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NANNUP FLOOD. TOWN IN DARKNESS. Blackwood Now Falling. Failure of the Nannup electricity c supply owing to lines being damaged by floodwaters, plunged the town into darkness on Saturday night. Nan nup was entirely surrounded by water yesterday but last night the r Blackwood River had fallen about i six inches from the peak reached on Saturday afternoon. The river then was 3ft Gin over the main Russell street bridge and an old resident, Mr , Jas Kearney, who has lived in the i district for 68 years. said that he.1 had never previously seen the river sohigh No one in the town has had to be evacuated and the railway bridge is still clear of water. Farmers in out lying districts have not been so for tunate, particularly at Darradup, where several homes have been iso lated. Provisions were taken by horse back from Nannup yesterday after noon for residents who have been marooned. Heavy showers fell at 1 Nannup again yesterday but last night the position appeared to be improving. Elsewhere the outlook improved: over the weekend, although river. levels are still well above normal. The Swan River last night was still fairly high. Anti-cyclone Approaching. The Divisional Meteorologist (Mr A. G. Akeroyd) said late yesterday;, afternoon that the foremost sections of a new anti-cyclone were approach ing the coast in the vicinity of Ons low and that barometric pressure in Perth had risen considerably. Scat tered showers were predicted today in the south-west and south-eastern divisions, extending to the Eucla division. Following is the metropolitan fore cast (Issued at 5 pm yetserday): Cloudy with some further light showers, mainly in early morn ing. Moderate to fresh westerly winds later backing south-west erly. Perth opened its July rainfall figures with a registration of 36 points for the 24 hours ended 9 am! yesterday, and by 3 pm a further 4 points had fallen. At the same hour additional registrations elsewhere' included 46 points at York, 39 points at Watheroo, 10 points at Kellerber rin and Dalwallinu, 3 points at Southern Cross, and 5 points at Albany. Perth rainfall for June totalled 1,875 points over a continuous period of 23 days from June 8 to 30 inclusive. "'This total is the highest ever recorded for any month in Perth," said Mr - Akeroyd last night. "The nearest approach was the 1,280 points recorded in June, 1923. With an additional 36 points this morning the total over the un broken period of- 2 days is increased to 1,911 points. This is the wettest period on record and Is only ex-' ceeded in length of time by the 30 continuous days recorded between July 18 and August 18, 1907, when, however, only 1,102 points were registered.