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LOSS OF 450 SHEEP. SWEPT OUT TO SEA. Damage in Geraldton Area. GERALDTON, June 19.-Although a high wind veering from north-west to west has prevailed in Geraldton during the course of the past 24 hours little rain has been recorded, the registration of 13 points at the Geraldton Post Office this morning bringing the total for the month to 886 points. Several heavy showers swept over the town this afternoon and reports from many country centres revealed that the rain was widespread although the storm con ditions would appear to have abated. Reports received today indicate that the Dongara-Irwin district has borne the full brunt of the storms. In many places the Irwin River has overflowed its banks while swollen creeks running into the main river have caused extensive damage. One of the heaviest losers is Mr A. T. A. Watson, of Irwin, who said today that he had already accounted for the loss of 450 sheep. His property is divided by the river and the sud den rising of the water yesterday afternoon precluded him from mak ing any attempt to rescue the sheep, which were marooned on a small and gradually-diminishing island. across the river from the homestead. "A Sickening Sight." "It was a sickening sight," he stated, "to watch the sheep huddling for protection as the rising waters swept them into the swirling flood water to be carried out to sea." Mr Watson has also lost in the flood waters, two 44-gal drums of power kerosene and about four miles of rabbit netting fencing and four mlles of plain wire fencing. A neighbour lost 20 sheep. Both at Dongara and Greenough residents have had to temporarily evacuate houses threatened by flood. At Dongara on the river flats a Mrs Simpson and her daughter, Mrs Bagley, were hastily evacuated from their home shortly after 6 pm yes terday and by midnight the water had reached the roof of the house. This morning it was learnt that the water had receded. Portion of the fencing around the Dominican Ladies' College at Don gaa and several fowlhouses at the rear of the premises were carried away in the flood waters while re ports from other properties tell of the loss of outbuildings which were either carried away or demolished by the force of the water. Extensive damage has been done to the farm fencing but some days will neces sarily elapse before a complete stock taking can be made as to both stock and improvements. In the Greenough district, con tions have rapidly improved, the water in the river having receded in very many places. Crops are still under water in several instances and farmers are looking to an almost immediate improvement in the wea ther conditions before the young growth is destroyed by too long immersion. Galena Bridge Under Water. Conditions in the Northampton district are also reported to have im proved in the last 24 hours although traffic northwards and to Ajana and Yuna is almost at a standstill. The crossing provided at Galena, where the bridge was swept away by the floods earlier this year, was today reported to be some 5ft under water. Some 13 vehicles were parked along side the river awaiting an oppor tunity to make the passage to the south bank. A number of employees of the Main Road Department are still at the river and will no doubt be able to effect any necessary re pairs to the ford which has been provided until the construction of the new bridge is completed. The Geraldton-Northampton road is usable although several deviations have to be made. The Geraldton Carnarvon Transport Service is still unable to resume operation and no mails or perishables have been taken over the road route for ten days. The Mullewa-Geraldton road is still reported to be impassable owing to the flooding of the Greenough River, although it was learnt this afternoon that the water was re ceding. Road boards throughout the district, however, face a stupendous task in repairing and- reconstructing roads, bridges and culverts. During the past 10 days 8in of rain have fallen at Nanson and the Chapman River has reached a higher level than during the previous 10 years. Serious flooding has occurred in many parts of the district and soil in many cases has been badly eroded. Northampton reported this afternoon that flour stocks were running low and some anxiety was expressed as to future bread sup plies unless flour and yeast were dis patched to the town. Tomato Growers' Troubles. I Tomato growers are still con cerned at the fact that no very material improvement has been noted in weather conditions during the past 24 hours. Gardens not affected by Sunday night's storm are feeling the effects of the excessively wet and sodden soil and it is anticipated that a continuance of dull weather will seriously affect further consignments to the Victorian market. The last consignment, consisting of 3,884 cases, was loaded on Sunday but it was learnt today that it was held at Mullewan. The Railway Depart ment today notified the Geraldton Tomato Growers' Association that no further consignments would be ac cepted for transport to Melbourne for the time being. A report received today disclosed that the railway bridge at Straw berry on the Mldatnd Railway Com pany's line .was under water and the abbutments on either side were washed out for chains. Until the water recedes an exact estimate of the damage cannot be made. The Railway Department advised this afternoon that it was antici pated that the passenger train which left Wiluna for Perth on Sunday and was halted at Mullewa yesterday would be able to proceed on its jour ney at 10 am tomorrow. The Ger aldton-Ajana line was opened to traffic tonight but the Geraldton Yuna section remains closed. Food Supplies Affeeted. The Midland train which left Ger aldton on Sunday night is still held at Mingenew. The interruption of the Midland train service is being keenly felt and stocks of perishables and vegetables are running short at many centres. It was learnt this afternoon that a consignment of 10,0001b of fresh fish is awaiting transport to the metropolitan market and, in view of the uncertainty regarding the re sumption of services on the Midland line, inquiries have been instituted to ascertain the possiblity of chartering a transport plane to con vey the fish to Perth