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AD tis» features which have made "T Chronicle" so popular with tens of the sands of readers in this and the neighh States are present in tliis week's issi which -rppesrs to-day. The content« cov all the neAvs of the week, while tiiere a special articles on many subjects of val to the producer. Sporting is thorough well.treated, while the literary pages a adequately supplied with excellent read in The illustmtibns are artistic and attracts The sensational fire on the steamer Sou Africa, which aroused so much alarm

Port Adelaide, gives occasion for the incl sion of a photograph of the steamer, wil photographs of Constable A. C. McNio: who helped the firemen to extinguish ti flames, anj Mt. W. T. Rofe, Mavor of ti Port, who is raising a fund to reward ti heroism of the brigade. Other portrai are tho«c of the "Ven. Archdeacon Dov who has just celebrated his golden wo ding; Dr. Percy A. Robin, a South Austr Han. who has been appointed lieadmast« of the Church of England Grammar Schoo Ballarat; Mr. R. Wemyss, president of ti S.A. Caledonian Sbciety_; Mr. Carnegi Clark (Sydney), winner of the open go championship; Madame Teresa -Caereni the talented pianist; Mr. and Mrs. «T. M Donald, of Penola, who recently celebrate their diamond wedding; the late Rev. i O'Mallex. S.J-: the late Mr. W. Culross I and the late Mr. Auguste Davies. Th opening of the Klenwig pttblic hall is Ulta trated by three pictures, namely, the hal the Governor and the building coramitte« and the ladies. Arbor Day at Wirrabar is the subject of two photographs, one c the children and the other of the plantin of the first tree. The snapshots from th A.R.C. Grand National meeting fill a pag; on which horses in action, as well as group of racing men. are to be seen. The inte: collegiate athletic sports, won bv Prino Alfred College, on Friday are also the roughly well illustrated by nearly a scor of pictures of the contestante, and the di* tinguished personages piesent. Arbor Da; at Wallaroo School ore represented. Then are two instantaneous photographs of in»%i dents in the Port-Sttrrt football match. Th« long list is closed by a panoramic view o the Seaton golf links and the clubhouse near Henley Beach.

The following bank holidays have beei proclaimed:--Crystal Brook, September 7; Gawler, September 21.

The Eastern Extension Telegraph Com- pany reports tlvat the latest telegram from Adelaide wbich arrived in London up to 10 a.m. on August 24 Avas timed 5-15 p.m. on tlie same day. The time occupied in transit Ava« 1 hour 47 minutes.

At the meeting of the Executive Council on Wednesday, a proclamation was issued placing the management and superintend- ence of the Brighton jetty under the con-

trol of the Marine Board.

The Trade Commissioner in London tele graplred at 5.K) on Aird inst. to the Govern- ment:-"Wheat market «hall, with eaeier tendency. Australian wheat off coast bought ai 38/ per «piarter.''

Tile régulation made by the Marine Board dealing with ships' gangways has been approved bv the Executive Council.

Tlie attention of intending exhibitors at tlie Se|/1 ember Show i» drawn to the fact that gen«-ral entries for cattle classes, con- st-ting of Sliortboriw, Iterefords. Polled, Ayr-irure, Jerseys. (¿ut-rnsejw, Holstein. Friesian. Milking Sltorthom, and fanners' dan.««s of any breeds ;_ sheep chut-as. con- sisting of Merinos, Lincolns. ShTtrpshires. South Downs, Dorset Horns., and Border Leicester*!^ fat cattle and fat sheep; horses, oomprising"draught stock, Suffolk Pirnt-hes, Cleveland baye, and road- ster slock; pigs, poultry of all breeds, pigeons, dogs of asi species. dairy produce, and dairy appliances, and Smith Awstnrliaii induwtrw's, close at 23, Waymouth-strcei, ttvmorrow, at. 4 o'clock. Entries are com- ing in freely, and the sbow protu-ses: to expiai previous exhibitions in all respect*.