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Exhibition Opened

AT THE OPENING yes terday of the Jubilee Exhibition of New Aus tralians' arts and crafts at the Library Hall, Launceston. From left: Mrs. B. J. Edwards, Mr. W. Sutherland, Mrs. P. W. Weir and Mrs. A. Hollingsworth.

New Australians' Fine Exhibition "FUTURE GENERATIONS in this coun try will be greatly enriched by the culture be ing brought to us by New Australians," the Mayor (Ald. Thyne) said yesterday.

.TE was speaking at the Public Library Hall be fore officially opening the three-day exhibition of New Australian Arts and Crafts, which is on its way around all Australian states. Ald. Thyne congratulated the Tasmanian secretary of the Good Neighbour Council (Mr. H. Cumine) on the suc cess of his efforts to have the exhibition brought to Tas mania. Superb Work People who visited the dis -play yesterday were enthral led with the superb crafts manship shown in the big variety of articles on show. Each country has its own section, but all are represent ed together in a display of oil paintings and black-and white pictures both in the classical and modern styles. Art is a prominent feature of the Polish exhibit, where the works of established

painters are shown together with those of Polish students at Australian art schools. In every section the em broidery is of a fineness and intricacy rarely seen in this country. Ukrainian Leonid Denysenko, whose pen-and-ink   sketches of Australian towns visited during the exhibition's tour are on show, explained that traced patterns are never used in his country, and that designs are always traditional and characteristic of certain districts. This is also true of the other countries taking part. Personal Display Mr. Denysenko's mother, dressed, as is her son, in   national costume, sits and   embroiders in incredibly fine cross-stitch at the exhibition, to prove the point about pat- terns. Some of the leatherwork that has won 60 prizes at Royal shows is a feature of the Estonian exhibit. Along with Hungarian em broidery and jewellery is the original manuscript of Bela Dolescsko's "New Australian Rhapsody," a descriptive symphonic work. Yugloslav Mastery The Yugoslavs show their mastery with petit point, and in minute crochet with a tablecloth showing scenes from Greek.mythology. Among many examples of Czech artistry in embroidery is a national costume made by a woman in Melbourne in a year's solid spare-time work. A Latvian craftsman has used 27 different types of wood to make a wonderful inlaid picture 'used as the cover for a parchment album. Inlay work, this time in straw, is a feature of the ex hibit from Byelorussia. The Dutch section displays dozens of antique china, sil ver and brass pieces. and an cient designs have been used with modern effect on fine ceramics made by Greeks in Sydney.