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The Criterion Dramatic Company appeared again at the Theatre Royal last evening to a very good house. The programme consisted of a drama entitled " True till Death," which was fallowed by a musical olio. The drama was both amusing and exciting, and was carried through with Buch spirit and realism as to be most acceptable to the audience, who were exceedingly generous with their applause. The plot hinges on a young sailor who goes home to America from India to claim his inheritance, but ie waylaid and nearly murdered at tho insti- gation of a rascally doctor and lawyer, who wish to inherit bis property. The sailor is rescued from drowning by nn intrepid old sailor, but has received an injury to his head, which enables his enemies to keep bim in an asylum for the insane. He escapes, and after exciting adventures and hairbreadth escapes, finally recovers his memory, and his enemies meet with their deserts. Bert. Bailey as " Harold Merrybright" thc young sailor, had a part for which he showed a special aptitude. W hether in the more stirring scenes where he fought and struggled with hie enemies, or in the more pathetic portions where he was endeavouring tn recall his former life, glimpses of which appeared to flit across hiB brain, Mr. Bailey carried his audience with him, and was heartily cheered. Mrs. Harry Marshall as " Violet Merrybright," had a role that suited her admirably, and she appeared to more than usual advantage in it. In the love scene with bashful " Albert

Storm King" she was very charming and natural, whilBt in the heroio portions of the piece her declamation was free from all stiffness and rant. Mr. Irvc Hayman per- sonated " Pat Mahoney," an Irish servant, with his usual sbility sud thoroughness, keeping the uudiencc in good humour all Storm King," improves on acquaintance, and did the part full justice. Messrs. P. U. Donaghue and J. B. North, as " Dr. Brink aton" and " Lawyer Tyson" respectively, represented a pair of scoundrels very success fully. Miss May Granville SB " Louisa" added considerably to the completeness of the performance, and her interpolated song " Don't you remember sweet Alice," was givcu in excellent voice und much appreciated, an encore having to be responded to. Of the other characters Mr. George Marlow's "Jack Salt," was decidedly thc best and he came in for many marks of approval. The drama was an undoubted success, as wes also thc concluding olio, in which Mr. Hayman gave a couple of capital song, " Don't you know," and "Just a little." Miss Granville eaug, "Sunshine will come again," very pleasingly, and Messrs. Marlow sud Bailey gave comic songs which were loudly applauded.

To-night thc sensational Salt Lake drama, " Thc Danites," will bc staged, and some good singing introduced.

COMFORT.-Agreeable soap for the hands is one that dissolves quickly, washes quickly, rinses quickly, and leaves the skin soft and comfortable. Such a soap is Pears.-ADVT.

The Depth of Ignorance. - Dissatisfied Com- petitor (leaving the ring at Horse Show). "What, call yourselves judges of horses* Why, yer ain't fit to judgo bloomin' broken down bicycles !"

In Okiahama Territory (United States), the Rev. Mr. Lang, an evangelist, stated in the course of a sermon, that all women who danced were immoral. The congregation thereupon became indignant, and ruBhed at him. The parson got out of a back window and ran for his lifo to tho station. The crowd captured him there and beat him into in- sensibility.

Mr. H. Linden, as