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Des Archibald, West Perth's 18-year-old "find" of the season, may have to miss the important match against Claremont at Leederville Oval on Saturday. The 6ft. 2in. ruckman was bruised in both thighs during the match against East Perth last Saturday. West Perth officials are hopeful that Archibald's extreme youth will help him to recover quickly. The young follower could not train at Leederville Oval last night. Instead, he spent the evening having hot compresses placed over the bruises. For a player to have two bruised legs is a rare occurrence. In Archibald's case it is most unusual, because he has played only three league games. Archibald, an Olympic high jump prospect, makes the best. use ot his powerful spring and is not often beaten for the knock. Ray Marinko has a slightly bruised ankle, but all of West Perth's other league players are reported to be fit. An Ease-Up For Two Players Neither Jim Spencer, the half-forward and ruckman, nor the forward, Ted Kilmurray, trained with East Perth last night. Both players are fit but the coach (Mick Cronin) decided to give them a slight ease-up. Other absentees were Arthur Young, Ray Perry and Paul Seal. They are fit but could not train for private reasons. East Perth was fortunate in not having any injured players after its match with West Perth last week. The club should have a full list to choose from for the ghme against East Fre mantle on Saturday. Lawson May Resume Soon Doug Lawson, the well-built, young Subiaco ruckman, is re covering from a groin injury and he may be back in the league side shortly. Lawson's leg was heavily bandaged when he trained last night, but he moved faitly well. Ray McAuliffe, the side's No. I ruckman, is expected to take another five or six weeks to shake off the effects of a fractured cheekbone Keith Dean, who played soundly in the ruck against Perth last Saturday, is 6ft. 3in in height but he weighs just over list. Dean is in a military camp at Northam and will be brought by car to play against South Fremantle on Saturday. Hoare To Undergo Operation Des Hoare, the East Fremantle ruckman, will undergo an operation this week and may have to miss one or two games. Hoare. a first-grade cricketer for Fremantle, is suffermng from the effects of an accident received at cricket several years ago. He was hit on the nose by the ball and must now breathe through one nostril. Harry Regan and Wilson Onions may be available for selec tion against East Perth on Saturday. Regan has recovered from a bruised leg, and Onions's shoulder injury has mended, Port Side Resents Criticism Apart from Laurie Green and Norm Smith, all of South Fremantle's players are ilt. South Fremantle supporters are incensed at the Victorian criticism of interstate football following on South Australia's overwhelming detent last Saturday. South Fremantle can proudly point out that Footscray and Collingwood. the two leaders on the Victorian premiership table, have both been beaten by South Fremantle during the last three seasons In the opinion of South Fremantle supporters any further condemnation of interstate football should be reserved until after South Fremantle meets Collingwood on-July 28. Jim O'Connell Twists Knee Although nine members of the Swan Districts team are amrs nlg Injuries, Jim O'Connell, the half-back fanker, is the only player who is certalin to miss the match against Perth on Sat urday; O'Connell twisted his knee last week and it may take some time for the ligaments to strengthen. The selectors are hopeful that Duggan Anderson and Ron Payne will be fit. Anderson missed the last game because of a boil on the calf of his leg, and Payne strained his groin in the game against South Fremantle Tilly Limana, who also has a strained groin, had a special training run yesterday morning. Frank Sparrow (kick behind the knee), Wally Sidebottom (sore heel) Allen Morton (strained back) and Gerald Brady (fluid on the knee), trained fairly well last night. Claremont Plans More Wins Having beaten East Fremantle (the leading team until last Saturday) Caremont is planning further wins against West Perth and South Fremantle dmung the next two weeks. Claremont is confident that it will .nd a long series of de feats at Leederville Oval, which has not been a lucky ground for Claremont for many years. All players, including Don Idle and.Doug Soutar, are likely to be available for selection. Idle has recovered from a bruised leg and Soutar's knee In jury is not as serious as was at first thought. Idle has more than an outside chance of being chosen in the State team. The fact that he is a specialist on a half-back flank could tell in his favour. KeithlHarper Ready To Return Keith Harper, the centre wingman, probably will return to the Perth side for its match against Swan Districts at Bassendeam on Saturday. Harper, who has had an injured knee missed the last two games to fully recover from his injury. Harper has been in great form this season and has good pros-' pectrs of being selected to fill the left ceittre wing position in the State team. Dave Browning, the rover, who had a badly-bruised leg, has irecovered and played strongly in the second team last week. He may return to the league side on Saturday. Last night the club held a players' tea '

Club Member's Proposal At the annual meeting of the W.A. National Football League members' club tonight a pro posal to open the club., for trading on Sundays will be dis cussed. The motion will be submitted by Mr. ?H. M. Sweeney, who will propose that there shall be two hours of trading on Sunday morning -and two on Sunday afternoon "as permitted by the Licensing. Act of 1953, such hours tobe defined by the com mittee."