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Terry Bourke con-

tinues his Produc- tion Notes, this week focusing on ABC-TV and its busy studio and loca-

tion work in Melbourne and Sydney.


Producer: Oscar Whit- bread.

Director: Douglas Sharp.

Cameras: Ian Warburton. Script: Cliff Green adap- tation from the novel by Don Charlwood.

Cast: Darius Perkins, Greg Stroud, Carl Hansen, Alan Hopgood, Monica Maughan, Jamie Adamson, Sally Cooper, Pepe Trevor.

Status: Six half-hour epi- sodes. Film/tape. Shoot- ing/editing in Melbourne. Story: Examines the emotional growing pains of a young boy.


Producer: Alan Burke.

Director: Bill Fitzwater.

Script: Peter Kenna, from his own stage play.

Cast: Dawn Lake, Graham Rouse, Peter Gwynne, Martin Vaugh- an, Phillipa Baker and Betty Lucas.

Status: 90-minute tape play. First of six plays in the second Australian Theatre Festival series. It is currently recording in Sydney.

(First play in the in- itial series, Coralie Lansdowne Says No, starring Wendy Hughes, airs July 20).


Portman Productions

(UK) - ABC-TV (Aust.). Producer: Eric Tayler. Director: Carl Schultz.

Script: Peter Yeldham, from the Hammond Innes book which has the same title.

Camera: Peter Hendry.

Cast: Robert Coleby, Ferdy Mayne, Marius Goring.

Status: Six-part mini- series (one-hour epi- sodes). Contemporary thriller set in Greek Islands. All film.

Shooting in Greece. Airdate: Early 1981. MENOTTI

Producer: John Croyston (for ABC-TV).

Directors: Julian Pringle (pilot episode), Frank Arnold, Russell Webb.

Scripts: Michael Jenkins, Peter Schreck, Laurie Jones. Series created by Michael Craig.

Cast: Ivor Kants.

Status: Thirteen one-hour

episodes (tape). Human drama involving a priest in a Sydney inner-sub- urb. Snooting pilot epi- sode. Sydney locations for filming.

OUTBREAK OF LOVE Producer-Director: Oscar Whitbread.

Script: Howard Griffith,

Kevin Hocking and Tracey Kelly in a musical scene from All The Green Years.

adapted from the novel by Martin Boyd.

Cast: Rowena Wallace, Tony Bonner, Lawrence Held, Val Lehman, Sigrid


Status: Three one-hour episodes. All tape. Set in Melbourne about 1913. Shooting in Melbourne.


Producer: Ray Alchin (for ABC-TV).

Director: Rob Stewart (pilot episode).

Scripts: Peter Yeldham, Bob Caswell, others. Series created by Peter


Camera: Julian Penney (pilot episode).

Cast: Ray Barrett, Liddy Clark. International and local guest stars.

Status: Thirteen one-hour

episodes (tape and film). A sporting journalist covers Australia and the Pacific. First episode shooting July 14. Sydney



ABC-TV production chief

Geoff Daniell has cow pleted a location survey of Western Samoa for a new series of Coral Island. The 10 half-hour all-film episodes will start shooting in May, 1981, as a co-production with Thames TV (UK). James Andrew-Hall is currently writing the scripts for thc

series in London.

The crew will be all Australian, with a local and international cast.

The Melbourne stu-

dios of ABC-TV I Ripponlea are preparing for a September start on the three Alan Marshall novels I Can Jump Puddles, This Is The Grass and How Beautiful Are Thy Feet.

The series is scheduled to be of nine one-hour episodes.

Nine half-hour pro- grammes in a Pot Black styled snooker tourna- ment at the Tattersalls Club in Sydney have been recorded by ABC-Ti'


Eddie Charlton '* among seven internation- als vying for the $30,00« prizemoney which is be; ing offered.