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THE following ta the report of an inquiry held by the Marine Board into tho circumstances attending a collision which occurred between the steamers Archer and Taldora, in Moreton Bay, on the 30th May :

The board, having heard tho evidence of the master and mate of the Archer, the master and chief engineer of tho Taldora, tho man at the wheel at the time of the accident, and Filot Botgor, who was a passenger, find that the s.e. Archer, C93 tons, James Lowrie, master, was about abreast the Pilot Station at Bulwer, inward bound, and the s.s. Taldora, 126 tons, John Pott, master, WOB juBt passing the East Knoll buoy, outward bound, when the lights of either steamer were visible from

tho other. The courses of both steamers were near tho western edge of illuminated sector of Comboyuro Point light, but that of the

Taldora was the nearer of the two. As the vessels approached ono another, the Archer Eortcd her helm, and attempted to cross the

ows of the Taldora to gain the side of the channel on her starboard hand, bringing her head to N.W. or W.N.W. The order was

given to stop the engines, but hoping to avoid a collision tiley were again put at full speed ahead. The Taldora, however, struck the Archer almost at right angles on the port quarter. The Taldora, on suddenly seeing the Archer's red light only, had ported her

helm, stopped, and reversed her engines, but,1 being deeply laden, carried her way suffi- ciently to serious damage both herself and the Archer. Finding that neither vessels were in any immediate danger, they proceeded onwards, the Taldora, after landing tho pilots who were on board, returning to Brisbane for repairs.

The collision appears to the board to have arisen from the master of tho Archer having attempted to regain the starboard side of the channel after the Taldora's red light had been shut out, under the impression that the channel between Comboyuro and Cowan Cowan Points, was a "narrow channel" within the meaning of the 2lBt clause of the Imperial Steering Rules and the 85th section of the Navigation Act.

Thc board are of opinion that the Archer Bhould have been guided by the general steer- ing rules laid down in article 15, by which vessels meeting are only to alter their course to starboard when by continuing their course a risk of collision would be incurred ; that the channel in question is not one to which the 21st article applies, and that when the other

vessel's green light was the only side light

visible the Archer was not justified in attempting to oross her bows.

Though admitting that every attention was Esid to the navigation of the vessel by Captain

owrie, the board consider that he committed an error of judgment, and he is hereby cen- sured aocirdingly.

O. F. HEATH, Commander E.N.,


Marine Board Office, Brisbane, 10th June,