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Early adventure in

"Botany Bay"

it There is romance, color, and action in Paramounts "Botany Bay," which tells the story of the founding of the first white settlement in New South Wales itt 1788.

Made in Hollywood under the guidance of Australian film-maker John Farrow, "Botany Bay" is enacted hy an internation af cast. Alan hadd has the only American accent in the picture; Britain is represented by James Mason, Patricia Medina, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke; Murray Matheson and Brendan Toomey are both Australian-born.

Make-up is used to transform American negro actors into Australian aborigines for

the film.

ARROGANT Captain Gilbert (Jaine» Ma»on), with pipe, refute» the request of American Hugh Tallant (Alan I.mid) to delay sailing in order that Tallant's pardon may arrive. Gilbert is the owner-master of the vessel Charlotte, which brings a shipload of men, women, and children from England lo the New South Wales colony.

PRETTY brunette Sally Munroe (Patricia Medina), right, learns horn to bake under primitive con- ditions. Transported to the settlement over the matter of the disputed ownership of a necklace,

ex-actress Sally plays up to smitten Captain Gilbert and wins for herself more comfortable quar-, ters than those of other women prisoners. Then she falls in love with American Hugh Tallant.

GOVERNOR ARTHUR PHILLIP (Sir Cedric Hardwicke), right, listen» to charge» laid against Hugh Tallant by Captain Gilbert al the end of a nine-months voyage of incredible hardship. A humane, fair-minded man, the Governor taler offers Hugh a chance to return to England to inquire about the promised pardon, but he elects to marry Sally Munroe and settle in Australia.

I ESCAPE of convicts planned fl by Hugh Tatlant (Alan B Ladd). right, is thwarted when B the men are trapped in the

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