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A Si;i)J)KX I:\DINC.

Tin' Cairns o-irio-poiuloiit of Un' "Towns ville Iii,Heirn.'' Iclcgraphiug mi the -lill ill

si.nil. -,u*:-"Xinvs wu- reeeive,! en Sun . l.iv of lim dcil'li of Mi'. K. A. Heiis-.-r.

v iiu-e n ike,! lindy w.i- tomi.! mi Saturday on i lie; m Jini, her', I reel;, nenr !,'oM-?

borough, I'ppor Mulgrave. An , Mimili.i lioll -¡lowed Ililli Hie ,loeo.l-e,l. win, W;l selenlyolle yells of age. dl-npin-d ot ¡lilllie ol l.lle lie.lll'- .'Iel ion. jll-l. :;- lie Was nimm lo lulim. Mr. Deli'--io- for sonic yea'-s ]i.i-i lois Leen actively jin,-,<-led in tile Walli-'" !li..ig-,,tl eol,I mille, ol, tile l"p ]>er Mulgrave. u|ion w'nieh mil:.- a large sum of money lia- licou expended. Ile was for- merly a lieutenant in ll.M.'s 7m li High lan,1er-, ami was captain ami adjutant, ol ilie l'ir-1 Volunteer Knri-o in .south Austra-

lia, where 'ile eonipleied many important (loverniiieni. -liney-, loller en 'ie mad' holli ile- preliuiinnl v an,| perola mir -um".' lor the Tow n-ville-l-liai lei's Towers rmi

» i,<. ami iva- aíleriianl- ló'-liiel Kiigimvi ol the fen I ra I Division. Tin- dooea-iil ev

peeled a -milleu ending ami lefl. all his ai fair- in t'liorottgli tinier. Hi- Indy wu buried near the minc, on a -ile he had pre vi.ii.-ly -loci.,!."

.Ur. (h ii-er. -ays I he " liiillel in." wa« ,ni intrepid explorer, and ùi« exploration nf i II- (neal Australian Hight is rr, o;did in Australian hi-'iovv. His craie i- meu

li.-ned in Loni .{...'.cris, " Korti Veals

in India." in comic-lion willi an act if

gaea', g-alhiiii iy al Aden. A lana;ic Arah,

armed willi a ling-' levi-, atiicki.l an uii

arm-.l member ol 'laird Hoher! -'- -Lid. When

Iji.iilenai;'!, l)eii--or rushed in heiweon them, warded oil' tile I,low willi hi- arm. .ind seized thc Arah, whom ito disarmed. Lieutenant lbdi-or leeched a wound dur

ing lili- on.'nonier which laid open his arm

fi., in Ibo elbow lo near lue wrist. Wit li a

mode-ty cliaraclorislic ul I lu- dec a-ed. lc never voluntarily referred lo this inoideui in his adventurous career, timi w ilea ibo

.subject was brought up in, alway- alluded

io Ibo malle:' as "a lill',' .!ill'e,.'nee of

opinion which 1 ita,I willi au A: iii ¡il Aden." Mr. Deli-er al oui' lime iu..k up. ou h"Itali ,,; a Sonia Au-;iali.iu syndicale in which !:o wa- h.-avili in','¡o.t. I. -.MHO i-lands nen- I'ort Ks-dngi ;,. North, rn Tm ri lory. The lenl'iro. which h...l fer it- ob- ject thc forur.itym of a e.":le Malina, wu* m:,' a «Ileo,--. He wv- r; -po: led ¡I lld II.! Illill.l ihloil'.iiolK til' di-.. ,-.' loo iii-pluck :<ud cudiiiajiec. ¡iud anions lao nlt.iriginos from liio I'ppcv llusscll dov.n 1 lie Mulgrave to I ho Lower lin.-ell Uiver lu- was always referred lo as "(ho old man." a linn of which ho iva-, very proud.