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NEWS AND NOTES. Temperance Forces to Confer. The Allied Temperance Forces of WA will hold their annual conven tion on Tuesday evening in the Rechabite Hall, Perth. Mr J. Wilt shire will preside over the annual meeting, which will be preceded by the delegates' tea. The convention rally will be addressed by the Rev C. R. Phillips, president of the Methodist Conference. r.W.CsA. Appeal. Despite the inclement weather there was a good response yester day to the street appeal for the YWCA. When counting ceased last night the proceeds amounted to £331 and a large number of boxes re main to be counted. The YWCA last night officially expressed its thanks to the many helpers and to those who responded so generously. Censorship of Mail. Censorship of all mails between the public of Australia and the UK, Northern Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and certain other British possessions has ceased. The Minister for Post-war Recon struction (Mr Dedman) said in the House of Representatives yesterday that this decision followed an agree ment between the Australian and UK authorities. Meat Prodaction. It was not anticipated that there would be any very great improve ment in meat production during the next few months, the Food Con trol stated in Melbourne yesterday. Any improvement caused by the recent bountiful rains was not likely to be felt till late this year or early next year. The estimated produc tion of meat for this year was just under 900,000 tons compared with 1,027,000 tons last year. Not a Fish Storyl A humorous result of the recent floods in the metropolitan area was seen yesterday. A road board em ployee working in Suburban-road, South Perth, was astonished to see a movement at his feet. He Im mediately thrust his hand into the muddy waters and caught a large yellowtail fish. Delighted with his prize he returned to his home for a fish lunch. He was not the only successful "fisherman," however, as later reports of catches of bream and cobblers were received. Why Go to the Movies? During the lunch period yesterday nearly 1,500 city workers thronged Riverside-drive ani the Esplanade viewing the flood scenes there. Hardy motorists who attempted to cross the portion of Riverside-drive which was about a foot under water were by far the most popular at traction, while those who lost their nerve and turned back and in so doing splashed bystanders became targets for laughter and jeers. As one person was heard to remark when a large truck stalled within three yards of dry land: "Why go to the movies." Y.M.C.A. Service in Solomons. Mr Bert Wyld, a YMCA welfare officer, in a letter written recently from the Solomon Islands, where he is carrying on YMCA tra dition with service for front line troops, says:-'"IThis is being written in a dug-out not far from the frontline. Have been up here and established . a tea stall where at present we are doing just on 50 gallons a day. There are three units here which are serviced by the YMCA, and in each we have a corporal or orderly to supervise the stall. Now we are making efforts to establish two more stalls. The boys call these 'YMCA morale boosters No 1.' The patrol men come in wet and weary and their faces light up when they see the sign and the urn. We make our pannikins from empty milk tins, and turn the lids back for handles. These never 'walk away' like enamel ones. My other two units are five miles and 45 miles away, so this entails a lot of travel, as supplies have to be taken out each week. A lot of the track is corduroy to pre vent bogging. Our jeep and trailer with the equipment feels like a broncho-brumby to ride in, and Sounds like an artillery battery on the move. One gathers bruises along the way but the pleasure the troops exhibit on our arrival soon erases any sufferings from the mind."