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«¡ . By The Australian Women's Weekly Film Reviewer . ¡j

THE ZIEGFELD GIRL (Week's Best Release)

Lana Turner, James Stewart, Judy Garland. (MGM.)

TVf GM has certainly given you A plenty for your money-a galaxy of stars, three stories, and masses of fantastically-gowned showgirls in elaborate settings

Result ls a film that ls pretty un- wieldy and slow-going-but made attractive by its witty dialogue and its players.

Of the three commonplace themes Lana Turner, aided by James Stew- art and Ian Hunter, gets most to do in the one about the girl who takes the wrong turning. She does a sincere, convincing Job.

Then you have Judy Garland, with Jackie Cooper and Charles Win

I ninger, in the tale of the daughter of the stage trouper who makes good in a modern show-the Ziegfeld


Judy, too, gives an attractive per- formance, but doesn'6 sparkle until her final exuberant "Minnie from

I Trinidad" number.

Hedy La marr, Philip Dorn, and Tony Martin, who appear even less, give you the plot about the girl who joins the Follies for her bread and butter, and whose motives are mis- understood by her violinist hus- band (Dorn), whom she never ceases

to love.

These three stories are tied to- gether by the various Follies shows in which the three girls are fea- tured-and by Edward Everett Hor

I ton, delightful as Ziegfeld's har-

assed assistant. And this time Ed- die doesn't overdo it.-Liberty; showing.


Burgess Meredith, Irene Hervey. (Universal.)

A LTHOUGH the story is trite, good

direction and competent por- trayals make the film exciting melo-


The plot turns on the efforts of Irene Hervey to prove Innocent her boy friend, wrongfully charged with


Enlisting the aid of her father (Raymond Walburn) and a water- front character (Barry Fitzgerald), Irene finally tracks down the real murderer through his very blonde wife (Esther Ralston).

Irene Hervey gives a smooth per- formance, with Burgess Meredith excellent as the wronged hero. But his part keeps him off the screen longer than he's on.-Capitol; show- ing.


Tim Holt, Virginia Vale. (RKO.)

»TTTM HOLT, son of Jack, gets better

with each new picture. This one, the third of his Wild West series for RKO, gives Tim some rousing thrills and an opportunity for worth-while acting.

The story tells of a crooked land agent who frames honest ranchers on murder charges so that he can get their land. Tim becomes a victim, but manages to elude his. captors en route to prison-and sets to work to round up the villains.

As In his earlier films, the scenery ls most refreshing. Performances are competent all round.-Haymarket Civic; showing.


Gene Autry, Mary Lee. (Re- public.)

QINGING Gene Autry, Smiley Bur

nette, and clever, fourteen-year old Mary Lee again combine in this story of adventure in a copper boom


Gene, the intrepid cowboy, leads the ranchers against a mining mag- nate who ls poisoning cattle in the district by dumping copper sulphate

Into the streams.

Autry and Mary Lee sing several tuneful songs. Edward Norris, as the youthful heir to a ranch, and Jacqueline Wells as his girl friend do well. Burnette adds a few laughs. -Capitol; showing,


Cesar Romero, Carole Landis, , (Twentieth Century-Fox.)

CLIM, blonde Carole Landis and

the fascinating Cesar Romero make an attractive romantic couple In this mildly entertaining film.

Cesar plays a dashing Don Juan, manager of a cheap dance hall. Carole is a singer in the show, who, after falling hard for him and being rebuffed, decides to teach him

a lesson.

Add William Henry, an ambitious musician, and June Storey as his two-timing girl friend, and you have a film that holds the interest all the way.-Haymarket-Civic; show- ing.

Shows Still Running

* ? * I Wanted Wings. Ray Mil

land, William Holden in spec- tacular aviation drama. Prince Edward, 6th week.

* * ? Love Crazy. Myrna Loy, Wil-

liam Powell in riotously funny marital farce. St. James, 4th week.

* * ? This Thing Called Love. Rosa-

lind Russell, Melvyn Douglas in amusing sophisticated comedy. State, 3rd week.

* * The Great Lie. Bette Davis,

George Brent in strongly appeal- ing women's drama. Century, 5th


* * Buck Privates. Abbott and Cos-

tello in rollicking comedy of the draft. Embassy, 4th week.

* * One Night in Lisbon. Madeleine

Carroll, Fred MacMurray in enter- taining topical romance. Mayfair,

3rd week.

* * Lady Hamilton. Vivien Leigh,

Laurence Olivier in grand period drama. Regent, 2nd week.

* Call a Cop. George Formby,

Dorothy Hyson in only fair farce. Lyceum, 6th week.

* Million Dollar Baby. Priscilla

Lane, Ronald Reagan in mildly

enjoyable fairy-tale. Plaze, 2nd \