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To-day "The Chronicle," which is web illustrated, is published, and readers wih find it an interesting number. All branches of sport have been catered for. Racing notes are contributed by "Tatiara," who dea.s with the Topedi-Palotta case and the, racing at Morphettville. In addition there is an article on Tom Oliver, an oid tiine English steeplecnase rider. Otaer items are- stud notes, interstate racing, turf gossip, and answers to correspon dent?. "Thespian" is responsible for hom- ing notes, "Spokesman" for cycling. '"Chas- sis" tor motoring, "Magazine" for rille shooting, and "Mid-On" for cricket.

Mr. W. Brown, the manager of the Shipiey stud, has written to Mr. J. Rowcn. stating that his mare Fides has produced a

colt to Positano. The new comer is a true Positano in shape and markings

Weights for the .Port Adelaide Cup meet- ing will be issued on Monday.

. Desert Rose, who is an acceptor for the A.J.C. December Stakes, of 500 sovs., lias incurred a 10-lb. penalty for that race. .

The Shifter, who broke down while in Melbourne in c'iarge of J. Patterson, lias been fired. He was sent- to his owner's place in New South Wales on Wedncs day.

Walter Hickenbotham. who has been on a visit to his station in New South Wales, is back at Flemington.

Iolaire is doing stud duty in Victoria this


In a race at Baden-Baden, Germany, recently, the Australian riders. F. Bullock and B. Carslake, and the New Zealander, L. H. Hewitt, were on the placed horses.

Roscommon, who is engaged in the Port Adelaide Cup. has a poor record on the turf in Australia since sh- was imported from England by Mr. J. E. Stanley. Last season in three starts she did not score once, but as a three-year-old she captured the Vallev Handicap at Moonee Valley in July. 1908. Carrying 7 st. 9 lb. sht ran the 8J1 furlongs in 1 min. 54 sec. Ros- common was entered for the We.ter Plate, ran at. Moonee Valley on Wednesday, but-she wa« withdrawn.

. The Victorian trainer, D. J: Price, in- tends to take another trip to New Zealand in a few weeks in search of horses. This week he will remove his string from As- pendale to Caulfield.

Nganruhoe. who won the Railwav Handi- cap at Flemington on Cup, day, figures among the nominations for the Port Ade- laide Cup, besides the ^Woodville Handi- cap and Croydon Welter, but he is also en- caged in the big sprint handicap of Tatter, sails Christmas meeting, the Carrington Stakes, rim at Randwick. Ngauruaoe is down to run in the Villiers Stakes at the A.J.C. December meeting on Decem- ber l8.

At a sale in England last month. Messrs. Clark and Robinson disposed . of three horses. The Whirlpool, by Ayshire-Weir; Riverina, by Raeburn-Ardmore: and Flinders, by Robert le Diable-Mella, for a total of 1,4S0 guineas.

The American colt. Colin, who had an unbeaten record, and who during his two seasons on the turf won £36,180 in stake money, is to go to the stud in England. His granddam, Emma C, was got by Dare- bin, the Victoria Derby winner of 1881, who wa? exported to America. Dare 'bin also won the Sydney Cup.

Coppertop, who has been nominated for the Port doub'e-Cup and Woodville Handicap-is a five-year-old horse, by Sir Tristram from Albicore, by Splendor from Sea Swallow (imp.). Last season Cop- pertop scored twice in Sydney. The Ken-

sington Handicap, run at the A.J.C. I Spring meeting, he won with 8 st. 2 lb., and he ran the seven furlongs in 1 min. 28 sec. The other event he captured was

the Birthday Handicap, one mile, at the | Rosehill Spring meeting, when he carried 8 st. 5 lb., and put up 1 min. 42i sec. F. Godby purchased Coppertop towards the end of iast season, and he has raced in Victoria since. At Moonee Valley, in June, he.ran third to Ristori and Boldre wood. giving the former a stone and 2

lb. in the Valley Handicap, 8i furlongs. |

The King's jockey, Herbert Jones, while at the _ post prior to the start of a race at the Newmarket Cambridgeshire meeting, was dragged off his horse and was badly braised about the chest> owing to the animal kicking or stamping on him. He was unable to ride Minoru, the King's colt, who captured the. Free Handicap on the following day at Newmarket.

D. J. Price intends to take up the hurdle racer Ataahua again. . He has recovered from the serious injuries he sustained . while being schooled prior to the V.R.C. j Grand National Hurdle. !

Raytoi, who ran third in this year's Eng- lish Czarewitch, and won the Rutland Handicap at Newmarket last month, is by Santoi out of the Australian - bred Achray, and is owned by Lady de Bathe. Achray was taken to England by Cap- tain . Scott in 1898, and won one or two races in Ireland.

E. S. Grace, the promising lightweight, who rode Seaton Dale to victory in tha Victorian Club Handicap at Sandown Park, was originaily articled as a law clerk in the "Western District of Victoria, but when his father went to Caulfield to foilow his calling as owner and trainer, he com- menced riding. Few jockeys have had the advantage of an education and training such as young Grace has enjoyed.

The owner of Shipley stud at Warrnam- bool. Victoria, would be pleased to hear of the success of Bitter Orange in the Thirsk Plate, in England, in October, for he im- ported the horse's dam. Tragedy Queen, some . time ago. Comedy King, wUo is iu training at Flemington, is a half-brother to Bitter Orange.

Mr. J. Baron, the owner of Prince Foote, has forwarded to^ Air. H. Byron Moore, secretary of the V.R.C., a silver inkstand, made from one of the hoofs of the de fuuet stallion. Sir Foote. The inkstand is intended as a memento of Prince Foote'3 victory in the Melbourne Cup. and it bears the inscription. "Sir Foote."

An- incident, which reads more like fic- tion than fact, and which calls to mind some of the plots hatched by racing nove- lists, is reported in the English which (ame to hand this week. A few days before the Carubridecshire was run Lund League, one of the candidates, who held a prominent position in the betting, was found injured in his box. Nobody could account for the myvterious wouud he had received, and at first it was thought to have been the result of an accident in the box. Later on. however, suspicion was aroused, and the matter was placed in the hands of Messrs. Weatherby. On the day of the Cambridgeshire Land League was scratched for that race. The trainer of the horse cave it a* his opinion that Land League had been maliciously gashed, and that it was the outcome of ti dastardly conspiracy. The ' cut _ was ,\ clean one, about 4 in. lonz and 2 in. deep, and appeared to have_ lieen made with a razor or sharp penknife. When the last mail left no trace of the perpetrators liad been found, and up to that time the affair was hhrouded in mystery.

A Queensland racing man. who is at pre- sent in Melbourne, told an interviewer that Baralian. who won the Queensland Cup. is a horse of some size, but has peculiar hocks, which trive him a curious gait when walking. Once moving, how- ever, this seeming defect disappears. The stock of the imported horse Ladur Lad, ?who ase doMis'so weil on northern race

course? at present, are mostly »and and frood-dispositionedhorses, and tiie yearlings, should be in demand next autumn. \\ hen right. Mischief is said to be a flyer, but^ he

'went off recently, and missed the Nor-,

thern Derby. He is not likely, to be seen out in the autumn at Randwick or , in Melbourne.

! Ü. Maher had to brine all his skill and

strength to bear upon Minoru to force the top-weizlit home in the Free Handicap at I Newmarket. England, last month. The j American baa rare'y ridden a better race 1 and after the "ATI right" had been called

hi" Majesty proceeded to the door of the I weighing-room to congratulate Maher up-

on his effort. His Majesty shook the Anglo-American rider warmly bv the hand, remarking, "I am very pleased." Maher was naturally elated at seorirg a victory in the Royal livery, and remarked. "I am so glad. I have at last achieved my ambition."

According to the New York correspon- dent of a London paper, the new racing laws in America have not Lid the desired | effect. He writes:-"Bookmakers have been doing record business. A large

I sura of money has been paid in fees to i

lawyers; several hitherto unknown politi ! cians have fonnd the limelight: a Urge . number of thoroughbreds have been sent out of the country: the farmers must have lost considerably in disposing of their produce, and commercially this city and the Long Is'and towns in the neighborhood of the tracks have lost immensely. And has ' bettine been abolished? Within a week one man had no trouble at Belmont Park [ in backing a favorite to a big sum -with a

bookmaker, while in the citv hand books I are running almost openly, and there are few street corner-newsvendors who aro not in the business as agents for pool-rooms."

The representative of the Victorian Trot, j tice Club, who went t.o the recent con-

ference in New Zealand, has returned to | Melbourne, and reports that trotting i-J

in a flourishing condition in the Dominion, j He says that for the three days' meeting of the Metropolitan Club at Christchurch a sum of £5.500 was distributed in stakes, nnd there was an attendance on one of the days of 12,000 people. During the three days £45.000 went through the to- talizator, and. in addition, some 20 or 25 bookmakers plied their ca'ling in the grandstand reserve, and several others were also operating in the outer reserve.

J. Barden, who takes rank as the lead-

ing horseman of Australia, stated in the I course of an interview in Sydney re

cently:-"I think when I won the Royal J Stakes on Dandy it was mv best perform- ance. Cast Iron had such a long lead entering the straight that if you took any-

one and showed them where he was, and | where I came from, at that stage, tbey

would scarcely believe one horse could i

give another such a start and a beating. ] It seemed almost madness to chase him, and it was the longest start I conceded any horse in such a short distance and won Wakeful was a good bit of stuff. No

distance came amiss to her. Another I sterling mare on whom I won a few races [ was Gladsome. She was easy to ride,

no trouble at all. in fact. For his inches, J though. Lord Cardigan was one of the best. I w'on the Svdney Cup on him. and. if he .had pul'ed off the Melbourne Cup. instead

of being just beaten, it would have I made the best year I ever had. But. | somehow, I don't seem able to get the j

Melbourne Cup in."


Melbourne, December 1.

Although light nhowcra of rain fell to-day they caes«! no ínconvenicrc« at the Moonee Val.ev mooting, which waa »eil attended. Tne Cour.ê had been well wateied during, the recent spell of drj weather, and tne bcavj fall of rain last night rnado the going heavy. On the wuolc bacUrs bad a bad da}, aa every favorite was beaten, but WaihuKU. who improved ou his bando»n Pork form and won the Juniors' Flat Race eui}, was a well backed tecund lav onie, and BO was Sera- phic, who won the Maiden Plate. Detail; -

Hurdle Race, two miles.-Mr. Maber's Lo Rex, by Devon-Tbaile, 5 st. 7 lb. (J. Nichols), 1; Mr. White-head's Winsi-, 10 st. 6 lb. (G Scobie), 2; Mr. Godbj's Wollara, li st à lb. (G. Wood bun1), 3 Other starten»-Bandmaster, Revere na. Camperdown, and Ladj Sainfoin. Betting-7 to 4 Banlmaster, 0 to 4 Wm«ign, 4 to 1 Wollira, 6 to 1 lia ltcx, 10 to 1 Revcrcnu. Won by ten lengths, eight lengths between second and thud, lady Sairfon fourth, Gampeiviowu Sith, and Rev exenta last Bandmaster fell Tune, 4 min. 9j sec.

Maiden Plate, five furlongs -Mi. Douglas' Sera- phic, by The Possible-Seraph, 7 st. 1 lb. (R. Lewis), 1; Mr. Brooks* Lady s Slipper, 6 St. 5 lb , earned 6 st. 12 lb. (W McCiiinucs.V), 2; Mr. Wilson, jun.'s, Dunnite, 8 bt (G Lunibcrc), 3 Other starters-Endymion, Eighteen Carat, Lincoln Belle. BiUki^pcare, Floating, c-ananet, Bar, BnxU, and Ocsa. Betting-2 to 1 lady's Supper, 3 tu 1 Seraphic, 4 to 1 Ocsa, 7 to 1 Eighteen Carat, Li to 1 C-ireanet. Won bj li lengths, three lengths bo twi-n second and third. Bi2*.espeare iourth, Crcanet fUth, Eighteen Carat s,\th, and B»r Binda last. Time, 1 min. f> Bec

Valley Handicap, one mile.-Mr. BUI'» Boklrc wood, by Amherst-Bno, 7 st. 3 lb., carried 1 st. 4 lb. (A Bell), 1; Mr. Stuart's tirestick, 8 st. 9 lb. (II. R. Stuart), 2- Mr. Burn's Scotch Airs, 0 Ft. y lb , carried 0 st. 10 lb. (G. Lambert). 3. Other starters-Seaton Dale, Marcus, Shipmate, V' vacious. Belle Seibreicht, Seven Oaks, Mrs. Can- dour, and Bluff Bettong-ti to 4 Seaton Dale, 5 to 1 Firestick. 7 to 1 Boldrewood. 8 to 1 Vivacious, Seven Oaks, and Scotch Airs. Won by half a length; four lengths between second and third. Seven Oaks fourth. Seaton Dale fifth, Bluff sixth, and Mrs. Candour last. Time, 1 nun. 49 sec '

Welter Plate, six furlongs.-Mr. Harrington'« Gunplay, by Pistol-Alv eary, 7 st. 12 lb, (E. King), 1; Mr. Baw don's Monodist, 8 st, 6 lb. (C. Bolton) 2; Mr. Brown'* Shot Tower. 9 st. 12 lb. (F. Burn), 3 Other starters-Whare. Golden Cairn, Lenore. Brownpath, The Trout, Yeast, Riversdale, and Kubelik Betting-7 to 3 Monodist, 4 to 1 Whare, 9 to 2 Riversdale, 7 to 1 Gunplay and Shot Tower, 10 to 1 Golden

Cairn. 12 to 1 Lenore. Won by a length; three I lengths between s/cond and third. Whare fourth

The Trout fifth. Yeast sixth, and Kubelik last, i Time, 1 min 23 sec.

| .lumpers' Flat Race, one mile and a quarter. Mr CaffreyN Waihuku. bj San Fran-Ua, 8 st. 13 lb (P. Hum), -1, Mr. Miller'« Northport, 9 st. 5 lb (G Cosgrove), 2; Mr. Pratt'« Notttrp, S st 13 lb (P. Giimanc), 3. Other starters-Kabibi nokka, Roval Malton, Western, and Recollecf. Betting-2 to 1 Northport, 5 to 2 Waihuku, C to 1 Recollect, 8 to 1 Western and Notferp, 10 to 1 Kabibmokka Won by three lengths, two lengths between second and third. Westena fourth. Recollect fifth. Rojal Malton sixth, and Kabibmokka last. Time, 2 min. 23} see.

Welter Purse, six furlongs -Mr. Skirving'e l<bll, by Multiform-Bellicent, 8 et. 11 lb. (R. Sutton). 1; Mr. Butler's Damera, 9 st. 3 lb. (F. Clarke). 2: Mr. Brown's The Pest, 7 st 7 Ib. (C Andrews). S Other starters-Lady Druce, Off Chance, Caubeen, FroW, Love Charm, Booya,

Stillwater, and Northland. Betting-7 to i I i Stillwater, 4 to 1 The Pest, 6 to 1 Booya, 7 to 1 1 Caubeen and Lady Druce. 8 to 1 Damera, 10

to 1 Love Charm. 12 to 1 Idyll, IS to 1 against Northland. Won bv a length, a length between second and third. Northland fourth. Lady Druce fifth. Love Charm sixth, and Caubeen last. Time, 1 min. 241 sec.


Mcunl Gambier December 1.

The Coola Shearers' Races took place this .oftcr j noon cn a course near the homestead. The wea-

ther waa fine, the attendance fair, and the fields large. The racing proved interesting.' In lh» Maiden Plate Pur k11 and R Neale, th" MilLcent t jockey, sustained a broken finger and several of bis ! teeth were loosenid J. Smith, while giving

Faithful a. preliminary to til» Open Handicap, was I un«cnti'd, but escaped injury. Mr. C. Wheeler,

of Mount G unbier acied ua judge. Results:

Hurdle Race-The Book (J Fox). 1, Coral (H. O'Connor), 2; Burrungull (W. McGregor), 3 I Ihtec others started. Won by two lengths. Toe i Laborer fell at tbu last hurdle.

j Maiden Pfctc-Inverness (J. Neale), 1; Eight

others started. Rearguaro ai»l Thunder tljud carne in first and second, but were disqualified for running insi le the post.

I Coola Handicap.-Convention (J. Bojle), 1; Sir

Iiupcrt (J. Neale). 2; Stray Shot (J. Smith). 3. Two others started. Won by a length and a half. I SI carers* Purse.-Agnes (J. Fox), 1; Wantage (J.

Smith), 2; Security (A. Seeboum), 3 Two others started. Won easily.

i Ojien Ha-iiucap-Coral (J. Hollis), 1; Oonven ' tioti (J. Boyle), 2; Lost Chance (G. Brown), 3.

Ilvee other-, started. Won bj half a length.

I Shed Uanda' Handicap-Wantage (A-. Smith), 1;

Sccunty (I. Ncalei, 2; Hero (W. Harns), 3. livf others started. Won tasily.

lorced Handicap-Sir Rupert (H. O'Connor), 1; The Rook tJ Bojlc), 2; I_d Cuance (J. Hollis), 3. Three others starte!. Won by two lengths.


Jamestown, November 30.

At the annual meeting of the Jockey Club the major (Mr. D Rosie) presided over the lai%vst at- tendance on record. It was decided that March 2 be the next racing day. The secretary of the New- Year s meeting was «ranted the use of thj course and appointments for £4 4/, the commit- tee to be responsible for any damage done. Of lierre elected.-President, Dr. W. B. Aitken; committee lo tie balloted for on January 29; stewards, lion K. Ti. Addison. Messrs. B. Hunt, J. Horgan, L. Graham, E. McDonald, J. Travers, W. Wilson, A. J Lee, and W. Richardson; judge, Mr. A. J. McDonald; starter, Mr. E. Cock; hon. surgeon, Dr. W. B. Aitken; timekeeper, Mr. W. A. Hawke; clerk of scales. Mr J. C. Killicoat; assistant. Mr. J Rundle: handicappcr. Mr. H. Hughes, clerk of course Mr. I". Edwin; auditors, Mcar=. O. Hunter and N. D. heats; secretary, Mr. W. Naismith. Decided that stakes be £225 (an inerca-c of £30 over last year). The follow, nig programme was decided upon:-Handicap Hurdles. £40; Trial Stakes, £.¥>; Jamestown Handicap, £0, Jumpers' Flat Hace, £23. Fljing

Handicap, £J5; Belalie Stakes, £10; Canowie ,

Stikes, £35. Nominations close on February 11; li wrights declared February IS; acceptances close j I ebnurj 23. Decided that an automatic register, j

mg turnstile be procured, and used at enclosure ' gate. The «tft was given in donations by mern- ' berg (I