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BRISBANE, February 9.

1 It isuuderstood tbat Mr. Galloway, who was

defeated at the recent Muuicipsl Eleotion by a majority of five votes, intends ta test in the I Supreme Court the decision of tile returning

officer. Twenty ballot papers had not only

[ the name of Mr. Galloway's opponent scored

out, but also Mr. Galloway'* Christian name, leaving only the word Galloway. The Re- turning Officer declared these votes null and void. An informal ditliculty hos also arisen in connection with the Windsor Shire

Election. lt appears that the presiding

officer at the Town Hall failed to initial the voting paper. The election ie therefore nail

and void.

Preparations for the manufacture of steel sleepers for the Normanton Railway are pro- ceeding rapidly. Steam hammers and other appliances are being fitted up by the cos tractors, and everything will be ready by the date the steel plates aud other materials are expected to arrive.

The attention of the share nurket yesterday was directed to Mount Morgans. Inquiries for them were received from all parts of the colony. Sellers' quotations at the close of the day wore £8 6s. Tho excitement, however, soon subsided, tho resultof the Privy Council's decision having apparently been discounted. The quotations to-day were £8 ls. buyers

£8 Os. Boilers ; Mount Morgan Extended rates firm. Paid up 2s. lld. buyers; 3s. sellers. SaleB were made at both quotations. Ditto contributing, 1B. Gd. buyers.

"Burwah, s.s., arrived this evening from Rockhampton ; Derwent, s.s., from Sydney, and sails to-morrow afternoon for Mary- borough 'and Rockhampton. The City of Melbourne, s.s., sailed this afternoooh for Thursday Island and Normanton via ports.

BUNDABERG, February 9.

Mr. Michael Duffy has been elected Mayor. It is reported that the Howar.[Bundaberg Railway will bc opened on Monday, the 20th instant. In consequence of the Premier not acknowledging the invitation of the Railway Demonstration Committee, and the neglect of the Minister to anBwer any telegrams with reference to the opening, the Railway Com- mittee resolved this afternoon to have no de- monstration, and to return subscriptions. General indignation ia expressed at the attitude of the Ministers, as the people were quite pre- pared to make a demonstration on an exten*

sive and elaborate scale.