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Northern Mall News.

OL Í: northern exchanges are to tho Sth in staut, from which wo eoloot thc following; :

The last export of gold for Hongkong amounted to 2570 ounces, shipped hy passcu gera.-The huit escort from thc rainier brought 4775 ounces.-The CooWom» Herald says there arc twenty-live Chinese patients in the hospital, all suffering from paralysis in thc lowor extremities.-Thc same journal also narrates tho following " clever capture " : About two months ago two Chinamen namoi Cbec Kee and Ah Hin, wore stuck up between Stoucy aud Limestone Creeks, on thc Palmer, by two men supposed to bo Brownlow aud Edwards alias " Sam thc tracker,11 who stole four horses from them, a quantity of gold, and likewise souio money. After severely assaulting thc Chinamen they de- parted in a northerly directiou. Thc police were at ouce set in active pursuit, the result being that thc suspected individuals were arrested on the Cloncurry gold-field, and forwarded from thence overland to Norman- ton, and are now on their way by Govern- ment cutter to Somerset, where they will catch thc incoming Torres Straits mail steamer, and bc forwarded to Cooktowu, from whence they will be necessarily remauded to < the Palmer, where thc offence was committed.

The Cooktown Courier furnishes the follow-

ing items :-The petition to exclude Chinese from thc new gold-fields has, up to date,

received SS4 signatures iu Cooktown.-There ? are «t prescut but six Europeans in thc Cook-

towu Hospital, while thc Chinese number j twenty-eight. There is also ono Kanaka. The accommodation of thc establishment being limited, eight of the Chinese patients aro provided witta bods out of doors -Ah Chick, the Chinaman servant of thc murdered man Michael Barratt, was examined on the 3rd instant, from his cvidcucc, it is suspected bc committed the murder. He has been remanded for eight days. Thc prisoner gave the lirst information of tho crime to tbe police, and said that his master had been attacked by a Chiuamau and a European, and that the latter had killed Barratt, while the former pursued him, (thc informant), and sloshed off his pouch os he was cscapiug. The unfortu- nate mau Barratt, at thc time of his murder, hud in his possession gold to thc value of £%, which is missing.

The Cairns Advertiser says :-Mr. W. P. Clark, thc well-known contractor, has arrived en route to Low Island, with ten workmen, for the purpose of erecting the lighthouse at that place. Thc contract is expected to be completed in four mouths. Mr. Faulkiner accompanies as Inspector of Works.–In- spector Isley left for Port Douglas on Thurs- day taking with him two constables, for the purpose of forming a police station there.

We hear from the Towers Herald that Mr.

Jack thc Government geologist, who has lately arrived from England, is at present at Charters Towers, and is obtaining a pratical acquaintance with geological features of thc district both above and below ground, as he has visited and inspected several of thc leading claims.-Tho following crushings are re- ported :-Identity Ko. 1. 3ÜT. tons, 714 oas. IS divts. .'i grs. ; Clara p.c. OS?, lons, 55 ozs. I(i dwts. ; Queen No. 1 S. W. 300 tons, 575 ozs. ; St. Patrick h. .'1 weeks, 923 ozs. IO dwts.

The crop is turning out well at Mackay. Tho Mercura rays :-During thc I week there has been a lillee export of sugar 1 from this district, and tho quantity arriving ! in town per drays and waggons from the i various plantations is steady. Tho H.S.

! "Yaralla" aud six schooners cleared at the i Customs this week with heavy cargoes, which t should bc a rcllective advertisement in itself

for our Southern friends. The "Yaralla," in a previous trip, took away 450 touB of sugar. We cannot help saying, " Advance Mackay !" The same journal says :-Wc understand that the contractor, Mr. Clarke, and all thc material for thc crecliuu of thc new lighthouse on Flat-top Islaud have arrived upou the ground, and that work will bc commenced at


Thc Mandari reports the formation of a " Progress Association " at Mackay, and the

| sale of the Chriitmu Races boottii and gates ,

(or £58 18s. Tho same journal states that active opcratious have hcen commenced hy tho Mount Orango Copper Company, tho teams with implements and supplies having started for thc mine, and Messrs. keeley and Captain Dcnuis following in a few days.

A fatal accident from drowniug is reported as having occurred at Nebia, on thc 11th instant, ft would appoar that tho deceased, Augustus Shocls, met with his death through falling off a log, while engaged in gotting a bucket of water, lleing missed, a search was made, and after soino timo the body was found. There is little doubt that the casualty was purdy accidental.-Standard.

On Wednesday, 4th, the schoouer Stanley, Captain Kilgour, left tho wharf for thc Torres, Banks, and Kew Hebrides Groups.of Islands, having on board 104 Islanders returning to their homes, they having been chiefly engaged upon the Meadowlands, River Estate, Foulden, Richmond Estate, and Pioneer Sugar Planta- tions. There were also a few from Foit Cooper Station. Mr. W. Lockbead is tho Government Agont, and Mr. Paton is a pas- senger. Captain Goodall, P. M., inspected thc schooner, aud found everything all right. vVe understand that the Stanley cleared Flat-top Island on the 7th with a fair wind.-Mercury.