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Scraps of English Nomi'

AT BattiBÍord, near Ötowmarket, a man named

Knock waa struck by lightning and killed . instantly. He was Tunning towards a barn at

tbe time for Bhelter.

A man and woman ware apprehended lately at Leysmill Station, about five miles from Arbroath, ou a charge of throwing theirchild, about two years of age, from a railway train. The train was runuiug at almost full speed at the time, hut the child fell among gravel, and was not seriously injured. It is said that the prisoners were under the influence of drink.

The Oldham magistrates have inflicted a fine of 40s. and costs on a publican who had sup- plied drink to a policeman on duty. The offence was aggravated by the fact that tho drink was a gift, and it was alleged by tho chief constable that such liberality on the part of those in "the trade" was of frequent occurrence, the object being to "sweeten" the men, and thus induce them to look with an indulgent eye on any irregularities which might come under their notice. The amount of drunkenness in tho police force attributed to this praatiee was described by the chief

constable as enormous.

Buring some excavations among the rains of an old abbey at Nuneaton, the workmen* have discovered a stone coffin, containing human bodies. Alongside it were two stone coffins, the lid of one bearing a Maltese cross, tho other a Latin cross. Some tesselated pave- ment bas also been laid bare, as well as some encaustic tiles, sculptured stone, &c. The work of excavation is still proceeding, and the operations of the workmen aro watched with interest, it being thought probable that many additional relics illustrative of the former grandeur of the abbey will be turned up.*'

Tho Ailittmum states that Mr. Holman Hunt has left Jerusalem on a painting ex- pedition connected with the important work which he contemplates, and has made con- siderable preparations io carry ont .He is now definitively, or for some time, settled, with Jerusalem as his headquarters, and is in

excellent health.

On Thursday, June 8, a "testimonial benefit " will be given at Drury Lane Theatre to Mr. John Baldwin Buckstone, when " The School of Scandal " will be performed with tbe following cast, subject , perhaps to alterations : -Sir Peter Teazle, Mr. Phelps ; Sir Oliver Surface, Mr. S. Emery ; Joseph Surface, Mr. H. Irving ; Charles Surface, Mr. C. Mathews ;

Sir Benjamin Backbite, Mr. Buckstone ;~ Crabtree, Mr. Compton ; Careless, Mr. Coghlan: Trip, Mr. Bancroft; Moses; Mr. David James ; Snake, Mr. B. Webster ; Bowley, Mr. H. Howe; Sir Harry Bumper, Mr. C. Stanley ; Servant to Charles, Mr. T. Thorne ; Servant to Joseph, Mr. E. Highton ; Servant to Peter, Mr. J. Clarke ; Servant to Lady Sneerwell, Mr. Arthur Cecil; Lady Teuzlo, Miss Helen Faucit; Mrs. Candour, Mrs. Stirling; Lady Sneerwell, Mrs. A. Mellon ; lindy Teazle's Maid, Mrs. Bancroft ; Mario, Miss Lucy Buckstone. An original address will be written for the occasion by Mr. H. J. Byron.

A serious fire occurred on Saturday morning in Buchanan-street, the principal thoroughfare in Glasgow. Ol-aegotv Herald office caught

damaged by fire and water. The damage done ny the fire is estimated at £1200.

A Router's telegram from Borne states that a conference has recently taken place between therepresentatives of some of the Great Powers and several influential cardinals in regard to the best means of putting an end to the exist- ing conflicts between different States and the Church. The cardinals are stated to have declared that peace between Church and State ia impossible, save on the basis of a distinct recoKuition of the Church's independence, and regulated by concordat, to be loyally observed

on both sides.

A fatal railway accident has occurred in Ireland. The Kerry up train ran off the lino near Mallow. The engine-driver named Connell waa killed and the guard severely was blocked and the down train was unable

tn pass. The telegraph wires were all toro


The damian/ Secord remarks on tile dis- taste shown by the working classes to water as a beverage, and states that in an adult school when the pupils were asked what water was for, the answer was, "to give to horses," another, to Blake lime with. '

Thc German exploration of thc l'eloponcsus has begun very favourably, having been rc tire, and the premises were

escaped. The linc

warr!ed by the discovery ot a marb^istatue of

"Victory,"-a beautiful Niko, Sefeioellentj preservaron. The interest and importance of the discovery are enhanced by the foot that the tym re bears upon it a perfectly legible in ^cripnon, recording that it is the work of

' Paionios, of Mende, in Thrace, the contempo-

rary of Phidias, and was made by bini for the jMessenian colonists of Naupactue, by whom *lt was presented as a votive offering to the

temple of Jupiter at Olympia, after the third Messemun war, which had continue i ten years, and ended B.c. 455.

Ur. Bogers, of tho linn of Messrs. Bogers, Birohfield, and Co., has applied the natural well-gas of Pennsylvania os a fuel fur the pur < poses of his ironworks-the beating of fur-

naces, and the generating of steam ; and by the application of blast, injected at thc toy of the furnace, he has used tho principio of tho blowpipe in the making of finished iron, to the conspicuous economy of the working and » the improvement of the quality.