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The Broome correspondent of the "West Australian" telegraphed to that paper on April 1:

Mr. McDonald, an engineer, of Broome, was sent to England specially by ths Ade- laide Stfnmship Company to supervise the construction and fitting of the Koombana"p engines at Glasgow, and came out with her as chief engineer. Up to the time of leav- ing" the steamer to start in business at Broome with Mr.'Low, he acted as chief engineer, and travelled in the steamer to Sydney, and up and down the Western Australian coast. Mr. Low was fourth en-

gineer, and also came out from Glasgow in

the vessel.

"The trial trip of the Koombana," sa'd Mr. McDonald, was at sea. She indicated 3.000 h.p., with a speed of 14J knoïs throughout. Fully laden, her average speed, however, was 13i knots."

"Was she a specially built ship so far as stability was concerned?" he was asked.

"She was a magnificent vessel,'" he re- plied, "strongly built. Her tailing shaft was 25 per cent, above requirements. She had water-t'ght doors in every compart- ment, and was capable of carrying 900 tons of water ballast. Her engin :s were triple expansion, but not duplicate, and had all the latest auxilary gear. It has been stated that the vessel was 'top-heavy,' but that is not true. - She is the b-st sea-boat I have ever sailed in, and almost my last trip in her was one of the worst from n weather point of view that I have expe- rienced. Her machinery was the best run- ning I ever handhd. J do not think that she has' broken her tail shafting, which, as I haye said, is made 25 per cent, above the requirements. M"* opinion is that she has met with some minor disablement, such as a m'shap to the rudder, in which case Ehe would be unmanageable, and repairs would have to be effected at sea. They_ have all the necessary appliances and facilities on board for doing such work. I have every hope that ehe will turn up partially re- paired. You cannot do much 'in a week at sea in the way of repairs. Thosa who are anxious should take.heart, because the Koombana is a splendid sea vessel, and

well equipped in every way." |