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Typewriters, and especially pretty ones, has been made the subject of innumerable so-called jokes, but one must not imagine for one instant that the average typewriter's existence is a bed of roses. Far from it :

many of them work long and late, and the very nature of tho work is more than likely to bring on chronic disease. A se-

dentary life is

one of the surest originators of constipation,     biliousness,           female ailments,

sluggish liver, and a host of similar ailments,

and an attack of this sort necessitates a course of that best of all remedies for stomach, liver, or female complaints. Bile Beans for Biliousness. This remedy is the fruit of years of study by an eminent   American medical man, who, after various experiments, discovered a vegetable, sub- stance that, when properly compounded, has the exact effect on the system of a regular and sufficient flow of nature's own bile. Needless to say, this is without doubt the " purgative of the age," and the best possible remedy for biliousness, costiveness, piles, headache, debility, indigestion, influenza, colds, female weakness, and all other ail- ments too numerous to mention, which are caused by insufficient liver and bowel action, ln spite of the great cost of manufacturing this great specific, the enormous sale it has

achieved throughout, the world enables the ' proprietors-to sell it at a price that places it within the reach of everyone, that is ls. 3d.     a box. Those who suffer from any of the afore-mentioned ailments, be they typewriters or not, cannot do better than try a course of  

Bile Beans for Biliousness. The Queensland           agents are S. Hollining and Co, Brisbane.    

Only when purchasing be sure you get the genuine, with the signature round the box, and not some worthless substitute, which the chemist recommends, as he makes more profit tiii:rcliy.