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(From Our Own Correspondent.)

Since my last notes in December the scene has been changed from arid pastures and dry waterholes to verdant fields and overflowing creeks. The growth since has been most satisfactory and sale stock are improving fast. The cream supply has more than doubled, and the corn and the cane look healthy. The dairy industry in Mount Larcom will now receive a fillip and the present year will see many pros-

perous settlers.  

The second annual picnic given by the

bachelors of Bracewell was held on the recreation ground on New Year's day, when a crowd assembled to enjoy the fun and good things provided by those hospitable gentlemen. Although the attendance was not quite so large as last year, many being busy planting, but everything went with a swing, and what, with a cricket match, foot races for young and old, games and swings for the

children, the bachelors of this go-ahead district did themselves proud. It seems a pity so many energetic good-hearted fellows should be wasted in single blessed-    


On the evening of the picnic the hall committee held their opening dance. This took the form of a plain and fancy dress ball, and about forty couples took the floor in the large and commodious build- ing erected on the ground leased at a peppercorn rent from Mr. Cuthbert on his miner's homestead alongside the main road through Bracewell. This building   which is 45 ft by 25 ft., affords ample room for a number, and is certainly a credit to such a young district. The hall was formally opened by Mr T. D. Fer- guson in a short speech, and the hall was

opened by Mr. and Mrs. R A. Crampton, the former representing Bracewell as it is, the latter Bracewell in the future. A con- siderable number of fancy dresses were present, and although your correspondent does not profess to be a dress expert, many were both pretty and effective. A most enjoyable evening was passed with songs, musical items, &c., and even the dark drive home in the morning did nothing to discount pleasure. Mr   Crampton, secretary, of the hall commit- tee, made an efficient master of cere- monies, and Mr S. Ahchay, the Chairman supplied the music.

The usual monthly meeting of the Farmers' and Canegrowers' Association was held in the Bracewell Public Hall on the 4th of January. In the absence of the President, through illness, Mr. Cuthbert was voted to the chair. Outward and in- ward correspondence were confirmed and received. The half-yearly report of the Association was read and adopted as fol- lows: - "It is with pleasure that we have to report a fairly busy and successful half-year in the Association's endeavours for the progress and betterment of the Mount Larcom district. We regret the loss by resignation of our first president, Mr Laws, which sentiment has already been expressed to that gentleman direct and through the minutes of the Associa- tion. Although the maise shipping season has come and gone, there is still no ap- pearance of the weighbridge at Mount Larcom, promised to us long ago by our member. Apparently, judging from the   reply of the Commissioner for Railways to the deputation from the Progress Associa- tion, when he passed through Mount Lar- com some considerable time ago, the weighbridge is by no means the certainly we were led to believe. All papers in connection with the rain gauge are now in the hands of the proper department, and no doubt the necessary instruments will be available shortly. We have the satisfaction, to state that exhibits of cane, through the instrumentality of this As-

sociation, were sent to Mackay and Bundaberg shows, and attracted consider- able attention to the possibilities of this district. At the invitation of this associa- tion, Mr. C.C. Ennars, on behalf of the   Burnett River Packing Company, lectured

to members and others at Mount Larcom and succeeded in attracting considerable interest in his proposition. Through the   initiative, of this association separate com- mittees have been formed to get a school and public hall for the Bracewell district. The latter has now been completed and opened, and the residents are to be con- gratulated on the result of their efforts. Such a result in a young and struggling community is certainly very creditable in-

deed. We regret that, through short-  

ness of notice, this association was unable, to join the Progress Association in send- ing a deputation to meet the Commis- sioner when he passed through Mount Larcom. At the expense of the Brace- well residents, a lane between the home- steads 70 and 71, has been fenced, and each leaseholder will be called upon to pay his or her portion of the cost, as soon as all the necessary signatures have been obtained. Mainly through the instru- mentality of this association, assisted by the Progress Association, and in spite of the opposition of one of our members of the Shire Council, the old road through this homestead 407 is still open, and the whole matter is looked after by the proper authorities. The main road from Mr. Kellys homestead into Mount Lar- com has now been formed and stumped by the Shire Council, and a proper crossing of Machine Creek, near Perroux's, been formed. We have not a very creditable main thoroughfare, and the Council gang is engaged in carrying the main road in the other direction, all making towards a circular route to open up the scrub. After this is finished, it is hoped that the cross roads will receive proper attention. The Government grant of £100 from the Mines Department was made available to the Shire Council some time ago, and   another sum of £200 is on the estimates for road work at Mount Larcom, and will

be available any day. We are promised a visit at an early date from certain mem-

bers of the Rockhampton Show Commit-   tee with the view to seeking the assis- tance of this district in sending an ex- hibit to the Sydney show. The sugar in- dustry continues to occupy the attention of this association. Several prominent firms have been approached with the view to interesting them in erecting a mill at Mount Larcom, but, so far, without definite result. There is every hope, how- ever, that something tangible will result very shortly. As you are aware we were honoured with a visit from the Minister

for Railways, and several members of Parliament, accompanied by the member         for Port Curtis, and a number of invited guests. These gentlemen were entertained by the joint associations - this associa- tion, the Progress Association, and the Railway League-and were shown as much of our scrub land as was possible in the limited time at their disposal. Individually and collectively, all expressed themselves highly delighted and surprised at the vast resources of our district. While holding out no definite promise of a railway into the scrub, which would be more than could reasonably he expected under the present state of the Government finances, the Minister promised to   send the first available officer to report upon the district with the view to a rail- way proposition. We congratulate our members on the magnificent roll up from the Bracewell district at the banquet to the Minister, many coming long distances at very great inconvenience, and we take this opportunity of thanking the members of this association for the loyal support they gave their executive on this occasion. This support was duly appreciated by us. and fully repaid any little extra work put in to make the business a success. In con- clusion, we congratulate the members of

this association, and the farmers in Mount

Larcom scrub generally, on the breaking up of the late dry spell, and to express the hope that the bright opening pros- pects of 1914 may be continued through- out the year. - Mr P. Burke (President). and T. D. Ferguson (Hon. Secretary)."

Mr Salmoni proposed, and Mr Hogg   seconded, that this association use the hall for all meetings from now on. - Car- ried. With regard to recommendation of J.P.'s the Secretary reported that nothing had been done owing to Mr. Kessell being

absent on holidays.

The Mount Larcom sports, under the control of the Athletic Club, passed off successfully on the 3rd instant. There was a good attendance, over £6 being   taken at the gate. The racing in the Open Handicap, which began at ten   o'clock was keen. The heats were well contested, showing that the handicapping was good. In the Allcomer's Sheffield Handicap also much interest was shown and the final run off was watched by all.

The pillow fight caused much amusement. Mr. G. Davis being lustily cheered for the manner he disposed of his opponents. Mr. J. O'Brien carried all before him in the high jump, and hop, step and jump. The secretary, Mr. T. E. Ferguson, is to be   congratulated on the management of affairs and for his unceasing efforts as on him devolved the greater portion of the work. The results were"-    

Open Handicap.-First heat :-R. Rad loff (10 yds), 1 ; E. Hughes (6 yds), 2. Ssecond heat : N. Ahchay (5 yds), 1; J. Overell (10 yds), 2. Third heat: N. O'Brien (ll yds), 1 ; E. Kingsbury (3 yds). 2. Seconds : F. Hughes, walk over. Final : N. O'Brien, 1 ; N. Ahchay, 2.

Allcomers' Sheffield Handicap ; 120 yards : £5. £1.10s, and 10s. - First heat 11 D. Jones (14 yds), 1; P. Holzheimer (13 yds)m 2, Second heat: J. Overell (15   yds), 1; R. Radloff (15 yds), 2. Third     heat: S.J. Daniels (8 yds), 1 ; F. Hughes       (10 yds), 2. Fourth heat : E. Kingsbury 16 yds). 1; A. Harvey (10 yds), 2. Seconds: R. Radloff, 1. Final : J. Overell, 1; E. Kingsbury, 2; S.J.      

Daniels 3.

Putting the weight : P. J. O'Sullivan. Throwing Cricket Ball : M. O'Brien. Stepping 100 yards in 100 paces: J. H.   Cummings. Tossing caber: A. D. Pollock.   Tilting the ring: A. D. Pollock, 1; E. Ware, 2. Pick-a-back race: J. and   N. O'Brien. Wheeling wheelbarrow 30   yards (blindfolded) : T. Lutton. three legged race : J. and N. O'Brien. Race

for boys under fourteen : H. Courtenay, 1 ; Sid O'Brien, 2. Race for girls under fourteen : Winnie Lee. Pillow fight : G. Davis, 1 ; S. Lutton, 2. Handicap high jump : J. O'Brien. Handicap hop, step and jump : J. O'Brien.

Mount Larcom, 12th January 1914