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CAR 'ACCIDENTS A.CARTOON by Mr. Alex Gurney who, by the way, is a Tasmanian -published during the recent motor show in Melbourne depicted two stands, on one of .which was a mag nificent car of ultra-modern design, and on the' other an empty chair. Attachedt to the motor-car was a card bearing the. words:. "The Perfect Car." Attached to. the empty chair was the notice: "The 'Perfect Driver." It is .true enough. There are no perfect drivers. Many are excellent, but none incapable of error. In Vic toria last year 433 persons were killed and 7523 injured in accidents on the road, in spite of constant ef forts :by tlee:police to check dan gerous driving and persistent propa ganda by the National Safety Coun cil urging caution in all circumstances. No doubt the number of killed and injured would have been larger but for these activities. The standard of driving in Tas mania is high. . There are reckless and careless motoristsin plenty; but the general level is good. The en forcement of the promised compul sory dimming regulation will help to eliminate one of the worst dange' of the road. A' winter warning against skids.on wet or snow-covered roads is necessary, particularly to those whose tyres have lost most of their tread. And it is always well to remember that the drivers con cerned in most serious accidents have never had .a mishap before. Past freedom from trouble is no guarantee of future immunity. And even one mistake may be. just one too many.