeptrousha in both blucks; £15 per year. 1'. W. BnUock & Co. ONLY 31s. 61 par foot. -For Sale, Parkslde, Youas-street, 2 Allotment*, each 50 x 110; woodyard ou one lot i»y* 12} per cant.; rate chance. F. W. Bullock £ Co. 17,011 .SALE, Ifoulft-street, City, well-bent new F House, Double Frout, Fire guo4-siztd Rooms, wiJe Hall, Btthrooin, it, Veraodah back and front. Price £J?S. Also new Houw, Foot bo-k1 Rooms, wido Hall, B.uhroom, Vriandah. Price £376. F. W. Bullock ii Ca, r»ol:lias;reeL ? Met (LAitk & qUARTLi, AUCTIONEERS AND ESTATE AGENTS, FEDERAL ClIAilUKllH, 111, KING WiLLIaM STKKLl. MILE-END, Uugbes-rtreet— Hou;e,5Ropm-, Batb, Cellar, all courmienccj, Verandahs back and front; good piccti Land; a birpniii; £37J. WKSr ADEl.Atl)K-l).F. House, 0 Kn-idi, Batb, cellar, Wardrnliea. and Cupboards; £330. WEST ADELAIDE-3 ltoomi; Und CO x 150; £160. MILK-END — Villa, 6 Rooms, Kitchen, Eatb, Collar, Stables; £500. HINDJIAKSH-4 Koom-, it.; £150. Hll.f.S — Garden. 14 A-:re.-: House, 6 Rooms; well watered; tn I.'t or Sell; cheap. GOODWOOD, rloMTrwu-5 kooms, Rath; £350. r-AKKMDK-5 Koomj, B/v»h, dr.; £335. BiUlillTOX-Ilouie, 10 lloonu, -xc; JJ Acres Land; £750. NORWOOD-House,5 Iloomf. Bath, -Lc;LindC0 x 173; fram paw, £4tO; e.»ry terms. CITY— Houw, I Knom«. Ac. ; jikx! portion; £CaO. luTeslment retnrnlnc i:Si-) per year, £-2,(00. ? MONKY TU I.KXl). lO^thic MALVERN. New FiTerooBod HOUaE, Bath, Pantry, end Cellar, for Sale; close tram. Very cheap. EAST TKBMS. £5,M0 to LEND. R. BARRETT & CO., OPPOSITE EOYAL EXCHANGE. lSStbsc 1

HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE AND TO LET Eighteen words in Rtjifter and A'raiin* J'eurnaili. ; ? three iuMrtioas 2*. fel. preoisd. ? JOHiTWrCHSNCS AJSY- CO., AEXT BANK AUSTRALASIA, CUEKIE oTHEEf. PROPERTIES. €*OX DEPOSIT, b.i!\nce at 6 per cent, in r^£D terost, will l'iircbt«e SiT-roonied Villa, Batb, Ctllar. wido Hull, Tiled Verandah, .It; excellent position and well built ; rery owy terms. DO A K-TWO COTl'AtfllS, of Three Kooina db-6rX(J cull, Und 31 x Ui; rtal IU; lorfnio. (?Q/^i.-KKN^lNGTON, Cottace ol five XfjUl/ Koomi, i5ith, Doublo Front; easy terms. DA K A-X0BW00D, Six good Rooms, Bath, cssV^cOv Hall i.C, Un.U0xl43;ch«p. £»y|f«;X-MALVICRN, Villa, of Five Rooms, 3t4t I O Hall, ^tabling; Und U G x ISO. WOK''1' PETEP.S, CIIKAP, Villa of Six %\)£d Rooms, Bath. Cellar; UnMSO^lsn. Cfftr /\-NORTrt ADELA1DK, Sct?ii Rooms, S-t/OV Bull, Pantry, well hulit; C1IEA1'. Oejft»-Fonr H.wrai, Bath. Ac. Double cvO&tf Front, VcntuiUlis, Passace, »o-iml condition. Land 41 x 170. good n&tilrn: SMALL DEPOSIT ana Weekly or Monthly Payment for Balance; low interest; CIIANCK. f\ I? C1 \? IJ»-PARKS1DE, Unley ? rm.l, UlTCi I.V Fire Uooros, Raih, Cellar, Land ii s IS), near City; xell »t sacrilic* i.rico. MAl.VKRX-VillK, s,x jiooan, Hal!, Uitb, Land SOxlCJ; )'rico£j.'(i; terms ROSK VARK-ln'e Un^ms. Bath, Passage, tc. l»n(lf(lxi:0; coodG'sriiun- tj.V-. HOSE PAIIK-Kicellent r.l«k, 50xl»; offer. HUXftREDS O? BA51G11X.S IN PROPERTIES OF AU, CLASSES IN CITY, suiiuaes, and country. BOUSESFROM£150TO £10000 FULL PABTICniiAUS ON APPLICATION. MONEY TO LEND In Suns to iuii Lorrotten on Freehold Stcuritia at Loiceit Current liatts of Interest. We ciu anauc* ac Short Noiica quite £50,000 worth of Loans, provided that the security is approTeii. Borrowers pleaie call or sens! particu lar! Of their Securities. £10000. For tin aboa amount in ont or(tcoiutniontin- deniable City iemrity tre arc inttrvtiei to quote special rait if inttrttt. Caik u immediately acait able VALUATIONS modi of City, Suburban, and Country Propertiet. We hate been mott meemful in our valuation!, hating tubuqutnl ta our VALUATIONS ntd Propertiet 0/ vcrioui c'.aitei for the and amount of theza'.Halioni maicby ui. FAlTHFUlitaluatwns guaranteed. faTrms. bb m a ACRL'S (about) of Firc'vc!ass Land ff J\ I (in ona block), with niuin roads on m eta^a I threo (3) sides and district roa.l on I I I the other side, 'i ho Laud 11 pirii calaily well ailkptml tor a Dairy Farm, Slieep, or A£ricultare. Improvti;,-nu »re of a »u'j«Uictlal chiracter. and coinpriso Goud House of Seven Rooms, Man'a House, Sables, .Sheds, Stock} ards, large Barn, tc. This Land w;is tlio tir-t taken up in tlio district, and surreyci! before tho tornsbip was laid out. It is within a f*w hours' journey of the city, and in an estate which the testator t* particularly anxious to dose without delay. We aro prepared to quote al \ price which cannot fa-l tn effect a speedy sale. Buyers pleasa call, or write for full pi\i Uculam, which will be supplied promptly. Large propor tion of purchase-money CAN KKMA1N at S per cent intereiL ? WE hare a number of SUPERIOR FARM3 for Salo. and amongst them the vary finest In the colony, full particulars of which we will be pleased to supply on application. GARDENS. ONE OF THE BEST Garden Properties in the Colony; ISO Acrrs, 80 Acres of. which is planted witli Fruit-trees of the most approved Mndiin ommoj:; &j Acres of the prilen Li at iu bciL Thu filler bu taroljn loaikets for bis fruit, and llii.i cpnncc'ion as well ti other custoners will be handed orer tn tho buyer. Good House of Ki^hl Homii* aad Oatbdldin-«. Terms can be artanted. Uitfttiu. (%f\ ACRES, Sis Acres Planted a«d in Full & \J Hearing, choice and well assorted, inclu ding oraofe, lemon, Tines, and fruit-tree*: engine, pipes, &c, for irrigation purposes; HOUSE of fife nooms and OutbulldioRt. On account of ill health the owner ii relinquishing, and is telling it sacri fice; price £1,?j0. GARDEN of 5^ ACRES and HOUSE, within nine miles of city, 400 Fruit-trees, larfre quantity of Raspberries and Strawberries, full beating, plenty of water. £335; terms. . WE hare other GOOD GARDEN PROPER TIES for Sale in tho best districts of ths Colony, foil particulars on application. HOUSES TO LET, Both Furnished and Unfurnished, from 3 to 14 Rooms, in City anl Suburbs. At present we hare 29 Unf urnUhed and 15 furnished Houses on our lists, full particulars nf which we shall be pleased to supply on application. BUSINESSES. 3#4. DAIRY AND MILK RUN, excellent Plant, and dolnj about ICO call»s* pur week, cub trade; rtntot Uous: and ^0 Acres, lit. weakly; CIUXCK. yK. CITV INVESTMENT-Only £C5 wantcl for good goicp exneem (plan: inrludeil) und well recommenced and showing -[i!ei:il:d jirotii*. S/91. DAIRY aud MILK ltt'N, in Caf.le (vrell bred), Ilull, 2 llor'u«, IIoifc.h, Cart. lUrntss, and full Plant: cost! c inn-ctiuu; low price. 2/i». BUTOUliKI.Ni; J2U-1NKSS in populous Cor.ntiT Town, doing an iiuuitnyo, com plttc I'lant. TliisiMjuitoa CHANCE. ilii. i-'lOnnil to x:i,OoOt:irnovtrla»tTe»r. XlAvUU stock about i2,»0. Terms, £1/00 down, balanco on appruv-il lill.LS ex tending orrr a period rf ii loonthi. 'ihij U without doubt thobes'. Cjuutr) Ueueral .store in the colony, ibe buxinftM btinc thoroughly toand mil woll c.'tablisbed, and a large pro portion n( ibe I-V-inc- ii cuh otet iliu counter. 2/75. WOODVAR1), in centru of puiulitio]], - horse T.uigyo KhxIdo und J'.uiltr, J llur.iei, 'J Drays, tc. Can bo mrke'l at a amAlk-mt, reutl'Jd.; tumovor, !!0J tnnt »i'tkly. Low prii-c. 5/71 UDARIUNR-HOL'SK. i:ity. oln establlslied, Al position, 1 j permanent ho%rders. The Fur niture and -;-iod»i!l fi.r S\li:: uf.un «anted. */E0. BUTCHERIMt lil'SINK.Si-. larRo Suburb, killing: to 3 huilockn, o0 rlietp, si larch*, dc, weekly, and re'.IIv non-l Plant: tlr-t-cla»s trade. ZISl GKOCKRY HUSINf.SS, CITY, jood »itf. Shop, Four KO3in«, Cellar: renllow. Splendid opening toenmbin*.' wooilbusintM; clunre. GENERAL STORES & BUSINESSES. isGoisG £100 to £5,000. WC DO NOT CHARGE BIYEIIS COMMISSION. JOHN HUTGHINOS & GO. ? iil-.'l hhi: X.\-£l\J HOUSE, Thus Room* (double from) ; Land, W x 121! ; fruit trees. Mii'-littr.— Ii acres Lind, with House, live Rooms, £JjO. I'.vMuck, Vietf.rU-squarf. ? 13Mli»cz Laud and House Property FOR SJAL.K. SHUTTLEWORTH & LETGHFO^D, UCKNSBD LAND CROKKRS and fefAlE AGt.NTS (Kstal-. 1S57). WlTIBBOCSRClUMBtSU, Kl.NU WV.-ST., ADCUIOL Trsnsferf, Mort*;a;»«, Lcatt, Hills uf SiU, anl fell do:uo-tots under thi Um\ Praperty Act nra pared. MiiNKYtoLKND. Uoternmentaad other Und Sales attended. All Bmtineu with Iaul Um'ce, Land Boards, and under tne Crowa Lamli Acttraosicted. Inatruclions !r*m Country Clieuu bTwironr latter %tt»nd*l 10 |-7ouidUt. Hiiiuvi WOODFORDE & MILNE. A KAllK CHANCE. NORWOOD. William-street, Land X x 114, Houfeof Sia Kooras, Bath, Pantry, Copper built in, all modem; rooms 1J x 1'1, 18 x 12, 15x12; easy terms; price »erj low. 10 K. iALK. CITY. Rcyil-areuut). off GUlcntrtet, Seren Room* and erery cdarcnieace. Ear^ain. Kasy tern,*, fiereral Allotments at Stepnev, ts. p«r ft. TO LET. ' KEXSIXGT0N. East-parade, House, 8eren Boomr, Bath, &c, £\ p w. NORTH ADELAIDE, Barton-terrace, Seren Roon«,4c.,£C0p.s. A REAL BARGAIN. Parkiide, frontine the Park Unds, House of 9 Booms, Bath, Pantry, and «rery coavenlence. On the land an also two small Cottages let to good tenants. ALFRED CHAMBER?. CURBIE-STREF.T. lMe

HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE AND' TO LET Eighteen words in llcjiitter Mi Keening Journals. ; three insertions is. Cd. prepaid. ? HOICK PORTION, Six Rooms, «tc., Fruit Garden; haady tram unrt train; rent 14s.; exceptional oppsrtuuity, Priest's Lind Mart. ? 113,4.0 I^IVE-IIOOMED COTTAGE, ernry conrenlflnce, 1 BEULAUKOADLXTJJNSIuN. T«i penal ncnt teoant with xuisU family, lit. U-, Sydeu^im road, Norwood. a213,4lhsc C1 LEN'KLG.-TO LET, conrcnient HOUSE, IT EijhtKoomi; good order; near Jetty. Shut tle worth & Letchford, Und Agents, City. 103tbse t\ L'ENKLO.-TO LET, furnished, KBiWICK T COTTAQK. Six Uooins; close tnin and je tty ;- low rent. W. Hall, Supreme Court. lSjthsc HYDR PARK.-TO LET. VILLA, 8 Rooms, Collar, Bull. £1 week. J. C. Philips, Cowra Criarcben, Grenfellstreet. Su3iluc [ET or 8ELL, substantially built RESIDENCE J (hastern Suburbs), Twelvo Rooms (Urje, Kiny),S:»hl8i,Co.\cliliouic, Man's Room. Gardens, 1.1-vik, Water, Gas, Diainife ; cood vi«w uf liilli. r'redk. Nuon, Land Agent, Gladstooo CnaiuVrs. ? lKthsc VJ-OUWO0D, Edward-srreet.-TOLET, HOUSE, 1M EiRlitltocms, every convenience; low rentil. U.IIiUAi.Soun.NorTOJd. 2-JiC RKUL'CKI) RKNTAL-City. Houscn, 0 larse Hooiaa, Balcony ; good order. Apply C. U. Savers. Royal Kxchanpe. S«'e SKMAPUORE.-TO LET, IIOUSl^ 5 Room*1 liitli and conrnnicucu, close liench Station; rent toixlente. I'. Uicksun, l'rnnv-sueet. 1 Set lie SEMAl'H0ltE.-Cavtndiih-strtet. Good Stone rivc-roomed IlOL'SE, Ctllar. .tt; nesrbeich and train; las. H. K. Uotbam, 1'orL ^,1^,4 mi) LKT. GA11DKN, Kit Acre«, MOUNT 1 LOrTY. Moniinal rent; lonptonn; repiir inu lc-ix. Av;ly i-milli, Chuiaon, t. Co.. I'.irt; or T. If. SnotawniHi. Mount I/ifty. aio;ili»cy TO LET, !»AHICSIDE, Youngstreet, superior Detuned VILLA, SuTeu Itonm;, Bith, Pr.ntn-. Arc. nice Garden; 1} mil» from (MM). KKK3IXGTQ.V, Shlpst-irn-ruLl, VILLA RESI DKN'CK. Nix kooms lUtb, C«lUr, 4c: nrwly painted and papered throueLout: heilllty and quiet locality; close to trun: rent, 10s. per week. JOUN WYLES ,t CO.. -14 - ? AdTertimr Clambers. mo LET, HOUSE, seren Rooms, Pantiy, Batb, JL Wa-hhuuie, »:id Cellar. Edward Clark, Stephens-terrace, Walkemlle. 212,4,0 O LKT, Adelphi-tsmce. GLENELG, Two Semi-.lsUcbed COTTAR E^. H. U i A. K. Aym, Imperial Chambers, King Williut-street. 2-mhil8 TI^O I.KT, Seven Rooms, Staoley-Mreet, Four X Room', Old -street. North Adelaide, and Croyden. W. i T. Pops, Adclaiile. till VILLA, Keren Roomi, Bith, Cellar, Copper. Foldins Doors, be-t part City, TO LET Matters, opposite Town Uall, Adelaide. a2U.5,S WAVERLKY, GLEN 0SM0ND.-FOR SALB, or TO LKT, Fight-roomed HOUSE good SUbiinr. Paddi«!:, etc. Apply EXKCUTOK, TRUSTEE, AND AGENCY COMPANY, 12, Waymonth-street. lOlthsc -|nS., NOF.Tn ADELAIDE, HOUSE, Fire J.O Koou-, 1Ut!i, Cellar; splendid order. W. hujii, KiuK William-street, next Bank Adelaide. a212,4,8 TO5- niiNTAU-PINETOWX MLLA, Six XO Hooni-, lU-.h, SAJa)PSTKEET, KENblNU ION; or SELL, cheap. John Wyles, Adrertise? Chamber. ? aiojc DOVEHSTltKET, MAYLANDS.-HOUSE of Fuur Hoou» .md Kitchen, just jupered and cleaned; lr.rsa g.inU-n; price i.ou. Jobu Wvle.1 and Co.. Advertuer Clin.mbt.-s. ? a21!!*« tlOH SALE, no cut terms, HOUdE of Sertn Kooiii', beiiilei Haotry, Bathroom, and lir;e Uuthou.^o, aitualeil Vine-street, North i'ro-pn:t. Apply Frnti it Jl.irdy, Coleridge Ctsmbcrs, King Willi.-.:ii-ntreet, Adelaide J14.0 FOit SALE, PENNINOTON-TERBACE, North AJeliide.HOL'SE. Six Roomi, lUth, Cellar, md Outhauses. T. Johnson, Industrial Buildincs. ? nil ? 6 FOR SALE or TO LKT, HOUaE of Seven Rooms, large Cellar, Bithroom, Wasbhousj, snil Stable, situate M.ilborou-hblrci!t, COLLEGE PARK, lately occupied by K. W. Dunn, Ksq. C. R. Uawkes, Broken Hill Chambers, King William street; ? i7ae CU)K SAI.K or Lct.real bargains, 6 »nd T roomed I? HOUSE.*); erery convenience; teruu; Clifton line t, Prospect. Traraill, Clif ton-street. ?Obhc F O B SALE. LARGS. RESIDENCE of Seven Rooms, with ererr con venience, well boilt and dose to Train and Tram. This can be sold at a ntj low figure and on very n*j torms of payment. APPlY GREEN & CO., v LAND AOENTS, PIKIESTBBIT. ISShe TX U K ^~S A L~, F STORE and DWELIJNG at AldgaU. KI.EVKN ACRES, good Site and Garden, close to Mount Lofty Station. CITY.— LAND.SJ x M, and Four-roamed House, between Franklin and Waymoutb street!. . LAND IN T11K HILL^. TO LKT. FURNISHED HOUBE at Mount Lofty; winter terms. ;??? ?'.-,?. FOUNISHED HOUSE at Aldcate ; winter terms. MONEY TO LEND. Transfers, Leasts, and all documents under Real Property Act prepared. (JOLLISON & CO., UOthscf Waymouth-street. Adelaide. T)LYMPTON.-TO LET, UESIDENCK of Ten M. Rooms, cood SUbling and Coachbonse, Han's UoMape, Garden, and Laad divided into con venient cultivation piddodu, in all 0 Acres; water pipes laid over garden, also Windmill for irrigation; Lw rent to cuod tenant. For tanns and cards to riewapphto Collisonand Co., Waymouth-streeL MHhscr f^ REAT BAHGAIN,£300, 1] Acres Land, House, \JT Six Rooms, Cellar, Smiles south. O'Connell, Melrin Chambers. ? S135 GLANVILLE. SECTIONS 912 and 913. THE l'KW UNSOLD ALLOTMENTS PRIVATE SALE AT AUCTION PRICES. Plant and particulars apply ' G K E E N & CO., Land and Estate Agents, lE6mbe Plrie-slreet, UULA WIKUA. -SECTIONS SM and MS, near Gawler, 246 Acres good Land. Leslie and Porter, Quetnitown. ? llOe SHOPS. OFFIRES. STORES, &t Eighteen wordsin KryitttrhzA i'rn.1117 Journal Is. ; tbree imertions 2s. (1. prepaid. FOR LISASK. Low Kent, 3 ROOMS, Oround Hour, 1 Room Upstairs, Moriilla Chambers. Apply lUfcc; A: Uarlow. ? KI9HS SUOPandbtVKlXING HOUSE to ba Let; low nntal. U. M. o: J. Ii. Muiiheid, Pirie street ? 213a mo LKr, commodious WAREHOUSE, folly X fixtured (liuly tenanted by T. UaVMOLTHSTHUET, n«t to the S.A. Mutual Store.«; » cood opportunity for hardware merchant, Utbtc BALI.ANTY.N V. ti CO.. Corrie-streeL T ° lnL B T REGISTER CHAMBERS, tbe 8DITE OF COOMS lately occupied by tbe Royal Aericulinral and Horticultural Society. One room, suitable for large meetings, can be divided inUi two. Commodious Suoncrooia. 179e WAITED to Purchase for Cash, Shop and Bakehouse westerly suburbs; good poii lion. Bos 155, O.P.O. ? MERCHANDISE 'E10R v SALE, on Spot aud to Arrive.— buop Twine Hammocks WX Kswinx Twine J Sardines Hsus(enRli«h) Drained Lemon Peel Ui! of Lemon l'laln and Cut Tumblers f artai ic Acid P,owder Corks and Bocgt lartaric Acid Crystal Ulucose,LiquioandSoUd Hoop Iron, l( x 16 Port and hnerry Wine Urooru Hsuilles Cbampagne Cider Citric Acid Alum, Ground l' Pepper Boiled L. Oil 1'earl liirlry Tar, Stockholm, In Bruce's lied Herrices Drums ' (Unz.) No. 4 Bulk Ale Carriage Candles Apent for Docker Eros.' Flnurluts (lixilh.) Varnlib, Ac llcnl-j\d, Knpliih Malt Allsopp's Ale and John l£. W. Crown Glucose con's Stout. linplMe*. I.C. Charcoal Wire Netting, 3t x 1| z U»* 'Inline, 'An. -k j-io. | 17 G. In:lonl- oxecuted on moit favourable terms. 177lhiiS ? E. II. Sl'lCRR. f\S aALK AND TO ARRIVE WoOLPACKS * JUTK ROODS of all descriptions. Galvanized, Corrugated, and Plain BLACK NIIKKT. UUOP, »nd PIG IRON, CEMENT 311 KKT I.EAb, aud ZINC, GAS I'IPINQ and FITTINGS, PAINTS, STKYCHNINE SHKLV1NO, NAIU, SCREW*, SUoVELS SEWING IWINK, FENCING WIRP, STAN DARDS, DROPPERS, .V1RE-:,'ETT1A'G ZANAKY-SEKD, MAI.T, HOPS 9LAC1AL1NF. *n4 HEMPEI'. DULCIS. OEORGE WILLS & CO. 121tbse BUSINESESS FOR SALi OR WANTED Eighteen words in Re-jitter and Keen inj Journal Is. ; ? tbri-j in-uruons ?-*. CA. prepaid. ? FOP. SALB, COUNTRY .STORK, NORTH; moderate ilock; ennd district : lihoral terrcs. »i\Zi OOJIIE. DUItltA.NV. TITE. fi CO. fowa aad Country Business Excliansc, W«j mouth-street. 9AIRY PRODUCE and Greengrocery; good posi tion City; easy rentil; rbeap. Small STORK, City; Rood poiition; easy rent; at valuation. Suit a lady. n:\ ard COKFEE KOO.MS, City; every con venience; low rent Aprodchanco. 3ood WOODY ARD, in large Suburb; doing a pro Btable trade. A bargain. Jood GENERAL STORE, splendid position. Cheap. 2l4thK

TENDERS mO BOILDKB-S.-TEXDEEJf sm totitasj wM 1 noon of THCnSDAY.tb.9tl, InrBBMT' INO PREMISES in FRAMKLIN-tTlslEIH. Plans and epedlleations ieaj toateaklssjOsbll, Neither the lowest nor any leader MCMMttf accepted. W. ANDERSON, F.S.A.I.A.. AseUftt, ? Cttvri»at»e*iSB»t im Ti.|UNlCIPALl£Y OF UVLBT. T.KNDEKSwiUberecclTed a»tnMe«ie4IATVB' DAY. tbe 4th inst.. f or Completiej am UitWsSMsl Control for Kerbin? end Panne, aad takltf M«t material on site of work on Glea Osuoad-toifj, near roun tain Inn. By order, i. MlXLf B, n_^ ? tlltl rg-0 BUILDERS. - TINDKU3 for llM I ERECTION of Three COTTAGES H GILLESSTUKETwiU bo reeeifed by Um UesM- sipted until noon of 'I ueaday, 7tb A ?cast Clans and specifications at onr Office. Neither lowest nor nny other TcadarMMMrU* accepted. ENGLISH Ii SOWARl), Arebiuetsi Cnrrif-itrec?. ? S07Uwtt rnE.\DEIUwillbereceirtdBpUi7tb AufMtfe* X Makiii; a KOaD and -OuTPaT11 at far raurt Uou-.c. near SEMAPHOUE, froa ttw MMt&rr-riiaci to 'lie Beacb. I'lan and Spetiu'cation can bt seen at iMCwtar, Tranlee. atiu Ac-ncy Coapaay's OSct, 12, W«j. muutli-i'tri-i't, AdrUida. No Tentlur nec-s».;-Ii . «crept*il. IIUWARU hAVlv.VPORT. ? s.jrrt'jiry Janu-s Brown Trust nil its brauches ,vt Lowest Price. EaUnuteiat appiicatii.ii. WILKE & SCHWF.RKOLT. Contractors' Lxchonge, Kice WiUiasj-etMtt ? ZMhK SOUTJi AlSTRALIAiV PORTLAND CEMENT IS KOW USED EXCLIISSVELY ON ALL GOVERNMENT WORKS. it is BETTER AND CHEAPER than tbe Imported Article. FOR BRICK AND CONCRETE TAHKI TU BBIGI1T0N CKMEXT IS UStlVALUO. THE LOCAL CEMENT NEVER CRACKS. Obtainable from Wholesale Ironmoniwi, Tjsjlkjr ? Merchant*. anJ Lima M»rtbanta. Ittfcaa ? MEDICAL ? TEE AOID CTTE1. For iftrroisnEss, Searals^a, rTr«fl»rts\, Isdi^cstioa, Eheumitiim, Ooit, tXu, TRY COTTTTV GUARANTEED ACETIC ACID. Parnohleu, 'Tirn ADD Cuu,'oTMTllBrT5Asj Gisthm or TrtFamnvT,' ~\ wrs lettle. !?- Is} had from ajl Chemists, sad VpstoUaaU turn W. C SI337, 74, Kh? Fdliim Stmt, SOLE CONSIGNEE. Bend Id. stemp for Pamnhlata, Wit*} H. BUOW.V-SEQUAKD8 TStlPUS COJfc PUir.VD LIFE i-sSENCE Cum Lost Uas- lioud in 24 Days. :?.?. posted. Pamphlet Mtfiw Write A. ])e Leon, ^ole Aj(ent, UairmU BoiMirsA ColliDii-slrert.Melhourne. U7e iTVUlhNTAL FE:,fALK PILLS, tripto sww«r, raj \J- aluu resularity without faU. ef Write W.W.Ciri:eldl3^lColliM^.sWs)eiiM ? 17He LOST MANB00D, Frora youthful folly, excesses, or Bay other CMKss, Guaranteed CUKE. A creaucuntiAe diaeaMty by hnatouy. Trcitiso on ' Lost Manhood' tjomi fres, siiled. To youne men eMtesnUliM rnirrla jo, to the married, to youaf as4 om, twt book ij ianluible, pnintiiut out as itdaea tbaway of relief. Ewry man and youth eboald m4 is, routed Kres. Write PROFK3M-B HEUIAIf.ll. East Collins.p'.ace, Melbourne. ? U7tll» 1 Diseases of Vie Chest GBiAULTS SYRUP HYPOPHOSPHITE OF LIME Prescribed for tbe last SO y»ar* wiih itic ercatcsl success in Con* siiinpiion, ub.sliuate Couptu, Cold! and Ciiarrli; it amsls tbe CoujeU, spitting or filooJ, and ciplitsweiu, tbe appoUlc imjiroves asd beallh Is promptly restored. ? CURE for ASTHMA III INDIAN GI6AEETTB Astliinallr. pcojili who suffer from Oppression iu breathing, illflinf scusatloii!), HoarMBcsa and ttm of voice, Zfervoiu c«B(hs, te- ryn^tli, Catirrtal atTectfsJM, and disicuity in B^oetorBtlaa. are piomptly relieved by Umm GRIMAULT A Co, PAfllS SOLD tT ALL BBCMIITa ? A^ents-K H. & Ca A. M. ItiCKt'OEU t .SOJ* ELECTKO - HOMEOPATHY. COUNT MATTEI'S HiiTlDIKI AUD BOOK! AT UEDUCZD PUCES. A full Stock always oakaael J. M. AVENDT, 70. KUNBLE-STKIET, Apcnt for South AuitiaUt. Advice and EiplanatioMOimtls. IMH»0 fjlEEEMAXS CHLOBODYHI dTUS I] ? PUMMtsU I^KEEMA-VS CHLOBODVNK CCEU JT ? 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