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Australian Artists' Intriguing Designs An intriguing new development in dress and fur nishing materials has resulted from the introduction of Australia's foremiost artists to textile designing.

MATERIALS designed by such famous artists as William Do bell, Loudon Sainthill, Douglas Annaud and the Tasmanian, J. Carington-Smith. are at present available in Launceston and are creating a great deal of interest among the femining population. The materials are refreshing with their originality of colour and form. They are a revolution from the general monotony of de sign seen on most textiles for many years past. This innovation has been brought about by a Sydney firm. The in troduction of these fabrics may make a tremendous difference to the interior beauty of Australian homes. Hal Missingham. director of the National Art Gallery of New South Wales, had this idea in mind when he said: "In Australia artists have been primarily concerned with easel painting until comparatively re cently and have had few oppor tunities to employ their talents in what I believe is one of their chief functions-the creating of a higher standard of beauty in.the form and appearance of our daily neces sities." Designs from nature have been widely used by the artists, who have found inspiration in the var lety of Australian flora. One of the loveliest designs in furnishing fab ric is "Foliage," by Adrian Flint, showing autumn leaves, with all their charm of colour, on a white background. Entirely different in character is "Myths and Legends," by Jean Bellette, which would make beautiful hangings for a formally-furnished room.