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A Bland' Holt Play.

Mr. Herbert Myers, of Pollock and Myers, lessees of the Theatre Royal, re- turned from Melbourne on Sunday morn- ing aiter a brief visit in connection with the arrangement of fortlicoming attrac- tions. Mr. Myers states that negotia- tions have been completed with Mir. Wil-

liam Andereon,- who is organising a strong ' company, headed by Roy Redgrave, whicb will open on Boxing Night, under special arrangement with Bland Holt (the cele bratd actor-manager), for tae presenta- tion of one of his greatest Sydney and Melbourne successes, "The Span of Life, '

which has hitherto been considered too | gigantic a production even for Mr. Holt to travel to Adelaide with. Mr. Waiter Bentley, the well-known actor, is being brbught over from Sydney specially j.or a performance on Christmas night ot "The Passion Play," which is to be re- cited, with the aid of a fine series of stereoptcion views, taken at Ober-Am mexgau in 1910. On Saturday, March 1, the Baüey-Grant Company will ' com- mence a three i weeks' season with a re- vival of "On Our Selection," and a lot oî new playa. On Easter Saturday, March 22, the first of the J. C. Williamson attrac- tions mQ come along. "Ben" Hur" and "iaustf' will, be staged, and will be fol- lowed in rapid succession by all the firm's companies at . prasent_ appearing in^Auo traha. Dates' nave been reserved in' Feb rutry,' 1914, <by' the Williamson firm . 4or the 'Quinlan . (Stand Opera Company.

The Tivoli Theatre.

Dcqiite the fact that most people prc f Atou to remain out of doors on Sa nrday evening, which was warm, there was a large audience at the Tivoli Theatre, waece a bright and attractive programme was presented. There were no new ar- tiste, but the programme was greatly changed and was moa- aceep'table. Mi^s Florence Baines, the origma' "Mary Ellea" of "Miss Lancashire, Limited," again pleased with her songs, and-made a hit with her laughing song.. The best turn of the evening was supplied by the three Macarte Sisters, in1 their , Japanese Scene. These girls showed themselves to be -clever acrobats and light-wire walker«,, and they received quite an ovation.", Mi.

B. Bilton is having,a popular1 season in I Adelaide, and his ''songs at the piano" won for bim heartv rounds of applause, "es/rs. Sayle? and Warton kept the audience in roars of laughter while befoi-e the footlights, and, supported by other Tivoli artists,' presented the screamingly

funny sketch, "A Lord- for a Night." The j Bright Sisters, two dainty dance duettiste,

included in their turns tile song "Only ' a boy," and the remainder of the pro- gramme 'was contributed by Miss 'Marie Quintrell (a soprapo), Mr. J. Maliney (comedian and dancer), 'Mr Charles Zol' (comedian and Dago impersonator), and "Mr.* Marshall Crosby (a baritone); * On Saturday* next3Ir. Alexander Pr'n_ _ñll arrive by the mail steamer and uill make ?his. reappearance afierran absence of 15 igpnths^. On ids last visit he proved hjm se_ a most'popular concertina soloist, y.

"King's Tfcêatre.

fi One may -vifit the King's« Theatre,fre-

quent intervals and -always find new. artists to provide diversion. No turn is allowed to go .stale there; .the managa iúenii know the value x>f quick changes of programme in Adelaide, and, be_¿ up to date, cater vto suit the populai ta-te. Two fresh arríete appeared op Saturday night, and iseveral, began the concluding week of short' but successful seasons, and will malle way for .others next Saturday.. Those who are to bow their adieux on Friday night are Morley and Bates (who are presenting an original song s«na with a martial atmosphere). Barnes and West (clever dancers ^ with a fine touch of comedy in .their ' turn), the Brackens í uncommonly 'clever.' tlght-wprc per fonners),f and -Miss Nellie - 'Kolle. The most pleasing new 'artist" was Mr. 3bhn Fuller, a silvery tenor, who performed 20 years ago in Garner's Roonw, King Wil- liam-street, and whose voice has kept wonderfully rich. He knows how to sing, a_d^ contributes such old favorites oa "Sally in our alley" with enchanting sweetness. Another newcomer was Mr. Jack «Straw, whose patter- pleases the audience greatly. New turns were pre- sented by Mr. J. Hurley, Miss Peggy Roma, and Mr. Roy Rene.

The Dandies,

Another popular programme was enthusi- astically received by a large audience at the Exhibition Gardens on Saturday night, when every number presented by the Dan- dies was encored. Mr. Claude Dampier provided some genuine humor in "Going to Sing/,' "Shot Socks," "The General,'-' and the-"Scene9hifter's Idea of Hamlet." Miss Evelyn Ward added "Poppies for For- getting" to a fine rendering of "The Rosary";-and Miss Hilda Lane was equally successful in "Baby Dreams" and "Rose- buds." Mr. George Morgan's contributions were "Twenty-one To-day," "Single by the Seaside," and "That'e how it'a Done." Misa Irene Vere earned generous applause with "Nursie Nursed," and "Put Your Arms Around Me." "Home, Maori Maid" and a fine rendering of "Absent" were Mr. Oliver Peacock's successes. As an encore to one of his items Mr. Peacock sang "For Thee," the music of whict» was written by an Adelaide musician, Mr. Angelo Demo dipa, the words being by Mr. J. Moore Robinson, who^was at one time an Ade- laide journalist. Mr. Gavin Wood sang "Tom Brown" and "Henry V." Both mon- tera .were., excellent. * A male quartet, "Willie's Whiskers," was undeniably suc cessfuL

A Christmas Carol..

The closeness of the atmosphere indoors and the outdoor attractions did not pre- vent a large audience attending at the vic- toria Hall on Saturday evening to hear Mr. Edward Reeves' recital of "The Christmas Carol." The audience were moved alter- nately to laughter and to fears, and with "a merry Christmas to everyone," and Tiny Tim's happy benediction, an enjoy- able evening came to a close. Mr. Ernest W. Brose, LJLB., accompanied sympathe- tically, and Mr. Frank H. Smith's solos were pleasing interludes.

The Merrymakers.

The .?Merrymakers," a troupe of al fresco entertainers, made their initial bow to residents of the southern city at the Unley Oval on Saturday night. The even- ing wa3 ideal for an outdoor performance, and this, combined with a good pro- gramme, waa responsible for a large crowd. Each artist was accorded an enthusiastic reception. The Kennedy brothers, expert banjokts, provided popular numbers. Dante, described as a '"modern magician and dandy illnsonist," kept his listeners in roars of laughter, and "This and That" presented a clever patter duologue. Athol, the skating tramp, provided an attractive act. Misses Nellie Rowe (serio clog and step dancer), and Lillian Ruddell (¡Scotch balladist) were responsible for pleasing turns. Messrs. A. Green, George Irwin, and A. Dorling were warmly applauded for their "turns.'' Mr. T. Johnson presided at the piano.

Ozone Pictures.

At the Orone Pictures in the Port Town Hall to-night a complete chanse of pro-' gramme wal be submitted, including "Bank cashier," an interesting drama-tic subject by the Lubin Company; "The double cross," Selig drama; "Two battles," a war drama, by the Yitagraph Com- pany, with Martin Costello in the main -part: "Holding the fort," » crest comedy subject by the Edison Com- pany: "The lone trail pioneer."' a cowboy time drama; "Stern papa," A.B. comedy, j

Social to Herr Mumme.

( »n Friday evening, in the St. Stephen's I Hall. Adelaide, a social wai- tendere-1

Herr A. R. Mumme by students attend- . _2 his school of music. Mr. S. Ayliffe '

ton behalf of the pupils), in presenting Mr. Mumme "with a handsome travel-

ling rug and inkstad, referred to the good feeling which always ex- isted between master and pupil. Mr. S. L'pton (teacher of theory) was also the recipient of a writing-desk as a smalt token of the ertesm in which he was held bv the students-. Both gentlemen feei iiigly responded. Musk- and games were indulged in, and altogether a most enjcn able time was spent. Miss Dorothy Watt- man was rewonsible for the arrange-


Glenelg Town Hall.

On Friday evening the Entertainer» ap- peared at the Glenelg Town Hall in comedy and song before a large audience, who showed 'their appreciation of the excellent numbers submitted by prolonged applause, which was responded to by encores. Th-j artists were the Misses Clare Milton, Rose St. Rael, and Dorothy Leigh, Messrs. Syd- ney Howarde, Charles Grahame, and Tom Preston. Miss M?"*1'**" Parkes acted ac accompanist.

The Entertainers attracted a large and appreciative attendance at the open-air theatre at Henley on Saturday night, when they presented an entirely new programme. Miss Rose St. Raels rendered "Arcadie."' -wk hsuccess, and was equally successful in a dainty number which siie gave as an en- core. Mr. Sidney Howarde also was ap- plauded, and his fine voice was heard to advantage in "Absence.-" Miss Claire Mil- ton and Mr. Charles Grahame pleased their hearers, and Mr. T. Preston's dancing caused much merriment. Miss Dorothy Leigh contributed several catchy numbers, for which she was recalled, and the com- pany presented concerted items which were of a high standard. The accompaniments were artistically played bv Miss Marion Parkes, who also contributed a pianoforte


The Lyric.

The Lyric was crowded on Saturday eve- ning, hundreds being unable to gain ad- mission. A splendid programme was shown and greatly appreciated. "The Last of the Mohicans," by J. Fennimore Cooper; "The Miner's Curse," an Aus- tralian production; "The Cardinal's Edict," "The Recall," "Bobby Believes in Kind- ness," and several otbjer items being shown. To-night will be the last night of the pre- sent programme, and a complete change is announced for to-morrow night.