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EATLEM BEND, February l8.-Consider-1 able-railway work is being carried ont in end near Tailem Bend, and there are over 100 men camped in the town. Mounted-Constable Campbell occasionally boa trouble in keeping the less temperate cf the men in order. Last Friday night one of the navvies, while under the in-

fluence of drink, gained admission to a ; social in the Institute and became ob- j jectionable. Mr. Campbell endeavored to I persuade him to quit, but his advice was

resented. Both men were soon out in I the street, where the officer got a rough j

handling, his arm and hand being severely

bruised and skinned. His antagonist I was ? big, powerful man, and Mr. Camp-j bell did well to land him in the lock-op singlehanded. With so many men in the ¡ town and Mr. Campbell frequently absent on duty residents consider there should be a second police officer stationed here.

MOUNT GAMBIER CHURCH PARADE. MOUNT GAMBIER, February 20.-At ^he Methodist Church on Snnday a church parade of the local military waa held in the morning. Major F. H. Daniels, V.D., and Captain J. L. Heaver, V.D., were in" command. Lieutenant G. Liento being in charge of F Company, Lieutenant JT J. Harrington and Lieutenant R. M. Haig in charge of F. Company (Scottish), the Ans Îrelian täubt Horse were under Captain

tuwnldt and Lieutenant G. King, ana the senior cadets under Captain H. E. Hosking end Lieutenant N. Taylor. The mdrtia was welcomed by the Rev. W. H. Cann.


COROMANDEL VALLEY, February ». .-An epidemic of mumps prevails throngh onl the district. The adults are the chief sufferers, and only a few children have been affected. The oublie school chil-

dren have not vet been attacked. - The' young grass which sprang up after the re-¡ cent rain will suffer from the severe heat.


Mount Gambier, February 20.

This afternoon a collision occurred be- tween Mr. W. J. Redford, of the Empire Cycle Depot, and Mr. Robert McFarlane,! of Messrs. Dalgety & Co., in Commercial-j street. Just as Mr. Redford turned the corner of Grey-street, near his business premises, he struck Mr. McFarlane's cycle. Both escaped serious injury, and Mr. Mc- Farlane's machine received the brunt of the accident. The wheel was twisted into,

a most grotesque shape. ?_ j


.GAWLER, February 20.-At the coun-1

eil meeting on Monday evening Councillor Tliorup called attention to the fresh out- break of infectious diseases in the town and

iurrouading districts He asked the mayor, If he did not consider the adjoining coun-' cils should' be asked > te take combined, .«tien to combat the diseases. The posi-

tion was a serious one, and immediate' steps should ,be taken to mitigate the out-., break. He knew ef three cases of enteric i fever in Gawler South, and there were! numerous cases of diphtheria during-the' last few, days. The mayor said this was

not a matter for discussion at the' ordi

»»."y council meeting, as it came under the ' health nepartmen&ibut he promised that if be heard of any serious outbreak he would

eau a special meeting of the board of j health- to deal with the matter. > - j

Ererything'-possible has beerrdone at the] public school thoroughly to cleanse it from infection, and the.septic tanks %haye been, altered liol the aatiefaction'. of >the chair-, man of the Central Board of Health. Yet ! «ince the school started, the diphtheria,' outbreak, which had subsided' durhag' the holidays: had broken ont with renewed force- Blame can hardly be attachable to' the school, so the,infection must be trans- mitted-!bv-'the children-from one to an- other. During the" holidays the acholara «re scattered and mostly in the opea-air, and are practically immune froa¥¡rtae dread disease. Parents should be careful ¡ to keep at home any children who are at, .li unwell. The teachers also should dis-

miss any child showing traeca of illness.' The regulations in regard lo regular school

attendance, too, should be considerably re-1




WALLARO0rJEebruary 21. - The new classrooms connected with the Methodist

Church were opened on Sunday, 19th, by Urs. Jas. Watson; wife of the resi- dent minister. Special services were con ductofrby'tHrRevsTA; HTCtnMí eñ* Jas. Watson. On «.Monday tea and public meetings *reje ««Unattended.-! Ten oat ot thirteen Sunday-schools in Kadina add Wallaroo circuit were represented/ witli Ibiher local Stmdav-schools. Addresses on .lodern Suriday-school methods were deli- vered by Rev. J. Shaw (chairman of dis. trict), A. H. Carne, James Watson, the Mayor (Mr. Jas. Brenton), and Mr. Pen nsll.-acting superintendent Moonta Mines School.- ;The Mayor stated the assets of the Wallaroo church were £2£M. and tba 4ebt was only £609. Mr. Shaw said the officers, teachers, and scholars «f Sunday-schools numbered 28,000.000, ebomt -25 . millions-*- being * scholars. S lie choir, under the leadership of-Mr. T.

nNockj.-rendered anthems: Solee were .ven'by. Mesdames Jas.* Watson,-- T. -R. .Hockridge, Miases Nock, Bowering,- and Harman. - Refreshments Twere -provided. Sb^dssBMDms were much admires. -


-^ CRYSTAL BROOK. Febroarr 22.-Maefi mnoyance is'felt la Crystal-Brook atthe

action of the authorities in sending Senior- ¡ Constable Phelan to collect the agricultural

statistics throughout this large district. ' His trips are sometimes three and four

days in duration, and the town is therefore ! left without any protection. A relieving constable should be sent here, as this town, being nearest to Port Pirie, is often the stoppingjplace of some of the State's "un- desirables." Already several minor com- plaints, have been received, and steps

should ^be taken to remedy this matter. ; , The nearest police protection is Gladstone.

and Port Pine-both over 20 miles away.


FRANKLIN HARBOR, February 22. The erection of the Cowell Hospital is likely to be delayed owing to the lack of men.-Owing to the large consignments of superphosphates the vessels between Ade- laide, Wallaroo, and Cowell are having a busy time. Tue Investigator brought a huge cargo, and the Rupara brought 250

tons. The ketches Hawke and Capella ar- j rived with super and general cargo, and are taking away wheat. The steamer Go-

vernor Musgrave is expected with the Ma- ? rine Board, who will inspect the jetty j with a view to extensions and improve- ments. A double line is to be run along the ;(etty, and, the top.end is to be widened considerably. The Cowell vigilance com- mittee wiU wait ae a deputation on the Marine Board with regard to the jetty and the erection of a harbormaster's residence. -The week has been favorable for burn- ing, and farmers are clearing land for crops. The township of Cowell "is en- veloped in smoke caused by scrub fires -Mr. Harris, of Melbourne, who has spent three years in Western Australia, arrived this week to act as assistant to the Rev. A. M. Trengove, in succession to Mr. Scott. _


MAU. Ai .A, Feiuuary 23.-~.Cae vigilance committee, ot wiucn Mr. George Marsh man is chairman and Mr. H. J. Webo sec- retary, held ite ûn>t meeting on \> eanesuuy evening. Txiere was a representative at- tendance. Tue Rev. C. K Scaaler urged the establishment of a uign school at Mal- lala. He said alter cunaren passed irom the fifth standaid they eitaer left school or left the district owing to tue absence ol local facilities for a iiigoer education. There were sufficient children of the neces- sary educational standard to warrant the establishment of a High school. Children would attend from Shannon, Grace Plains, Dublin, Windsor, Two Welle, and Mallala. He suggested that a deputation wait on the Minister of Education. The matter was | warmly supported, and Mr. R. C. East moved-"That the secretary confer wrth Mr. E. H. Coombe, M.P., in reference to introducing a deputation to wait on the Minister of Education in reference to the matter." Carried unanimously. Mr. Schäfer moved--"That we communicate with the Postmaster-General, urging that telephonic * communication between Mal- lala and Wasleys be given to this district, as Wasleys is the recognised railwaysta- tion of the Mallala district." , Carried unanimously. The local post-office'closes from 1250 to 150 p.m. and from 550 to 650 ,p.m. every day for dinner and tea. Se'veral speakers referred to the inconveni- ence thus created. Mr. J. B. Horan re-

ferred to the courtesy of, the, postmistress. He favored the existing arrangements, whilst there was only a messenger attached to the office. The committee^ should urge the- appointment of1 a1 competehi «assistant to the postmistress. He moved-"That this committee request the appointment of a capable assistant at Mallala in order that the present lunch and tea hours can be retained." Carried unanimously. It was resolved -that the pómmittee approach the council''with ii "view of havings the town beautified by the planting of trees, in the

streets., ^_ ^_ .? ' " -y


" PORT 5IRH^- Feeruary, 23-The-fourth snow in-oonnectioá-\fith-tíie -Port ÍSrie and District Horse Society took place on the Racecourse yesterday, and was a pro- nounced success. The way in which the membership increases-the list now stand- ing at about 160-proves how well .interest in the society is being maintained. There was a record number of entries (169). No- minations came from Kadina, Port Broughton, Laura, Crystal Brook, Wan- dearah, and other places, the pony classes being especially well filled. A special fea- ture was the way in which all the horses and ponies which had been entered came intq the show, ring, the competition m practically all the classes being keen. .Mr. John Hill, who acted as judge, summed up the display" as -"a great improvement op last year's. A fine lot of horses, the tops in the various classes being very good." Unfortunately the attendance was not what it might have been, the special trains, from Port Pirie being out poorly patronised. Residents of the country dis- tricts turned up in full force, and there were about 1,000 present. The arrange- ments of the president (Mr. E. Lewis), secretary (Mr. W. C. Slater). and the com- mittee general'- were complete, and the programme was got through , smartly. Luncheon was provided by the ladies of St..Marka R.C. Church, and music was

rendered bly>Gai^ro''Brns.';.String^Band.k

"'Wie ofldsls wrae:-President^ Mr, E." Leiri«; «rise, Mr.*.Je"»«». Hill; ?iarfer, Mr.-H._Sampson; timekeeper,-Mr. G: Davidson; ground, stewaríB, Dr.'GröT, Heñía. A. J. Partei'C. E. Birks, P.

J.- KAcnacan, A.' J. Denrab. fl. -Goode." D. W. ' lahnttett: handicapper; Mr. A. E.~Sonth: commit-1 teerJimms. A. B. South.« Dr. Carr, A. J, Dennis, i 0._E. Arks, J. <X.Fitzgerald.,A. J. Parker, J.

T. line,, (iv and A. W. í)a-ridsqn, O. 'J. estick, , A. G. and 'A. J. Palmer, M. «Teston, ft. F. und

S. B.'Welch,-O. S. Olarídf-é, P. 3. Rai-nagao, .

? W. Cottle, Hedley Goode, H. J. Stacey, H. W. 1 Sampson, A. i. Hovvaid. J. P. Jenkins, I). \V. , Johnston, G. 1 ernie, F. W. Iiloppo, \\- Miller,

H. Usborne. T. Bache, IV. W. friduunian, H. 11. , Moyle, \\. R. Wiirreu, V. I". Quiglej, and 11. J. Cavenctt; measuring1 steward, -Sir. tí. Davidson; teeretary, Mr, Vi. C. Slater. Results:

I'onj, 13.3 and under, to be ridden by girl or boj_- Mi. J. >:. Davidson's br, m Delhi, 1; Mr. 1*. "sliauçhnessv-'s "b!k g Tommy, 2.' Other com petitois-^ilr. j. C. Jordan's Toni, Mr. J. 1. ? Kleinra's Winnie, Mr. A. lilli'» Hilda. Mr. J.

Button's Bet>j, Mr. J. T. Lave's Mi»» Tin*, 'Messrs. Momsh Bros.' Little Billie. Mr». C. U. , Starke's Toso, .Mr. J. E. Davidson's. Daphne II.,

Mr. U. J. Ifuirpnn-,' Girlie, Messr-.. Heaslip and Sons' Cora. The winner was referred to by th' judge as a nice breed.* little mare, with good pares and action, and a good trotter.

Waggonette Hor«e, 15.2 or over, driven in a family trap-Mr. A." G. Palmer's ch g Colin, 1; Mr. C. J. Steven«* Marco, 2; Messrs. Kircfacncr and \an->tone'3 Killarney also competed.

Hackney, up to 10. st., to be nddeu-Mr. J. E. Davidson's b e Roman Hero, 1; Mr. A. £. Johns' b m Midnight, 2. Other competitors-Mr. A. D.. Wigley'« Barneyf Mr. H. Panneil's Mick, Mr. C. II. Button's Bimba, Mr. J*. Finmgan's Blue Girl. The judge eenmeaded the winners, but pointed oat that some of the entries' were more fit lor clashes for 12 or 14 st. lacks.

1 Be»t pair, ridden by lady and- gentleman.-Mr. C. 'li. Button's Bomba and Jimmy, 1; Messrs. Davidson and FinnupuT-s Roman Hero and Pearl, 2, Mesas. Heaslip & Sons' Cora and Miss Bobbie also competed.

Tradesmen's Tumdut.-Mr. H. Oíívorre's b p Diamond. 1; Mcsr?. H.-A. and IV. Goode'» b g Gavbov, 2. Other competitors-Mess-. H. A. anil \V. Goode's Sultan, Mi." J. T. leuie's Colin- grove Mr. F. Sampson's Effie, Mr. W. Pelham'« Caritam. Mr. C. K. Herbert's Zambesi The judge referred to the entries generally a« a mast crenrrable lot, the flr«t prtzetaicr bera? an especi- ally good mover. Mr. J. T. Lane's turnout was recommended by the judge for a prize, m a limiter


Maiden Pony Trot, 13 3 and under (ladies' bracelet).-Mrs. H. J. Cuvenett's blk pr Wokurna, 1-, Mrs. P. W. Johnston's blk g Zulu Kin,-, 2; Mrs. E. J. Humphris* Girlie, 3. Other starter^-Misi Mernsb's little Billie. Mrs. J. C. Jordan's Tom, Mrs. J. F. Klemm's Winnie. Miss Dons Harvey's

Mickey Dnpptn, Miss A. McBnde's Wild Rote, j Misa G. IBÎl's Timotän, Mr-. J. Button's Betsy,

Mi«« Mabel lane's Little Toff, Mrs. M. i\ Smith'« | Midget, Mrs. J. E. Davidson's Warnor. Kb}. J. - K. Davidson's Delhi. Won easily. j

Single Buggy Horse, to be driven in iour-j wheeler-Mr. IL. J. DenmV b m Begonia, t; Mr. ! J. U Dav.dacn's b m Loiret, 2, Mr. R. J. Dennis'' The Gift, Mr. C. J. Stevens' Brovviue. and Mr. A. G. Palmer's Trixwood abo competed. Begonia was deteiibed by the judge as possessing perfect

action. !

J'cmy, 14.1 and under, to be ridden-Mr. H. E, j Duwan's blk m Dusky Maid, 1; Mr. M. F. Smith'» 1 m Daivyvvoort, 2. Other competitor, Mr. 4. Hill'» Timothy, M,. U. Goode'B Zoe, Mr. M. F. Smith's Ada Jones, Mrs. C. B Sstarke'a Fa.ry, Messrs. Heaslip and !ro s' Mus Bobbie. ¡

Hackney, up to 12 stone, to be n den-Mr. C J. ¡ «tevins' l»r m Brownie, 1; Mr. C. H. Button'« b g Bimba, 2. Other competitor»-Mr, C. H. IfRttOTi's Jimmy, Messrs, aad Van stone's Whalebo-e, Mr. D. W. Johnston's Nipper, Mr. D. SraaUacombc's Red" Iron, Mr. C. U Her- bert's Zambea.

(¡alleu ay, ender 14 2, in harn"««-Mr. H E. I Duncan'« Uk m Dwhy Maid, 1; Mr H. Pannell's b g Mick, 2. , Mr. P. J. WjKe- 's Ocm, Mr, Jno. Forgan's Doctor, Mrs C. B. &irte's Fa-ry.

Lady's Hack, to be ndden by a lady-5fr. C. H. Button's b g Bemba, 1; Mr. F. J. Fîanigan's b m Pearl, 2. Mr. A. B. Johns' Midn^u* sod Mis. G. B. Starken Boinawuy also competed. i

Haiwheap Trot, ned«' 4- years, li mile.-Messrs. Mopish «Bros.' b m Mayu. («cr >, 1, Mr. J. B. MzUboust'" g g Young CoIji 0>cr), 2: Mr. B. J. DennET eh c Nutócri (ia Tee bcmnJi, & Otiior ftarters-Mr. P. "Young's Leo (fcrO, Mr. A. K. Johns' liddy Kitty (io-.), Mr. F, J. Fiiukian's Ruby fscr.). , Won èasly. - .

Pair. 'Bussy Horses, 15 .hands and under-Mr. B. J» Dav-iFson's Daphne and Froplesy, 1. No

Otter exHb'K

Pony, under It hanóV to be driven by a lady Mt. John Forgan's b g" Doctor, 1^ Messro. Heaslip ' and. Son»' sk m Cora, 2. Other .competitors Mr. A.! Hill's timothy, Mr. ,A. E. Johns' Collie, Mr. J., T. Lane's Miss Tiny, Mr. M. F. Smith'« Daisy» ood, Mr. P. Snaughnes«y*s Tommy.

Horse, 14 handstand under 15; in harness-Mr.

P. J. Flannagan*«? Bonnie." 1? Mr. H. 'PaimeH's1 Mick; 2. Other competitors-*<Mr. . H. E.J'Dun-' can's,.Trixie AHo,-Mr. Walter'» Clem,- ' -I

Handicap Trot, , 1} joules, for horses able to |

M £ VJV11U \Ai» ecu UTTIMIIU/. *, »» 4 ... v. ¡

Dennis' cn m lady Collingwood (17 sec. behind)-, & Mr.. S. 'BSOt's King also started. A-elote finish, j .Time, -4 min, 9 e«c.a ; -, . -"

_ .Weight rarrymg Hunter, 12 st. up-Mr« D. Smallàcombg's b g Reo" ton, 1; Mi. H." Pan1 nelPs 'br. "mJ Modesty, 2V Öfter competitors Mfi A. 'E.' Johns' Boodie, 'Mr.. G-rFetme's Üa» patcln Mr. Ei «haughnessjt's Mííb Oro;*..

The "Warren:" Tandem Team-Messrs.,. H.~> E. Duncan and P. J. Flannagan's Du*ky Maid and

Bonnie, 1; Mr. AV-G Palmer's Colin and Trix-'

wood, 2. Mr. H. J. Cavenett's Wokurna and j Darkie also competed. I

Pair Ponies, 13.3 and under-MefiTs. Heaslip I and Sons' sk me Cora and Mairie, 1; Mr. H. J.

Ca\enett's Wokurna and Darkie, 2. Mr. J. i

A. Harvey's Mickey Dnppen and Topsy also com-1


Catch-weight Jumper, over hurdles.-Mr. H. Pan- ¡ I nell'e b m Modesty, 1; Mr. D. Smallàcombe's,

b g Red Iron. 2. Other competitors-Mt. A.

I E. Johns' Laddie, Mr. G. Femie's Orosspatch, Mr. j i P. Shanghnef==y*s Mr1« Cross. j I Handicap Trot, 2 miles-Mr. R. Young's b m ' Mound (scr.), 1; Messrs. Mornsh Bros.' br g j

Young , Grainger (¡cr.), 2. Other .starters- ' Messrs. Scotcher and Carter's Larry (10 sec. i behind), Mr. J. Ai Haney's Paddy (10 Éec. be- j hmûjj Mr. F. J. vFmnîgMi's Pearl (13-'Bec. be-

hind), Mr. A, G. Pahner's Trivwood (20 sec. I behind), Mr. J. T. Lane's Y.O.U.R. (20 sec. I behind), Mr. R. J. Dennis' Ouida (20 sec. bo hind), Mr. J. Hill'« King (25 6ec behind). Mr. A.. G. Palmer's Colin (41 sec behind). Won easily. Time. 6 min.

Four-m hand Team-Mr. D. W. Johnston's Pirie, Crete, Beach, and Vitra, 1; Dr. Hams' and Mr. E. Lewis' Bobs, Michael, Rajah, and Kate, 2.

Walk, trot, gallop-Mr. M. J. Saint's Kil- larney H., 1; Mr S. Lane's Ladywood. 2. Other starters-Mrs. S. Young's Leo, Mr. E. B. Welch's Ranji, Mr. F. Roberts' Buttonhook, Mr. W. R. Warren's Seamrtres.-, Mr. R. A. Ryan's Oscar, Mr. E. Galpm's Korlace, Mr. S. G. Pa-Uich's

Blue Bell, Mr. F. Saint's Shamrock, Measrs. ¡ Kwehever and Vanstonè's Whalebone, Mr. J. > Summers', Fairyland, Mr. A J. Lane's T.U.L, Mr. D. ' -Smallacombe's Bed Iron, Mr. C. J.

Ettfck's «anche, MrT C.< E. -fierbeWa^Yambea.,

Woni easily. : - > ; - . - - -?> ..

Pa«- Buggy Horse;, over 15 hands-Mr. A. 3. \ Palmer*« Colin and Tnxwood, li Mr.. C. J. Ste- vens* Marco and Brownie, 2. Messrs. .Kirchev'er and "Vanstone's Killarney and Cadger also com

petea. - - ,

* Parr "Ponies, unrlet^M.2-Mr*. M. "F- Smith's, Daisyweod and Ada Jones, 1. - -No others shown. ,

Best- Horse in Harnees-Mr. R, ,T. Denn»' Be gomar. 1; Mar. P. J. Flannagan-'s 'Bonnie. 3. Other compçtitor^-Mr. H. Pannell's Mick. Mr. A. G. Pauner*B Colin,* .Mr^J. E. Davidson's Lecket.

' BAKARA, February 16.-On Monday a

criókét match* 'was played between Bakara J and Foster, and the former won.- In the _ evening an'entertainment was held in'the" Bakara1" Hall, over -whicn tns S v. J. I.

JJbughhead presided. There was a very ' large attendance and til« prbcpecls. were

£7. An overture waa'given by Mies Hart; ' fcongs by Miss D. Hart (3), Mr. Martin (3), ' Mr? Prosser, and Mr. Martin The Rev. < J. T. Loughh«>ad gave two violin solos. The, quartet, "Lead, kindly light/" was ren- dered trv the Misses Ros^nBerg and Milich .and. Messrs. Prosser and Martin. Miss

Hart and Mr. Martin played a pianoforte ¡ duet, and "sang a duet. Incitations were I given hy Mi=s Retallick (2). Mks Corry, ' Messrs: "Emslie. Kennedy (2), and t1Je"Rnv. ' W. J. Odgers, who" also gave an ad- dress. Mr. G. A. Prosser mov.-d, and Rev. W. J. Odgers seconded a vot » of thanlc3. Mi*s Hart-woiked hard to make the-even-

ing a success.

HALLETT. Februarj 20-Farmers are working their fallow. The area cropned will be doubled this year, arid the resi- dente are waiting for the Mount Bryan

subdiyistopal sale, on March 1. The land

i<= being inspected bv farmers from all parts of the State. - A lareelv attended football meet/me was held in the Institute on Saturdav evening. It was resolved to ioin an association, to brioc them in with better tams. Onlj one niatch was lost last season. Mr. W. 'E. Arnold was elected captain and Mr. A. J. Melrose vice


JAMESTOWN, February 20.-At the close ox the belalie Korch iiarvest thankb giVing festival tue Rev. J. Watts referred to t^e approaching departure tor Adelaide ol Mr. and Mr«. Richard Mitchell ' and faniiiy. Mr. John Coles and Mr. Thomas Goodes, wiio had known Mr. Mitchell for iO jeaife, referred in eulug.atic tenus to the devoted service Mt. Michell had rendered to the district, and tue ,work he ami" his family had donefor'the church in particu- lar. Mr. Ueorge Lager and Mr. Heither say also epoke."~ The Rev. J. Watts then

presented-Mr.-and Mrs. Mitchell with--a beautiful tea and coffee service and Miss Annie Mitchell (who has acted a« oiganist) with a silver jewel,case. . Mr. Mitchell replied in feeling terms. He described the starting of religious! work in Belalie and the building of the ffiurch. M'istcal items .were rendered by Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, M'ss Lottie Watts, Miss Pearl Watts, and Mr7 Symons.'-A farewell social was ten-

dered by .the Jamestown troop of A.L-.H. ;

to Lance-Corporal Nobktt a j; the Globe Hotel on Saturday night. Staff Sergeant Major Bui-ford presided. The chairman spoke in high terms of their departing com- rade, and his remarks were supported^by Quartermaster-Sergeant Harman and Ser- geant Nicholson, Sergeant Brooks. Cor- poral Tomhnson, Corporal Swann, Lanee Corporal Stanton, and Privates Brooks 4«d McVicar, and Messrs. Von der Barch and W. Naismith. The chairman then presented Lanc-e-Corporal Noblett with a pair of gold sleeve links. Corporal Tomiinson sang "The boy.-, of the old brigade."' Mr. Nob-, lett is about to leave for Broken Hill. ,

MOUNT BRYAN. February 20. - A i farewell social wa» tendered to Miss Hilda Tavlor on Monday. Mr. Wilson presided, and wished Miss Tavlor success. Songs find recitations were contributed by

Mesdames Sexton, Thomas, and Ticklei and Miss Tickle. Miss Tavlor was presented with a long gold chain and cross from the Mount Bryan social and tennis clubs. Both clubs will miss her greatly. She was also an active member of the Dramatic Club.

Games, supper, and dancing were enjoyed. (

McLAREN VALE, February 20. - Ths jubilee of the Congregational Church was

celebrated this week. The Rev. G. Rayner. ' of Glenelg, preached on Sunday and lec- tured on Aionday, and the pastor (Rev. S.

A. Faulkner) gave a history of .the churcn. i POINT McLEAY, February 20.-A party of^ natives were engaged to «o" "breeching" this week to Rompley station, but when the news of Mr. T. R. Bowman's death arrived from Adelaide on Saturday , the engagement was cancelled. The natives regret his death, as he has given them work for a number of years. - A surveyor from Adelaide has been sent to report con cermne the drainage of the swamp lands

into the lake. .

QUORN, February 20.-On Thursday I about 100 young people assembled at the residence of Mr. John McAuDffe. A large

barn made an excellent hall for the danc- ] ing. It was prettily decorated by the1

Misses McAuJiffe and Coilinan. An excel- lent repast was provided. Recitations were fiven by Mr. H. Mason and songs by

lessrs. A. McHugh and H. Mason. The music was provided by Mr. and Miss

Britza. Mr. Owen Reid acted as M.C. Mr., Mason moved a vote of thanks to the host >

and hostess. |

STOCKWELL, Februarv 20.-The foot-1

paths are all being covered with limestone rubble, which when rolled down will make a snlendid surface. - Fanners are enjoying

a alack time. A number intend going to, the Adelaide Show.

CARROW, February 21.-On Monday j evening the Rev. S. H. A. Embling, M.A., j

delivered to a large audience a lecture on "Personal experiences in Palestine." Nest morning Mr. Bmbling visited the school and entertained the children with stories about the black boys and giris of Norfolk Island.

CLARENDON, February 21.-Potato digging is nearly finished. The late crops have been exceptionally good. Farmers are taking full advantage of tfce<fine wea- ther to get their peas threshed. The re- turns have been very satisfactory; and in one or two cases 60 bushels per acre have been obtained. , ; J ¡

KOOLUNGA, February 21.-A "dramatic concert was held in the Institute last .night in connection with the Koolunga Athletic

Ckab. Overtures and musical selections

were given bv Mrs. March and Miss Rita Longmire. "Aurora Floyd," io three aefe. was given by tlhe Mundoora Dramatic Club,' the performers being Messrs. Stanley, S. Atchison, A. A. Owens, P. A. Mildren, H. W. Carman, F. J- Mildren, A. R. M.' Car- man, Masses ^Meaney, and E. N. Atcfiison. During the interval Mr. T. E. .Luke pre-, sent ed the" prizes! - ,

MOUNT GAMBIER, FebrmrV/.2L-Mr. A. Leath, manager of the'Commercial Bank here since "1904, has" been" notified of his transfer to Melbourne. ' Mr. F. D. Smith, from Minvip. succeeds him here. Mr. Leath has been secretarv of the bowling club, and an active member of the Cale- donian Societv. - v -,_

PINNAROO, February 21.-A truck of Cinders arrived vesterday, with six railway employes to unload it. Having secured a tipdrav thev loaded it from the truck, and then, some in'the shafts, and others push- ing, got the vehicle to its "destination in the. railwav yard, .where the cinders were spread over the soft ground.-A smoke so- cial was tendered -to. Mr. J. C. Blaiku at the Land of. Promise Hotel last night. -The Rev. P. Wvlde presided "over a large gather- ing. Numerous speeches were made,'and keen-regret,, expressed at Mr. Blaikie's re* moval to the Riverina district. Musical and elocutionary items were rendered.'Mr. Blnikie has been manager of the local branch of the Commercial Bank since its establishment, and is hiehlv respected by a verv large circle of friends. Mr. Han- naford, formcrlv of Tailem Bend, has been appointed to fill his place.

MILLICENT, February 21.-The decision | of the authorities in reference to the pur ¡ chase _ of the Moyurra estate is awaited

with interest. Some think a deal will not be made, as there is too much roush land altogether unsuitnble'för. closer t settlement

j There is some excellent grazing and' agri ? cultural land -in the estate, but theirough

locks may prove tf bar to business being done.-The summer days are much appre-

ciated by ' farmers, some of whom had I to open out and stook the sheaves satu , rated by the- recent heavy rains. Should

the Warm weather continue for anothei I

two or three weeks all trouble will be I over. Threshing will be 'fin'shed by that

time. The potato crops >are looking all I right,-and . good crops will be the rule this

j season.-The annual races tako place on I

Thursday next, -and as the weather pro- mises to be fine, a good day's sport is ex- pected. " '

MARMON JABUK.1 February 21.-On Monday evening a, public tea, concert, and i supper* were held in the Institute. It was j

the -first Baptist . Church entertainment j held in the district, and was a great sue-j cess. A Fale of gifts took place, and high t pnces were realised, especially for .water melons, which are a luxury. One brougiit 4/. The performers were:-Miss J. Wray,

Pastor Beaston, Misses Irene and Daisy Kirkpatrick. Ivy Lee, and Katie Millard.

PARRAKIE, February 21.-A farewell social was tendered on Thursday evening \o Mr. J. Willis, who is leaving the dis- trict, and to Mr. A. P. Sowerby and Mr. II. Wittwcr. Mr. Willis is one of the olde&t residents. He is one of the best cricketers, and'very popular. MessV*. Sowerby and Witr/wer were trustees o* the institute, and will he much misted. Mr. Willis was pre- sented with a silver riîmviug-mug. Mr. Sowerby with a pi Iver cake dish, and Mr. Wittwcr with a. silver cruet.

PORT VICTORIA, February 2lATlie season has been excellent. ' "WTieat crops have ranged from 2 to 13 bags to the acre. The general average will be good, and,the sample is first class. All that is wanted is a substantial rise in price. Wheat is> only 2/114 at this port. A considerable portion of this tension's wheat has been placed on storage with the various wheat merchants in the hope 'of a rise in. values later on. Thcoat and barley crops have'ranged from 20 to 50 bushels- to the acre. Prices have been fair, and nearly all the crop haa been sold. "Over 20.000 bags of oats and "barley have been delivered at Port "Victoria this seimon, and mest' has beert shipped away. Wheatr-carting is nearly finished, and far-" mers have started to burn their stubble ready for fallowing. A large area has been fallowed for next seeding, when a good area will be cropped. A large area of stubble land is sown in this district with oats as a change of crop, which checks take-all in the wheat crops the year fol- lowing. In many instances it is absolutely necesrâjy to put in oats- even on fallow land-as à change of crop. The heavy rains have damaged the dry feed, and although the .?/reen feed' is showing up, it will not survive the dry wann weather. The rain has given a good supply of stock and drink- ing water. ? . . >

PORT MCDONNELL, February 21.-A social in connection with the Port McDon- nell Institute was held in the Friendly So- cieties' Hall last night. The attendance was good, and the proceeds amounted to £5. The prises were won by Massrs. Schuetze and R. Hopwood. Mrs. Kennedy, and Mrs. Madeley. 'Miss Madeley was ac «ompanist, and Mr. E. J. Harrison acted as M.C.-Mumps are prevalent amongst the

school children.

SILVERTON, February 21.-On Satur- day afternoon the St. James' Angrcan choir came to Silverton to spend a couple of days. They met Silverton at cricket. Silverton made 16, Rupert O'connell 11. Mitchell captured ave wiekets for 2 rnns' and Massey uve for 8. ._ The visitors scored 65; G. Swanson 14," W.r Wilson 14, and J. Mitchell 12. In the eecond innings Silverton made 49: H. Campbell 14¿ L. Conlon 12, and J. O'connell li; R. O'con- nell took four for l8 and 6. Polkinghorne three for 19.' Mr. W." D." James waa um- pire for the choir boys and 'Mr. A. Camp- bell- fer Silverton. - The'Silverton Pro- gress Association met on Saturday evening m the Mechanics' Institute. The president (Mr. J. W. Hague) wasin the chair. Thsçe were also present Messrs." C. E. Johnston J. Spiller, A. Campball, A. J. J!. Campbell, J; Ládingtoh, W. R. Davey, J. Polking

horne, J. Smith, and the' secretary (W. Carl). Sir. A. Griffith, M.L.A./ wrote that ithe names of the trustees nominated for.the Mechanics' Institute had been for- warded on to the Education _ Department, and the request for a footbridge across a branch of the Umberumberka ' Creek bad been forwarded' on to the Lands Depart-

ment. Air. Johnston said, the lavatory and j

the verandah at the public school needed

attention, and the water tanks ,were,inade- j qnate. _ The secretary waa instructed to i corhroun'ieste'with the'rnenrber of the dis-1 trict on the* matter. . Ttfr. J.' Smith' urged 1 the erection of a public smelter "on the Barrier.- It was . decided^ to communicate with the Minister.-Special choral services were.held on Sunday in St. Stephen's Church. The Rev.l C\'A. Grant,"of St. Philip's, Bfröken HUI, preached, and .the St; James' choir boys~ snug'several anthethsf under the conduetorslfip- "of Mr. W. D;

James.«-The-Rev.» R. !*.'Tillbrook,' who' is '

in charge of the Cockburn and Silverton j Methodist Circuit, left last night for Ade- laide.

ATHELSTONE. Februarv 22-The ean tata, "Stella, the Sranish Maiden." was given in the institute last evening, under the direction of Mrs. A. G. Ward, by young ladies from Magill in aid of the funds for the M'thodist Ch'irch. T^ere was a fair attendant, presided over by the Rev. A. G. AVard. M>-s. Uren was th" ac- companist. An o\erture was played by Mrs. AVard. There was a song Dv Miss

Katu» Williams, and recitations by M/ssea Nation and Nora Murphy.

"CHERRY GARDENS, February -22.

Last evening-, in the Rechabite Hally Ihomas Brothers showed moving pictures to a good ai'dience.-Grass is looking very green, but if the warm weather continues it will kui it off again. Some of t'ie old residents predict alate autumn.-The cur- rant crapes are b ginning to co'or. There is a fine crop. Special services were con- ducted in the Methodist Oureh on Sun- day by Mr. Dix, Mr. Williams, and the Rev. W. T. Wiltshire. N

GEORGETOWN; February 22.~^A public meeting was held in the local institute on Saturday night to decide.the best means of perpetuating the memory of fhe late -Mr. Joseph King. There _was a representative attendance, and Mr.,W> A. Hill (chairman

ojf the ['district council) presided.. Many suggestions* were made, including a .monu- ment, and also the lighting of rae streets with acetylene iamps. - It was resolved to adjourn the meeting for a month, after col- lectors had been appointed. Over £36 Was subscribed in the- roam.

MURRAY BRIDGE, February,22.—The   first annual meeting of the Murray Bridge Town Band was held at the Mobilong Hall on Tuesday evening, when Dr. Macquarie, who presided over a large attendance re- ferred to the enthusiastic manner in which the townspeople had supported the band, and the great progress it had made. Messrs. Willshire- (bandmaster), O. Friebe (deputy bandmaster), A. Medwell (secretary), and W. A. Dick were complemented on their   work. The sum of £172 had been spent on   band instruments, and the band was in a good financial position. A rotunda is be- ing erected. Mr. Medwell had collected £59. Mr. Willshire having retired, Mr. 0. Friebe would be appointed bandmaster. The balance-sheet presented by Mr. C. H. Schumann (treasurer) showed a bank   Overdraft of £50. A musical programme was given by the band, Miss Violet New, Messrs. Sara, Fraser, and W. Paige, and Miss Violet Matthews. Supper was pro- vided by Mr. F. T. Kleeman. and a dance followed, Miss. F. Yates acting as pianist, and Mr W. Paige as M.C.

MONTACUTE, February 22.-A Metho-   dist Church picnic was held to-day. Trolly loads of children and adults journeyed to Adelaide and took train for Glenenlg. Mr. T. T. Trebilcock (superintendent) had   charge. Various sports were held. A cricket match on Saturday was played between the Adelaide Electric Supply and Fifth Creek on Monta- cute Oval. Scores-Fifth Creek, eight for 134 (L. Merchant 28, J. Green 23. R. Trebilcock 23 not out; bowling. C. Spar- non three for 5, J. Stainbank three for 17, D. Hunter two for 16): Adelaide Electric Supply, 12 for 66 (Joiner 28, Thompson 13, Cranwell 9).

MOUNT GAMBIER, February 22.-On Monday evening a continental was given m aid of the Christ Church Tennis Club ' There was a large attendance. A capital programme of vocal and instrumental mush vas presented. The Rev. E. C. Limbert

announced that the members purpose« ¡ spending about £140 in1 laying down a new court. &c-?On Sunday" the-Rev. E. Isaacs,

the new pastor of the Mount Gambier ] Baptist Church, conducted the services. Mr J. H. Sheppard, secretary of the Agri- cultural Society,' has been appointed enume rator of census for-th's district. He wih have 17 assistants to. distribute and collect

the census cards. , Tliey "will commence j work six days before censos day.

PORT MeDONNELL; February 22.-The Povt McDonnell Regatta Club met at the. McDonnell Bay Hotel yesterday. The

balance-sheet showed a credit of £32. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr. O. B. Thamm, who is about to leave, for his ser- vices as auditor. Mr. Thamm suitably re- sponded.

LIPSON, February 22.-On Tuesdav evening a valedictory social was tendered Mi-, and Mrs. R. Brown, who are leaving this district for Shannon. Mr. Brown will be much missed by the spotting clubs. A presentation was made by Mr. E. J.

Barraud. '

PORT PHÏIE, Februaiy 22. - Mr. Frins dorf, chairman of the Fire Brigades Board > and Superintendent Riekwood, who havo been here on fire brigade business, re- turned to the city by this morning's train.

PORT LINCOLN, February ¡a. - On Thursday the Flinders (Methodist) Tennis Club visited North Shields Tne weather was perfect, and some good playing vva3 witnpsstd. Afternoon tea was provided by I Mr. Micklein, or the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

Scores?-North Shields, 10 sets, 67 games; Flinders, 3 sets. 45 games. The Presoytery presented n gay appearance last evening, when a continental was held in aid of the Roman Catholic Ohurch. Ohmege lanterns were hung on every available tree, and round -the verandah. Sweets and supper stalls were presided over by young ladies, who -were kept busy Mesdames Wreforiî, Seddon, and Neil, 'Misses, BeîwicK, Stevenson, and McN amara, and ina Missaa McKenzie, Atiwell, Wollard, and Carstens. The local band contributed, to th« pro- gramme-A band of hope was established on Mondav evening; The offi 'ers arc: President. Rev, C. Doley; vic&-ïTn3id?n*s, -Messrs. Evans and Hunter; treasurer, Mr. S. Kerrison: seerftary, Mr. S. Brown; as- sistant secretary, Mr. Gill&.pie.-On Fr day aftrncon a pronn'nent resident, fishing faV sahnon -trent on the end of the ne^ jetty, hooked a fair-sized shark. The line snapped, however.

YORKETOWN, February 22.-Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas and family were ten- dered a farewell social in the Methodist Church on Tuesday night, which was at- tended by residente from all over the dis tr.ct. The Rev. K. W. Caust presided, and spoke of the loss sustained through the re- moval of the guests to the city. Messrs. J. Bartron, W. Riddle, R. Newbold» W. B. Gold^-B-orthy, S. V. Vanstone, J. V. Davey, and J. Dcwnie also spoke. Musical item« were rendered by the choir members. The minister presented.the guests with a »fiver tea and coffee service on an oak tray, suit- ably inscribed. Mi» S. Themas, who has been organist, received a rnetranôme and a presentation from the Sunday-ocbooL Gifts were also made to Misses M. Thomas and E. Vanstone Super was provided.-A lec- ture was given at the Town HaH last n:«bt by Veterinary-Surgeon McEaoharn, illus- trated" by lantern views. There vras a fair attendance.-The Corrieks, world enter- tainers, performed at .the Town Hall on Tuesday night.-Men are now employed in ail tbe big Kilt lakes.

BOWHILL, Februarj 23-A farewell smoke sooal was tendered Mr H Alker on Monday evening in Mr Tregilga's smokereom There was a good atten dance Mr Tregilgas presided Mr Knightley proposed "Our Guest," and Mr Schenke supported Mr .Alker suitably re- sponded After supper an elocutionary ano! musical programme wis contributed on Monday evening m Mr Tregihris Schenke Sewhl, Kelley and Knightlej Mr Alker left Bowhill on Tuesday morling to | join the Australian Artillerj

CHERRY GARDENS, February 23 ' Mr John Conlin overseer of works for ¡ the Clarendon District Council and Mt1

I B Hobb» vere working on Wmn's raid, 1 Coromandel Valley to-day, when Mr Con

lm onTnovmg a piece of wood discovered underneath a nest of snakes egg» 16 ia numoer Mr Hobbs J>u£ one on his shovel and cut it with his knife He found a snake measuring 10 m in" length A-larg" black gnake was recently 6een at ttas-placc _'"_ti - _i t_'_ _

HAMILTQN, February 23-On Wednes ' dav a-jcrlcl^t^matyÄ Htfns '¿lajred; on "Gill i Park' against the Kapunda Early "Closers

\fternoon tea was provided by the ladies The temperature was 102 deg m the shade Scores -Kapunda 153 (M Bolthouse 45 R Stock 53, C L Wälder 15) Hamilton 120 for four wickets (S H Horns 19 ~W Jose 19 B Gill l8, C H Davis 12, and C H Player 51 not out were the principal


j NHILL February 23 -Mr Ross of the ' Commercial Bank^ at Sheep Vi\% baa

been promoted to Tailem Bend Mr Crow, from Albury succeeds him-The Present heavy rains did much damage At Mortoo the fioodwaters rose around the heaps of wheat, and grain swelled until it burst the bag" Messrs McDoml 1 Eros had 1,000 bacs caught w th» floodwate a Tcey collected 17 men, who endeavored to remove the grain It was found imivos^ible to reach it with an empty waggon an ' n na horses so sledges were improvised, but when the bags were raised the grim burst through end was washed away Mr McDonald e'+rruates his loss at 60"> bigs~ The brothers had 2.C00 bars m the paddocs Mr H Hately had 600 bags under water Messrs Serry Bros, A Alder F W Schultz, and F, Gerdtr are -also heavy suf- ferers Mr John D nfcicher cut abort 70 acres whieh promised about H bag* to the rre, bat as it now stamps in ti*« «bro^a

ia almost- worthless Many farmers m the Lawloit district have the grea* r part of their wheat ftjll in the paddocks. Some »a in bags awi others in heaps the ground being too soft for carting The daroaje, how«ver, is net so greatas was anticipated. -Frederick Vat*, who waa committed f r trial at Nhill on J-incary 31 on a charge of tetealmg four o g> of wheat f-om Frederick Decfcert. of Woorak West ap peared btinra Judge Eagleton at the Hor sham County Court He -pleaded ' not gutlty ' and was acquitted

WOODSIDE, JFez ruarv 23-A concert m connection with t e Onnapa tilga Agncul tural Society -was b'ld n the instruite af ter tne show cn Tuesday The contributors wrre -the Raço String- Band, Lob'tbal Har monia Quo, Mpssts Gralam, F Klein schmidt üaudson, A Moreom Si^nor R-«go ind the Misses Muriel Starling, and Ghdy? fletcher to a cow lied house Toe

proceed« w=rc over £18

POPT PIRIF, February 24-T/rst night at tve CaMornn Hall, ti e memb rs of th

Port Pine Bo\tf Inst-tute t/nd red i cooiplimentarv socnl to the adi s who bnd uplped at their public d mo^st oíicn Mr W K. Mallvon (president) piestdi'd, m-si c ii numbers being r-n«! im ov Monars F E Johns- n Sullivan and Vln-s Williams The m^mbrs urd r fhe dir otton of Mr Jacobin, rer^rT-ed ho i70n al ^ar, Romin ring, and tumbling exercise fne c air man presented ~\ m^dal to Mr T brodie one o" the foundatirn nvm ""f " o is leaving I'ort Pine Mrs Mitchell and Master Herbert acted as piamstb Supper Was provided


WILMINGTON, February l8-An "All nations' fair w-i« held in the institute on Wednesday, Thursdav and friday last mvier the auspices of the Wilmington Women Workers' Club m ad of funds for the proposed new ínstiíote bjikfcng The attendances were tplendkl and the handsome «um of £3>1 1/2 wa« taken There nre sei eral outstanding jmni.nt* to come in The arrangements were excellent the grouping of the etall« very ptcture<*iue Special praise is due to Mrs Harley Yddison the energetic secretary of the \V on en s Club and the com mittee of ladie* The fair was opened on WedncsdJY by Mrs. William Robertson (' The Guqyh *) and a bouquet of La France ro«es was handed to her bv Miss Dorothy Dignan Great excitement pre ailed over the voting for the most popular stall over £3o being taken in rlennv votes. Scotland -won with S2S3 votes ireland «econd with 2,466 and Germany third with 1 ol2. Other ' nation» stall« represented were the Coxnmonwoallh,. England, Switzerland, and Japan These stall« all represented build

«g» from tHe Scotch castle to the Irish cabin. The conveners and thor assistants were all dreeeed hi the national costumes of the coöirirv represented The judge « award was given to the Irifh stall The ^atlbolders were

^-England-Convener Mrs. Saunders, alistante, Jfesdaraes thinetan and Backer Misses Lawson and Dunstan Scotland-Convener, Mrs R Cole, assistants, Mesdames Addison Slee and Schole flelfi, Misses Dunn Fortis anthony and tray Ireland-Convener Mrs Schmidt a sotants Mes dames Sprühen and Birrell, Mieses Nelson Gloede,

Daly, Slee, and E. Schmidt. The Common-1 ? wealth-Convener. Mrs. Linklater; assistants. Mes- dames Payne and Foulis, Hisses Payne, Heward, S. and A. George, E. and M. Linklater. Ger- many-Convener, Mrs. Hermann Kelk; assistants. Mesdames Forbes, Soil, anÍGagler, Misses Noll (3), Scliupnan (2), Bdefeerfield, and M. Gloede. Japan-Convener, Mis» Roby Cole- assistants, Misses C«le, Kruse, Vue Slee, and -Lily -Schmidt. Switzerland-Convener, 3Ko A. M. Bird; assist- ants. Misses Ilammat, Slee, and G. Bird. Miss Gerty Steele had charge of the "Snowball," Misses Dolly Daly, Lira Brtchfleld and Myrtle Dunstan ran the "dips" and Mesa*. Graham and Humphries the (.-hootinff gallery. Afternoon tea and icfrcshmcnts were provided bv Mesdames Flood, Hill, Hoskins. George, Hee, Misses Gum, McMartin, jessie and Ethel George. The com- petitions provided much amusement, the live- stock being awarded thus.--Horse. Mr. Kettle well; cow, Mr?. Dunstan; sheep, Mrs. Morris; pig, Mr. Wright- Decorations- Go-carts, Mrs. Scnolefield, bicycle, Miss Hilda Mankey; um- brella, Miss Camper. Smcing (judge,. Mrs. Hines, Quorn)-Under 12 years. Vera Goglcr; under 16 years. Mabel Britton; special prize, Miss Marjory Linklater; allcomers. Mabel Brit- ton. Elocution (judge. Hr. W. H. Cherrv, x\de laide)-Under 12 years, Vera Gogler; under 16 years. Myrtle Dunstan; allcomers. Miss Mankey. Pianoforte solo (judge, *Mrs. Hines, Quorn) Under 12 years, Míeg Vera Gogler; under 10 years, Marjory Linklater and Irene Foulis; under 20 years, Ml* Fox; allcomers, Miss Camper. Mrs. ' H. NoH secured the prize for the wedding cake and the dressed doll (bride), and Mrs. A.

Noll for the ordinary doll. .


BIiAHC SPRINGS. February 23.-The Black SpriDffS sports wr-e helj y-fti-rday n°ar Power's | Lasron, on Mr. Pratt's property. le vwaJier 1 «-is .jvarm, but there was a fair actenda ov, I Êome 'xcitíng fiiriVlios 'were witn:-sn«i. T~c cfli I eah were:-Patrons, Mosra. W. G. Hawke*, -K. T. Dufpeîd, E. D. Bow "an, G. Pratt; p »''«lint, J Fisher; viee-nrcsid<nts, M est*. W. J. MeOavt}', AV. .Tnórs, nr.d H. Sriuima-hór; and Mr. B. Carle.-,

hen. '<x>ctetarv. Results:

B'ys' r.tct^-R. White, Lu Jeffrey. T.ial Stakes -F. Solinvn, F, ¡jacov. Sheffield nandteap ? Finr],, W. WlÎlKims and Gordon, dead brat; V. I Laccv, T. A. Edv ife-'cr. Tirr.o. 12 8-5 kc. B vvl

in-î contest-B Sxkmidt, T. Fisher. Ladies' f oi I toi'-w'nd nfc-Mrs. Wutt=i 3G?s Fisi-er. Q»-it' F.tzeerald, Fatclwn. Girls' Ra«»-Olive Csrt-r, Alec Fisher, div-ided. Hurdip Rao-Final, D. Slatti-rr, It. Tilbn.ok. Türe. 15 sec 01 Buf ío.s" lfewo-J. Denton, A. Kl-m. Go-il-kicking contest-F. Lacey, T. Pritehard. Hi#h Juj p D. Sattery, 3 in. (5 ft 3 ii.); A. Ley, 3 iii. ïlrrm-ntcin«,-Trnl Stakes-G. A. G.. Bqinb-w. Blick ftjrinps- Handicap, one»-G.A.G., An- gelina, Rifleman, lime. 1 min. 50 sec. Farmern' Purse-Black Eyes, Kookaburra. Kor-oono Stakes, six furlongs- Rainbow, Jupiier. Tone, 1 raau

22 Eoc.


1 WAROOKA. February 20.-On Wodoceday n mul- berry fete hi aid of the Women's ChrUtiaa Temper- ance Cnien was held in the institute. A large number attended, and musical ¡¿ems were ren- dered. The gtnlBwlders wesc-Äulberry, , fruit s-lads, and jolly, Mesdames Keijrbtley aad A. W. Jfuri**; refreshments, Mesdnmes Vigor, Treasure, Mnrdoch, and Miss McKenzie: traft and lollies, Misses S. Murdoch ami P. KeigWler; flowers, Misros L. Ball and 8.. Barrett; plain, and fancy needlework. Miss M. Murdoch; post-offlco. Mil's Ida Koop. Xaildririns .and several other, com- petitions were contested.


' "RB3XE VILLA, February 20.-The annual p'c

aifc and sports meetus *" held on Thursday. The daly was fine, and a good programme was w ned out. Results:-109 Yard* Flat Race-H. T. lleLosn, E. li. Pumpa Bore, under 14 years ; J. Pieteeh, A. Rathjene. ShrfBeld Handicap-Vi.

Anie. F. Fregert, D. Payne, H. rayne. PScfc-a I Back Race-Fiegert and Acdie, Pug and Eily. j Girls' Rnce-C. Wmcke, R, Matdioss. Boot Rape '-H. Schutte, W. T. Vigar. Bicycle Tilting-T.

Lange H Schick. W. Schick. Stepping Contest I --E. Bucklej-, rT C. Tueke, and D. Payne. Hor«e ! Race-W. Koch. A. Fendler. Hurdle Baoe-S T. I OHimer, P. 'Pinson, H.'Payne. Hawé TsKing A.fBartle, T.jLangç.^ High Jump-H. Schulte, A. G T¡» ne, t. S. Strather. Guessing Weight ot ¡ Sheep-H. Batts ami J Noske tdivxled). Con-

solation. Race-^H. Schulte, A. G. Payne. r


KOOLUNGA, February a.-The KeoliiDg» ath- letic sports were hell to-day. The officials were: -President, Mr. J Jones; secretar}, Mr. BL God sort} fudge, Mr. E. Staker; -starter,' Mr. G. 'E. Palmer, handrcappers, Jtessrsv H. Eyre and E. Bíntlev. , ¿Results:-,- " t

, ir~ndicap Trial Stakes, 1(]0 yanto-E A. Thomp- son («Or.), N. R". farme («cr.); 12 atarters. Novice Bicvcle Race, one milo^-Fi it heat,. T. ReynoWsi T. Beiflnr.iJ Ijvfry: «econd Tieat.' H. WtfcáSs, H. rtiabnte», G. Whitekorn. Final, IT. Wlhahte, (scr.),*h>s H45 yards), IVi< Pedlar £66 j 's.), J. Lawn (?5 yds.). A protest was entered ag&rct H. Williams as a novice rider. There were 12 starter». Sheffield Handicap-First heat, M. S F«-rme, H. McEvov; second heat, C. Smith, Ii. Banty; third heït, N. R. Feme, 0. A-ht^n; fourth heat, 0. Pridham, R. Whirehorn; firth heat, E. Thompson, E. Newman. Second rdond-Fir»t heat, M Ferme, \fibteo; second heat, Smith, Mo Evoy; tlvrd heat, Thompson, N. R. Ferme. Semi- final-First heat. Thomson, N. R Ferme; fécond heat, M Ferm», Smith. Final, E. Thompson (H vds.), N. R. Ferme (12 yds.). M. Fenne (13 yX), O. Ashton (IC jd".). A p otcst has b«en lodged asain^t Thompson. Koolunea Wheel Race, two milei-Fi,«t heat, T. RfynokK J. T. Whitcombe, Jack Hierey. second heat, S. Wbitehom, G. Whte horn, C. Got-s. Fini, Ci Go=s (lífl yoV.). T. Rey- nolds (1j vds.), R. Wmtpbom (75 yd£.)r 16 entries. Wjvs, im *«r 16 year«-Newmiro. \. Bu*te fiel I, Roue. Bowling contest-Carmen (6 wrk-t"> for six ball»!. Roys' Race, under 12 vears-New-nan, I» Barrlav, R. Chival. Half mile Bicycle Rare îir=t hrat, Jim Hickev. T. ReypoM«, G. Whrte ho-n- second heat. II. Williams, S. Wiutehom, E. Mcr^aj. rm?l, J. Ilickev'iSO y»s;), H. Willama (=cr.\ T. RevnoW« (40 yCeO: 10 entries. Shef- field Hurdles- Fir-t heat, Ashton, K. R Ferme; sicond heat, Sullivan, Coopee; «jira teat, W. A. rerrre, Gale: fourth heat, Newman, E. Bentley. FWu-flmls-First heat. Sullivan, Ashten: «ccotid beat. Newman, Ferme. Fmal 9 Sullivan (11 yi»s). IL Newman (Ï5 yds.), W. R. Ferme (12 vds.), O. Ashton Or y*:.): 15 starters. Girls, under 12 vean*-J. Longmiie, I* Freeman. V. Ped- lar Citrhrn/r the sheep-D. Botcher. High Jump-M. Bentley, 5 ft 3 in.; N. B. Ferme.