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North Adelaide have carried off the pre miership. Their display on Saturday w* of a convincing order, for they left ni doubt in the minde of spectators as to then superiority. A- fair crowd of inttsreftto» persons witness the game at the Unie: Oval. The teams were:-North Adelaidi -A. J. Rudd (captain), J. 0. Stephens, G K. Thomas, A. Morphett, T. G. Simpson L.. Hughes, A. Mann. G. Pavy, R.X,. Ray mond, A. Ballana, A. Tonkin, and II. Hock ing. Sturt-T. Norton, R. Pine-tï, H. T Nicholas. C. V. Hngnes, H. A. Wicks, \V P. Russell, IL Tillev. W. C. Noblett,*' A G. Pinch, A. R. Taylor, R. G. Lee, am L. Humphris..

Tilley (Sturt) filled a vacancy dur. t( the ¡"act that R. P. Goode was unwell while Rudd (North Adelaide) took tin place of H. Holmes, who had injured hi' knee. At the face off Sturt attacked, bul Bullan« relieved and Stevens had a sho:; which was frustrated. L. Hughe*., how- ever, after doing serme fine work, twi© found the net for North. . Sturt repliée with a goa! from the crosse of Noblett. wht was playing quite up to his. old form Nicholas and Humphris were prominent ai this .«.tage, Noblett's goal being due to i pass from Humphris, who executed a lonj run. A, G. Pindi did some line work but failed to score. Before the term clo-cd Ballan* put in some Kolid play, and netted Norths' third goul.f The second term wa- the most evenly contested of the« afternoon. Sturt played their best, and that com- bined with Norths' fine exhibition, made the game highly intere-ting. Noblett au»! Humphris scored for Sturt, while Morphett found the net and Simpson knocked the bali in, leaving the scores at half-time-r Norths, 5: Sturt, 3. After half-time Sturt failed to score. Their forward men ivor*: completely outclassed by Norths' defence. LIn the th'rd temi Simpson, whose panic had been a trifle selfish at the beginning ot ! the match, played well at times and netted

the Itali twice. Sturts* passing was faulty, and North often secured ii p.iss meant for an Qpuonent. R. Pinch carne to the fore in relief, and Noblett, after a fine run, got :n, but missed. L. Hughes wa-* prominent, and passed repeatedly to Simpson, who showed himself capable of taking a pass in the most difficult circumstances. In gral Rudd and Horton were equally smart aii'l kept down the scores with remarkable skill. The last quarter proved a walkover for North Adelaide, who put on three mor-.« goals. Sturt had an occasional fla«jh in the nan, but North Adelaides' harks car- ried too many gun.« for them. Sturt failed to knock the bal; in from a scrimmage in front, and generally showed that the com- bination and accurate passing of their op- ponents had left them completely out ot the runriing. The final scores were:

North Adelaide, 10 goals. Sturt, 3 goals.

For North Adelaide Rudd was cool and clever as captain and a triumph of dexte- rity in goal. All the team played we I. the otber most prominent men being Hoek iiig. Hughes, Stephens, Mann. Tonkin. Rav mond, and Simpson. Their goal-thtower* wore Simpson (4). Hughes (2). and Ral ?ans. Morphett, and Thomas, and on.« knocked in. The loders wore best repre- sent««! bv Noblett, C. V. Hue-he-, Wick«. Pinch (2), and Horton (in goal). Their goal-throwers were Noblett (2) and Hum-