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A Uli. 1¡A KN AHM liOV. |

Tin- fullnuiiig ¡i|«,euied i» Ihr .limo isá oí " XiyliL and Diu," Un' i|iiurturly ulliui Jiiililiiiiliiiii »f Di-. I!arii,inli>'.» lluuii»

Nu llni'uunlo iuiy li.i> -ii I.iv .secured KIMI, ill lill' I '.llllliliilll l'lirlillllli'lll, M her us muí ihn1.- -'1 in i lu* An*! i'll I inj j iluii' > nf llepreíeiitalivc-. Hi' ii- Mr. .lum'

J'«pr, mle nf Ihn i.nlmiir mciiibcro fi Queensland. Ur. I "age fought m Miijub muí «il-, inadi' ]ii i.-iiiu r hy tin' lloei-. ll in wi'll known in Austrihin JM>I it ii-îs.

clitic nf "inililurv ami naval afluir*, an whenever tim Lihiitir party rctunw t power lie is, likely lo he Minister of 1> fence.-"Thc {Tiri»!ian Age."

l'or home time paragiruplis similar lo th nliuvo have uppenrcd lilllie Au.-tialin ÎircKK anil have fniiiul lluur way into Knj

ieh papers. We millie «'viral atli-inpt» t get into touth »villi Air. J'uge ; Imf ¡it i . oily «« Mr. Màyi-r» went out il\ HtOR ul

Ilk deputation lour timi nc have -ueei'i


This " old boy " of ours hu* hml u viii ring uni adventurous cun-er. After bein) emigrated to South Africa, he took jnir in the Zulu and Hoer win s. He was men tioned in dcsp.itches for keeping n gun ii action at Ingogo after all the ot lier gun Jicrs had been thot doun hy tim joel's fGcucral Sir Pomeroy Colley shipped lA ut

thc back arid exclaimed .. Well done' (Shortly afterwards Mr. I'age iras one o; thc force that occupied Majuba Hill, um ite was nn eve-witne» of the death 01 Ocncral Colley. Ammunition became ex lin used, and the force wa« "chased off Hu liiH " by thc victorious lioens.

Those fighting day« are now Jong over. Mi- rage went to Australia, und there fie fin

had an honourable, and successful, career, AÂ member of thc Bouse of Kcpnuenta lives for Marmion, Queensland, ne has ncciirod thc respect und enteein both of his t'cn-tituenls und his. colleague*. He i Klways ready to speak of Iiis connection villi th« homes, ami lie retailed «evérjil interesting reminiscences of hi« carly Igni- tion street life in au address, delivered nt one of Mr. .Mayen,'« meetings in Mel-


lt is good to' hear of' these old hoys of oura making a mark in their after lives. "We congratulate our ?number for -Maranoa OD bia SUCCCJSS, and we heartily wish bim yet further hoiiniirsin his iwlitiinl career.

Mr. Mayers apjinrently druftrri u brief ekctch of Mr. I'age's career, and siibm'ttcd it to him for approval. He writes tv Mr. Mayers HA follow.-, (duling his letter Yrum '"House of llepveseututivcfi. member*' room, Melbourne ") -

" I have rend your sketch willi plea- sure and have no ohjeeiioa ui/.dciei' tu your using thc -slime ; in fact, it may do thc boys in the hollies sonic good, a« it wilt show them that even a jvuif hy per- severance and induntry can ;fttu:n much, with thc useful training' he gets in the home in the carly pnrt of bis life. Many and many a wine iii-Jatc years have I Kaili a prayer fur thc dear, kind, und good benefactor of the poor waif III Lon-

don, and when 1 MI'W Iii.- death in the j riper« herc L felt 1 had lost a relative, j

often think how he saved me from be-

fog a. criminal, for 1 feel sure had lie. not got hold of mc at the time he did 1 should have certainly developed into a tliicf. On looking huck 'in after years 1 could eec nothing else for it. f was in the Causeway Home. Thc only Jute f i cns remember about it was the fact of

there being a number of Frenchmen

abont Jambin nt Dial, limn dressed in FOldU'l-s' t'lotllC«, willi ColleCtillg-lHIXC«. One of thd-e ini'ii was Kemi ili-iink in Cubic-street, IC, near Ate Sailors' llonii' (within linlf-n m:lc ni Ow Stejmey linnie). I ami severn] mini- urchins were trying to got his hox from bim. when tho doctor nuil another genHeiuun aivnearcil nil thc Munie nurl tunk two of ns to tim linnm in a c.ih. 1 think it «¡ts tim fict tittie I hail ever been in a ea h in my life. Then, some time after, my uncle caine nuil t<(ok me away to l^veqMinl with him. ami I remained with him until I went into the 6er<iee/'