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These are...

OUT of the BOX!

An exciting     sweet, quickly       and simply    

made with

plain sponge  

cake, tinned       apricots, whipped

cream and a little

strawberry jam.

Recipes that are dif- ferent . . . presented as something extra special for the cookery enthusiast...

Here is a perfectly thrill- ing selection of recipes. Our cookery expert has carefully garnered these extra specials just for you, and they really do offer the housewife who loves to try "something different'' new adventures in cook- ing.

IF you feel you've come to

the end of your resources for turning out original dishes and are tired of making

everything in your repertoire of recipes, then try these re- cipes presented here.

Some are brand new and

have never been published be-  

fore. Some are old favorites,   but all have been home-tested

and found to be just the thing  

if you want to make a sweet

or savory dish that is extra- delicious and original.  

CHOCOLATE ROLL DESSERT Six eggs, 1 cup sugar, 2 table- spoons chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate sauce.

Beat whites to stiff froth. Add   sugar and beat well. Beat yolks,   add chocolate, then mix yolks and  

whites together. Bake in lined tin  

25 to 30 minutes.

Turn out, roll up. When cold, unroll, and fill with whipped cream, roll up again and lay in long dish— chill. Make custard with yolks of   eggs, milk, sugar, and grated choco-  

late. When cold, whip in beaten whites and cream. Chill. Pour over roll, and serve at once.


Three ounces brown bread-

crumbs, ½ pint whipped cream,

good dessertspoon gelatine, sugar,   essence, jam sauce.

Soak crumbs in little milk for half-   hour. Add sugar, essence, dissolved gelatine, then cream, mixing in well. Chill on ice. Serve with iced jam



Two pints stock, 2 pints milk, 6 tablespoons cream, raw fowl bones and scraps, carrot, turnip, onion, celery, 3oz. rice, 2 yolks of eggs, 2 dessertspoons butter, button


Wash vegetables and cut up roughly, fry in butter for few minutes with- out browning. Add rice, fry few minutes longer. Add stock, simmer gently 1 hour, rub through sieve. Beat yolks, add milk, cook over hot water

till it coats the spoon and thickens.   Add gradually to soup puree with   mushroom; thoroughly reheat. Whip   cream, put in soup tureen, and pour   boiling soup gradually on to it. Serve

at once.


Half-pound salmon, 2 table- spoons stock, 3 tablespoons aspic jelly, ½oz. gelatine, mayonnaise, ¼ pint cream, salad vegetables.

Pound salmon. Add enough mayon- naise to bind, then add the cold slightly-whisked aspic. Fold in whipped cream, lastly add gelatine which has been dissolved in the stock, mixing in well. Pour into mould and allow to set. Unmould on to fancy dish, and garnish with salad vegetables.


One cup corn pulp, 1 egg, ¼ cup flour, salt, cayenne, ½ teaspoon baking powder.

Drain corn and chop finely. Add flour, baking powder, salt, cayenne, and egg. Drop dessertspoon on well- greased girdle-iron. Turn carefully, browning well on both sides. Lift on to paper to remove any fat. Fold in half. Serve piled high on d'oyley, garnish with sprigs of parsley.



Six sheep's kidneys, eschalots, button mushrooms, 1 gill good brown sauce, 1 teaspoon glaze, croutons, 3 tablespoons madeira wine, 1oz. butter, parsley, salt,


Remove skin and core from kid- neys, cut into thin slices. Melt but- ter, add minced eschalot and mush- rooms and fry till pale brown. Add kidney and stir over gentle heat for 10 minutes. Add wine, stand in warm part of stove for 15 minutes, add brown sauce, thoroughly reheat. Don't boil. Pour into entree dish. Garnish with fried bread, cut into fancy shapes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.


Cooked fish, 2 hard-boiled eggs, olives, gherkins, salt, cayenne, prawns, mayonnaise, lettuce leaves, chopped parsley, tomato.

Remove bones from fish and flake finely. Mix with chopped eggs, olives, gherkins, parsley, salt, cayenne. Add mayonnaise. Pack into screw top jar. Keep in cool place. To serve, place sufficient into crisp lettuce leaf, and garnish with tomato, radish or celery.


One pint prawns, 2 cups white sauce, salt, cayenne, lemon juice, 2 yolks of eggs, breadcrumbs, butter.

Shell prawns. Make sauce, add to it the yolks of eggs and cook one minute longer. Add salt, cayenne, and lemon juice. Add ¾ of the prawns, chopped coarsely. Pile mixture into buttered ramekins. Sprinkle with crumbs. Dot with butter and reheat in oven for few minutes. Garnish round edge with whole prawns and serve at once.


Half pound mashed potatoes, 4oz. self-raising flour, grated cheese, tomato, salt, cayenne, beaten egg, frying fat.

Peel tomato and chop finely, drain- ing off any liquid. Add cheese, salt and cayenne. Add flour to potatoes and bind with little beaten egg. Roll out, cut into squares. Place a little

tomato mixture on one side. Damp   edges, fold over other corner. Wet fry till golden brown. Drain well. Serve very hot garnished with parsley.


Cooked tart shell, yolks 3 eggs, 2 teaspoons gelatine, 3 tablespoons cold water, 4oz. sugar, 4 table- spoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind, whites 3 eggs, 2oz. sugar, whipped cream.

Soak gelatine in water. Beat yolks of eggs, add lemon juice and 4oz. sugar. Stir over boiling water till mixture coats the spoon; remove from boiling water, add dissolved gelatine and rind of lemon. Allow to cool. Beat whites stiffly, add the 2oz. sugar gradually, beat well, then add to the lemon mixture. Pour into baked cold tart shell. Cover top with whipped cream, flavored and sweetened. Serve at once.


Whites of 4 eggs, 8oz. castor sugar, 1 dessertspoon cornflour, 2 teaspoons vinegar, strawberries, or fruit in season, whipped cream, pistachio nuts or chopped walnuts.

Stiffly beat whites of eggs. Add sugar gradually and beat well, or until stiff and frothy. Fold sifted cornflour in lightly and add the vine- gar. Place mixture into an 8in. sand- wich tin which has been well greased and lightly dredged with cornflour. Bake in slow oven for 1¼ hours. Decor- ate with whipped cream, strawberries and nuts. Serve as cold summer sweet.