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CONSTANCE BURT Music lovers in Tasmania are enjoy-I ing the artistry of Miss Constance Burt, an Australian lyric soprano, who is touring the Commonwealth under the banner of the A.B.C. Already sh. has gained many friends who are warmly appreciative of her work. Miss Burt is one of Sydney's best known singers, and has justified the late Dame Nellie Melha's interest m her. She was given an audition by Dame Nellie, who advised her to enrol at the Melbourne Conservatorium where she studied for four years with Mary Campbell. While at the Con servatorium she was given a number of lessons by Dame Nellie, several of which took place at Coombe Cottage. After three years at the Conserva torium, Dame Nellie invited her to sing at her farewell party. She then decided to go to London and studied there on Dame Nellie's ad vice, with Anne Williams. For a time in Paris she specialised in French opera work with Henri Lanth. Re-I turning to London she received a num ber of engagements, but she was oblig ed to return to Australia on account of her father's illness. Before going to England, she ap. peared with Frank Rigo's opera com pany, singing Gretel in "Hansel and Gretel;" Marguerite in "Faust;" and Pamina in "The Magic Flute." with the Melbourne Conservatorium Opera Company. -Her Tasmanian programmes includt four modern English recitals, two mod.. ern French groups, old English and French recitals, three lieder broadcasts two old Italian and two modern Italian groups, and operatic ariae from "Otello," "Traviata," and "The Marriage of Figaro." "VOCAL BOY" It is announced that Wilfrid Thomas, Australia's B.B.C. star, has written and produced a serial, "Vocal Boy Makes Good," in which he plays the lead. Recorded in London, it is to be broad. cast from Australian stations. e Since he left the A.B.C. to sing his way round the world, the voice of [Wilfrid Thomas has frequently been heard here, direct from London in Em. pire transmissions, on records, and in recorded plays. His early radio

Constance Burt

l:lays are still remembered, but this will be the first we have heard since he joined British broadcasting. He sings and acts in each of the thirteen episodes, and is supported by a West End cast. Although "Vocal Boy" is a comedy with music, there is a serious pur pose behind it. Wilfrid Thomas had seen so many young singers come to London and break their hearts as they lost their illusions that he determined to do some useful debunking. "Vocal Boy" is the hilarious result. HUBERT CLIFFORD CONDUCTS Formerly a Fritz Hart composition pupil, Hubert Clifford is reported by the Melbourne "Herald" London cor respondent to be "still winning ap plause as the conductor of the most famous school orchestra in the king dom-that of the County School at Beckenham. Kent, where he is a mas ter. For three years it has won first prize for senior and junior orchestral

work at the Queen's Hall competi. tions. The orchestra's last perform ance included an overture of Handel. a Haydn violoncello concerto, which revealed an unusual degree of subtyety and flexibility, and other num';?s. For one of the more roistering works -an Irish rhapsody-the orchestfa swelled to ninety performers, and the musical enthusiasm of the young par ticipants was kindled to white heat." MOMENTS MUSICALES There was a musician named Bach Wrote fuges and things just for a lark. He marked each hard trio "Allegro con brio" Instead of "Andante"-the narki There was a musician named Brahms, His symphonies hold many charms. It might sound all right, But I don't think it's quite What he wanted, to chant them to Psalms! There was a composer named Spohr, Was born in one seven eight fohr; He loved accidentals And flash ornamentals; In fact, he was quite his own lohr. There was a composer naned Byrd (His spelling was rather absyrd), He wrote for Queen Bess (He could hardly do less): No wonder his wyrk isn't byrd. There was a composer named Smart (He should have been knighted for Art). It does seem a shame He can't help his name: Imagine Sir Henry Smart, Bart! -A.R.B. MELBOURNE ORGANIST It is excellent hearing that William McKie has withdrawn his resignation as Melbourne City Organist (says the "Australian Musical News") proffered because of his poor health. -Instead he accepted a suggestion by the city council town hall committee to take twelve months' leave of absence. Leave will begin in January. The first three months will be on full pay. Mr. McKie intends taking a trip abroad. SIn his absence the lunch hour series I of organ recitals will continue.