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Tiié following «re thc senior fixtures f. this afternoon :-Union Ground, 2.30 p.n Archers v. North Rockhampton, referí Mr. C'TVishcr ; 4 p.m., I'ilrroys v. Lciel lutrds, referee, Mr. i. Phillips.

The junior contests on tile Gyinnasiiii Ground will bc as follow :-2.45 p.m., Fit ?roy C v. Fitzroy D, referee, Mr. E. . Brock ; 4 p.m.. l,cichlinrdt C v. Lciehliurc li,ireferec. Mr. H. «lack.

: Tile Archer Club have been invited t ' nifty a match nt Longieach against th

local club on Saturday, llß 22nd instant.

The Kew Zealand football team which i proceeding to England trill play Xm South Wides today, in Sydney. Thc name of thc New South Wales players, eubjec to alteration, arc : Hedley, füll back : 1 ]{. Smith, Mac. Smith, Penman, and Kuti Ten» three-quarters ; ? Anlczark and J H'Mabon, halves ; Barnett, I,nmb, Burden Judd, Burge, Swannell, J. O'Donnell, an ,W. Hirschberg, forwards. . . Leichhardts (maroon) :'-B. Bartlem, ful hack ; T. Mcban, C. Freeman, H. K. Whit Vitatr J. P. O'Dwyer, thrre-qunrlers : J Hamilton, ílve-eighth ; R, Wetherell, half

J. Sneddon, L. Bliss, T. Bitch, B. Farmer . A. C. Anderson, H. B, Kellaway, Ü. Berni mont, ;W. Nalder, forwards ; emergencies H. Thomasson, W. Barker.

. ? North Rockhampton (Scniorf) : P. Dal lorf, Jcs. Beat, H. Graff, D. Oroitgh, Ii (Trough, A. Mee, D. Sullivan, L. Pitt, .1 Holt, C. Robinson, J. TJiomaeson, J apCnrthy, P. Murphv, .T. Fitzgerald, T Rtr^orald, W. Tiiiikcllle, S. Clough, \V

Picton, Tbuge.

Leieldiardt B: J. Summers, II. Allen, S Pennycuick, H. Laing, .1. Burke, T. O'Con . nell, F. Ixnigwortli, P. leaser, T. (Jorie, A Goode, \¥. Fluter, S. Melbourne, J. Ryan, J. A. O'Dwyer, J. Thomasson, B. Pattison;

G.'Wishcr, S. Benson.

Fitzroy C.- J. Skinner. J. Quin», C. Hage, C; Freeman, R. D. M'Lcnn, Hurley, M. ?Quinn, Clarkson, Freeman, Doiuiolley, McMahon, Thompson, Aitken, O'Connor,

Lawson, Merrill,

WcJihàidt v.: A. Laity, full back; F. Jones, I, Shackleton, W. Thorpe. O. Rutherford, lluceijnartcrs: J. Bickan, lirr-clghth; S. John, half; M. Fcltman, A. ' Fraser, R, Carpoulrr, M. Brennan, W.

Slinley, A. Butcher. A. Shraa, G. Conner, forwards ; emergencies, R. Gough, J. Kelly, , SWCouper.

. A match will bc played between thc Boomerangs and Comets'on thc former's

ground, at 2.30 p.m.

A ' special meeting of thc delegates of the Ccntcal Quccii.sln.nd Rughv Football Union was held nf thc »Hier« bf thc Searer tary (Mr. C. A. Mathias) last night. ïlieic Win n full altcndnn'.c lt was uumiimouidy de'eided to send n rcprcsr-ntativc leam from Rockhampton to llrbbiine in t'ounliv