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A.L.P. PARLEY Members from Each State BACK TO FOLD ADIELAIDE, Thursday. Strong delegations have been ap pointed to represent the various state A.L.P. branches at the federal tri ennial Labour conference in Adelaide on July 27. As the New South Wales State Labour party, formerly the Lang party, is now recognised as the official party in that state, it will be repre sented at the conference for the first time since 1931. The state delegations will be: Victoria.--Mr. Drakeford, M.H.R., the Federal Labour Secretary (Mr. Mc Namara, 5M.L.C.), the secretary of the A.C.T.U. (Mr. C. Crofts), and Messrs. P. J. Clarey, A. A. Calwell, and D. Cameron, New South Wales.-The State Lab our president (DMr. P. J. Keller), the state secretary (Mr. J. J. Graves, M.L.C.), the organising secretary (Mr. J. B. Martin, M.L.C.), the state vice president (DMr. P. H. Gibson), and Messrs. A. J. Murphy and R. Johnston, members of the state executive. Western Australia. -The Federal Labour Leader (Mr. Curtin), Miss May Rolman, M.L.A., and Messrs. J. M. Fraser, P. J. Mooney, T. Lowrie, and J. H. Newman. Tasmania. - Tilhe Attorney-General (Mr. E. J. Ogilvie), the State Labour secretary (Mr. C. A. Lamp) and Mrs. Lamp, and 'Messrs. E. Brooker, M.I.A., and A. J. White. South Australia.-The State Labour president (Mr. Richards, M.P.), Mr. Mtakin, M.H.R., and the secretary of the State Parliamentary Labour party (Mr. Thompson, M.P.), the senior vice president of the state branch (DMr. E. i. D)awes), the past president (Mr. P. Walsh), and Mr. G. E. Yates. Queensland.-The Minister for Lab our and Industry (Mr. M. P. Hynes), and Messrs. C. G. Fallen, J. C. La mont, S. J. Bryan, R. J. Carroll, and Lewis McDonald. Among the most important questions to be dealt with will be the proposed changes in Labour's platform and tlhe sociallsation objective, taxation, bank ing and monetary reform, unemploy ment and housing. It is almost cer tain that the split in New South Wales between the State Labour party and the industrial movement, following the expulsion of Mr. Garden, M.H.R., from the party, will be raised at the con ference. It is considered possible also that Mr. Blackburn, M.H.R., will ap peal to the conference against his ex pulsion by the Victorian branch over the anti-war movement issue. MONETARY REFORM HOBART, Thursday. The monetary reform committee set upl by the Federal Parliamentary La bour Party for the purpose of consid ering the financial proposals to be placed before the Australian Labour Party conference at Adelaide on July 27, will meet at Melbourne on July 2t and 22. There will be a meet ing of the federal executive of the A.L.P. at Adelaide on Monday morn ing, July 27, at which the Treasurer (Mr. E. Dwyer Gray) and the Attor ney-General (Mr. E. J. Ogilvie) will represent Tasmnia. The Tasmanian delegates at the con ference to follow will be Messrs. E. J. Ogilvie. E. Dwyer Gray. E. Brooker, A. H. White, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Lamp. One of the subjects for discussion in which the Tasmanian delegates will be most interested is the proposal deal ing with" monetary reform, In connec tion with which it is anticipated that a -strong stand will bo taken in fa vour of the state policy of commu nity control of credit In the inter ests of the community. The proposed reorganisation of the Australian La bour movement along the lines of uni fication instead of the present federa tion system also will be an important subject dealt with. Under the new proposal Tasmania would have smaller representation than other states, and the move will be strongly opposed. The magnetism of the earth has little or no effect on the vital processes of beings living on the earth. Exper Iments to determine the effect of pow erful magnetic fle' s on living cells have been made by Drs. Ruby Payne Scott and William H. Love, in tile Cancer -Research Laboratory at S:"d ney University. They cultivated in test tubes the living cells from chick embryos. Some of these they grew in a magnetic field 5000 times as power fill as that of the earth, and others they grew under normal conditions, but without any observable differences. Some decades ago it was a widely held belief that the earth's magnetic field produced extensive effects on human beings, and many neople would sleen only with the head to tI north and the body parallel to the magnetic merl aidan.