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Death of Mr. Thomas B. Bennett.-Old   scholars of Mr. J. L. Young's 'Adelaide Educational Institution' and of St. Peter's College will regret to hear of the death of

their old teacher Mr. Thomas B. Bennett Mr. Bennett, who had reaohed the advanced age of about 86 years, lived for the greater part of his life at Stepney, but a few months ago he took up his residence with his son, Mr. W. O. Bennett, at Port Lincoln, where at 5 o'clock on Friday morning he died quietly and peacefully in his sleep. For a num- ber of years Mr. Bennett was one of the prin- cipal assistants at Mr. Young's school, where he taught bookkeeping, arithmetic geo-     graphy and other subjects. He was an exceedingly competent as well as a fair master,' and was always regarded with great affec- tion by his pupils, and that the friendly   relations he established with them were per- manent was shown on two or three occasions when substantial proof was given by old scholars of their feelings towards him. Mr. Bennett spent a few years in the latter part of his active life as a teacher at St. Peter's College. Two of Mr. Bennett's sons are   living, viz., Mr. C. Bennett and Mr.   W.O. Bennett. The latter is the     officer who represents the Government   in various departments at Port Lincoln.     Another son, Mr. J. W. O. Bennett, was in the Survey Department, and was murdered by natives in the Northern Territory in very tragic circumstances many years ago. Mr. Nathaniel Bennett, who was a well-known officer m the Lands Titles Depaitment, is also dead, and the only daughter died two or three years ago. Mr. Bennett's widow survives   him. The funeral will take place at the Port Lincoln Cemetery this afternoon. Spielers at the Show. —The 'light-   lingered gentry' have had a good time at the annual Show of the Royal Agricultural Society, having taken full advantage of the presence of people from the country. It is surprising how sensible men can be so easily taken in. The well-known purse trick has been the principal mode of operating. One instance has come to light in which £8 was paid for a purse containing (the buyer thought) twelve golden sovereigns. To his disgust he found on opening the purse six halfpennies.   Norwood W.C T.U.-On Thursday even ing, September 13, a social was held at the .Y.M.C.A., Beulah-road, Norwood. Mr.   Dowie presided over a good attendance. Short addressee went delivered by Hesirs. Dowie, Nock, and Lemon, the topics being prohibition, suffrage, and the drink traffic. The Cormpondinx Secretary, Mi*a Jones, read the annual report which was very fans factory. Mr. C. Lee Rave a recitation which was much appreruteo. The May ...lands Endeavour Society contributed two muHcal selection*. A club-swinging exhibi tion by member* of tbe Y.M.C.A. wm much admired. R-jfrashmaiit* were handed round, and jnjs before oioeludicR thu social Mr*. EobarM, the President, apjva ed to those preeent to join the White Ribbon Union. Soveral responded. . Rirzs Levels.— The following shows the ; *U:e of tbe rivers above aummtr level at th* uudertuenttonad plaom m 9 a.m. on Friday, (September 14:— Alunry, 14 ft 3 in.; y/ahgnnyab, 20 ft. t» in.; Evbura, 30 it. Sid.; Swnn Hill, 12 it. 3 in.; Ku»tou, 30 It. -1'} in.; Overland U»rnrr, 20 ft.; Morgan, 2) ft. 7 in.: Ronnuirk, 17 ft. 3 io.; tiundagai. 18 ft.; Ws-;;a Wagga. 2S ft; lUy, 20 ft. 0 in.; Bdraaald, 17 it. 10 in.; Tilpa, lift, 4 in.; W;lcannia, 1C ft. 11 jo.; Menindie, 34 ft 5 in.: Pooacarie, 23 ft. OJin.; Vfentwortb,24ft.; Goodosa. low; Muntfundi, 4 ft 1 in.; ALotnl. 2 ft II in.; Xnraoi. 9 ft. 4 in.; Barwon, 13 ft 9 in.; Browirriaa, 12 ft; Bonrfce, 10 ft '2 ia.: L-mth, 8 ft 3 in. CHILDREN'S HOMS, W.UKKEVILLE. — A garden fete iilolw h-M te-iiay in aid of .the funds of thi* charitable institution at 'T-ate;h,' the residence -»f Mr. C. J. Hor rock;, 3;ephen-terrace, Walkerville. . The let*, will boop«ned by Mr*. K. C. Baker as 2.30, and will be continued during tlin after , noon and evening. Produce, cake.', flowers, &C. will be on tale. The City Vdnni** Band u to play, cud in the evening a drawing-room concert is to take place, and there will be variotu ride shows. A portion of tho proceeds are to be given to she Church School at VTalkerville. * IxaCE^NCK — Tbo many friends of Mr. Duncan T. Liw-m, Accmnuntof the National IiMuranca Company of 'Sbw Z-alecd (of which Mr. John Croi,Tell i* .^Ltnaijer), will be : pkared to h««r of hisaiipoiuunenta* Manager of tbeStAndord Fire Mariue Imurance Com ' pany of New Zealand. Mr. Lawns has been anscciated with Mr. Crwwtll for tbe past five yean in attending to tbe various matter* JnMr.Crejweir«o!cce. VrrAt, Statistics.— Tbe numlter of birtos . am) deaths registered in the Geueral Register OtGce during tha we«k «nd«i Saturday, September 8, were :-BuU»-S3 males. 86 fercalec. Deiths-35 males, 42 femaiet Total — 1G9 births, 77 death*. Excess of births, 03. The returcu for the Distric: of Adelaide were : -Birthj-21 males, '21 females. Unths— U males, 16 funuuet. Total— 43 births, 27 deaths. . Excess of birtn*. 15. - Dmtistky Free of Charge.— The London D*ntal Institute of 111, King Willininatreet, innoence in our bujinos* columns a new departure. They now recaiva patients every morning froa 9 to 10 for painless extraction of teeth frw of charge. For the convenience of ladies an attooduit of their own wx will be present. This libsrality on tbe part of the ? management will no doubt be duly appre ciated. . ? . ??.'??.;? ??.?' Pobtv. Socth Adelaidk.— On the Ade laide Oval today tbe I'orl* and Souths will play a match. Should the Ports win they will be head of she liat for second half. . ? ?:- TO-MY'S ENGAttEXlENTSV ; (AS AS.XOCSCED IS THIS tikti ISSUK.) '-'*? ,' 'South-west corner of Dulwicb, as 8.30 a.m. .-^?Adelaide Uuns Club meet ?:.^':-^ rootball, Adklaide Oval, at 2.45p.m.— Port 'T.Sjnth Adelaide ??; ?/ . ,-::. .--: ;VC St. David's Hall, Bur aside, at 3.30 p.m. ? Laying of foundation-«ione. : ; ;- :;'-?. -';- : Wayville Baptist Church, at 4.30 p.m.— Laying of fcnndation-*Une. . : ?Old Exhibition Grounds, all day.— Royal 'Agricultural and Horticultural Society'* 8how. ?? ? ? ? -? ?.- ?? '?:?]' '?: ??: :: St. Bedc's Mission. Semaphore, at 7.30 - p.m.— Reception of Mitiiouer Rev. A. TV. Rubinaon, M.A. ; ' Xezt Central Market, Grote-street, ! at 8 p.m-— Open-air Show. - .' ,. '- Archer-streeft Weslftyan Lecture Hall, at 8 p.m.— Entertainment for die jwople. ; . , : Zjolozical Garden*. —All day.' .'?.;'; Port Adelaide, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.— Convict . HulkSocctt*. . ? .'- ??. v- '.??,.?;, ?'??'??'?:V,:ii: ?=?;; . Uyclorama. — AH day, Waterloo ; ' night, ./Waterloo and Royal Trinopttcoo.* / . - - BijouV.ThMlre, at S p.m.— 'Unole Tom's -: Cabin.'. : ?*;??? .:? ' -'? :,;:' '?;'? ?;^.;V;'1^ '?i;ThMirre Royal, at 8 p.m.— 'The Prodigal Daughter. '. ; :X:.X'S