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A demonstration with the Doncaster Motor Spray Pump was given by Mr. H. C. Richards (sole agent for this State) on Thursday at Mr. Pike's apricot orchard, Hectorville. The tank being filled with about 70 gallons of bluestone mixture, a start was made at 2 p.m.,'taking two rows of l8 year old trees at a time. The whole of these two rows were finished m 40 minutes (each row contained 36 trees), and onlyi a small portion of the mixture being left, showing that reloading need only be done at the end of these rowB. Tree after tree was examined, and in no case could any unsprayed portion be detected, the spray being so fine and penetrating. Not one single mechanical hitch occurred dur- ing the afternoon, the engine working smoothly throughout the day. The demon- stration was witnessed by Mr. George Quinn, Messrs. T. Robson, sen., H. and W. Robsmn, C. Fisher, Rowell, Hart, and a number of others. mx


The Globe Import Company, of Arcade, Adelaide, have been fortunate in securing the sole South Australian and Broken Hill Agency for the Australian Photo Play Company, Limited, of Sydney, whose Aus- tralian Films have caused a profound sen- sation in other parts of the Common- wealth and New Zealand, accounted for, no doubt, by the fact that they are purely of an Australian nature, acted _y Austra- lian artists, and being equal in quality and photography to the best imported English, American, and Continental productions. Amongst the Litest releases arc "Ben Hall and lins Gang," "AsMgned Servant," "Lady

Outlaw," "Keane, of Kalgoorlie," and j

"Moora-Necya" (in aboriginal "The Mes- sage of the Spear".) The last-named play is a highly exciting drama. The scenes are thoroughly Australian, and typical ot

the bush and backblock township life of. Queensland, where the incidents of the drama were carried out. A strangely fan- tastic effect was obtained by the introduc- tion of a tribe of genuine Australian albori ginals, whose giottsque war-painted bodies added to their weird corroborées. This is the first film introducing the Australian aboriginals in their native haunts, and war dances. The Globe has also been ap- pointed agents for the British Beard, the Wrench, and the American Standard Cine- matographs, and intends to stock complete outfits, parts, and accessories. Seeing that three members of the firm have been asso- ciated with pictures shows for many years now, customers would have the advantage of their experience, which should prove in- valuable, m


The time to buy a car is the time the seller must sdl That time is the present, as we have to provide room for stocks ar- riving Go not misa this opportunity for either a new or a good secondhand car. There are a dozen new cars of various

powers to choose from, and about half a dozen secondhand cars, in most cases al- most equal to new, and at enormous reduc- tions ID pnce. This is a genome sale, and if you have the slightest idea of getting a car you will <be very foolish if you miss it. As a few weeks will see the new motoring season in full *rs*»ig, we do not expect tha* the 6ale will last very long. It will only continue until the present pressure for room is lifted, so get m early. There will also he big reductions in the new car pnces for cash The superb qualities of the Wolseley-Siddeley and Humber cars are too weU known to need repeating here. Fullest particulars sent to any part of the State. Apply early, or you will miss a chance that may never occur again.-May's Motor Works, >5ctorja-flo.nare^^ ^^