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Mrs; J. Inglis (Wcllsliot) and her daughter. Miss Bessie Inglis, arrived en Tuesday from, ,tj(p west.. They left later

by the mail train for Sydney.

Mr. A. Cortis arrived from the west   on Tuesday. He left later by train for


Mr. Dowling, who had been on a visit to the west, returned on Tuesday morn- ing, He left subsequently by train for Sydney.

Mr. S. Clemesha was a passenger fron Longreach by the mail train on Tuesday     morning. He left in the afternoon for    


Mr. Coburn arrived from Bowen Downs

on Tuesday morning. He left lauter for


Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hopkins, who have been on a visit to Sydney, arrived by the I mail train on Tuesday afternoon. They

left a t niirht for Longreach en Toute to Fairfield Station, ,

Mr. and Mrs. H. .'White and fnmily ar- rived from Brisbane by the mail train on Tuesday afternoon. They left at night for Longreach cn route to White-


Mr. C. E. Bundock, who has been stay- ing at the Criterion Hotel since his arrival from the west, left by the goods train last night for Springsure en route

to Marmadilla.

Mrs. If. Mackenzie and children, who have lieen spending a short time in town en route from t)hc south, left for Too

1 loombah Station yesterday ruornintJ.

I Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Wall (Fleurs) were

I passengers from Clermont by the mail

train on Tuesday morning. They arc staying nt the Leichhardt Hotel.

Mr. Andrew M'llwraith is expected to arrive by the mail train this afternoon from Brisbane. He will be accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. Hunter, of Mel- bourne.

Miss Lever left by the mail train yes- terday for Brisbane, where she will bc the guest of her mother, Mrs, Lever, Albion, Brisbane.

Mr. P. V. Neville, wflio has lieen slaying at the Leichhardt Hotel for a few days, left hy the mail train on Tuesday night for Ilfracombe en route to Mount Marlow.

Mr. G. J. Lever, manager of the Rock- hampton branch of the Bank of New South Wales, left by the goods train last night for the west on a visit of inspec  


Mr. M. Stanley arrived from Brisbane hv the mai! train yesterday afternoon. Ile is staying at the Criterion Hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson arrived from Calliope Station on Tuesday afternoon. They ure staying nt the Criterion Hotel.

After a pleasant visit extending over three ¡¡ml n-luilf mouths to New South Wales and Victoria and the borders of South Australia. Miss D. Foulkes returned   to Rockhampton by the mail train on     Tuesday afternoon.

The Ballarat correspondent of the Mel-       bourne "Age," telegraphing on Friday last, says:—"Dr. Shiel, the recently   consecrated Roman Catholic Bishop of       Rockhampton, is on a visit to Ballarat   and is the guest of Bishop Higgins. Ile viii leave for his diocese in a few days."

dur Melbourne correspondent tele- graphed lasl night as follows:-"Bishop shiel was last, night presented by the Mol her Superioress and tho community of (,h,. Sin-red Heart Convent, Ballarat Ka s I. nit h .1 gold ..balice and an address condini Hinting him on his preferment. Hilliup Shiel was similarly honoured to niglil by Hu- Hornau Catholics of Ballarat


The "Townsville Bulletin." of the llth instant, says :-"Mr. M. Ryan, who lins lieen in charge of the Customs Department at Normanton for the last two years, has received notice of his transfer to Uri's bane." Mr. Ryan is a son of ex-Senior sergeant P. Ryan, of Rockhampton.

As a mark of their esteem

for Mr. ï. Hopkins, who

died bo ¡juddeiily on SaUirday morning lust, tho managers of Hie public i temperance meeting, called for Saturday; 'jiiíílit by the Rockhampton Tempérance Alliance, postponed the gathering for a «eel,. Subsequently they met' at tho residence of one of the members and I passed a resolution, expressive of their

sympathy with Mrs. Hopkins and family, and Waced oa record their appreciation of the great service Mr. Hopkins had ren- dered to tile temperance cause during his long residence in Rockhampton.

(Jiir Capella correspondent, writing on the Hill ii.tlant, s-ays :-" Mr. C. L. Fos- ter, who is well and favourably known in the Peak Downs district in connection with engineering work, has received the very gratifying iutelligcuce from, the Queensland Government that he has been granted a first-class engineer's certificate without examination in recognition of the high engineering certificates lie already holds." "

Dr. V. Conrick, who «us luctun tcnens for Dr. L. M. M'Kiliop during the latter's absence in the south, «sys the "Barcoo Independent " of the 12th instant, left   Blackall yesterday morning by motor car for Barcaldine en route to Brisbane. Dur- ing his stay here Dr. Conrick made him- self very pup.,lui- with al) classes.

The mendie;-, und adherents of tho li'uckall Methodist Church on Monday evening last farewelled the Rev. A. L. Evans, who for the last sixteen months has filled the position of home missionary in connection with the Barcaldine circuit, but who is now leaving to take up the charge of the Noosa circuit, says the "Bar- coo Independent" of the 12th instant. The gathering took pince in the Foresters' 1 'all and «Hs well attended, there being a number of friends from other denomi- nations present. In tho course of th« wiling Mr. .Sehoon, on behnlf of the menriicrs of the congregation, presented the departing minister with, a handsome,

dressing ease elegantly fitted. He paid a. high tribute to the many estimable quali tics which Mr. Kvans toad displayed whilst in charge of the district and to the energy and resource he hod exhibited io promoting the cause of Methodism, He hoped that os a young minister Mr, Evans would be spared to do many years work in the Master's vineyard, and in taking charge of a new district they all wished him abundant success. Mr. Evans thanked the congregation for the tan- gible token of their appreciation. The proceedings were diversified by n number of musical selections, recitations, and games lu which the younger amongst those present freely joined. Light re-

tí esJinicnls were served. Altogether a . very enjoyable time was spent.

Lieutenant Francis Pringle Taylor died suddenly on the 16th of February, says the Sydney "Daily Telegraph" of the 12th instant. The cause of death was a sudden heart attack. A son of the late Rev. Robert Taylor, of Blairgowrie, Scotland, he was born in Edinburgh and joined the navy as a cadet in 1866. After serving in several ships he was invalided and came to Australia in 1879, where from   1880 to 1884 he was lieutenant in command of the colonial corvette Wolverine. In 1884 he raised a volunteer naval artillery corps at Sydney. In 1885 he was pro-

moted to commander of the Wolverine.   From 1889 to 1892 he served in the Queens-

land gunboat Gayundah as first lieutenant, and was later promoted to the position of naval commandant under the Queens- land Government. In 1899 he returned to England and settled at Saltash, and in 1901 was given charge of the Naval Em- ployment Agency at Devonport. His wife was a daughter of the late Rev. W. J. M. Hillyar and granddaughter of Admiral

William Hillyar.        


'Tlie marriage lof Miss S. Wliite, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wliite.. Whitehill, Longreach, to Mr. L. Horsfall, manager of Messrs. Edkins, Marali, and Co., Limited, was celebrated at AH Saints' Church on Saturday morning, says the Brisbane '"Telegraph" of the 14JLh in- stant The Rev. .lohn Spooner officiated.

The bride, wino was given away by her " father, were an exquisite robe of white satin gienade, covered with silk tulle, nnd having a. draped flounce of Limerick lace ; a court train of silk tulle, hand embroidered ; and a. wreath and em- broidered veil. She carried a bouquet of rare white flowers. Misses iTenrietta anti Minnie. White attended their sMer ns bridesmaids. They were gowned alike in «hito broderic anclaise, lined nilli silk, inlet with real Maltese Ince, and finished with girdles and hems of shell pink chepc de-chene, and lists of white plush, with plumes and touches of Uue. They "car- ried bouquets of white flowers and pink caladiuni leaves. After the ceremony a. reception was Judd at the Hotel Daniell. Mrs. White wore grey cachemire de soie, veiled in black lace, and black tagcl hut with shaded grey and white plumes. Subsequently Mr. and Ure, Horsfall left

for Coolangatta.