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LIFE IN LONDON. Mrs. Rex Rienits on the balcony of her penthouse in Dolphin Court, Dolphin Square. Colorful tubs are kept filled with flowering plants from Covent Garden.

London Penthouse

Playwright Rex Rienits and Mrs. Rienits, formerly of Sydney, have a penthouse at Dolphin Court, in Dolphin Square, London, and 5000 immediate neighbors.

THE neighbors occupy

1200 flats which, with shops, restaurant, swim- ming pool, lawns, and gardens, make up Dolphin


It was wintertime when th<

Rienits' moved into the pent- house. They could not see the Thames, which flows close by, or even the jumble of build- ings below them for thc swirl- ing fog.

This derided them to make their home as colorful and as comfortable as possible.

1 hi \ had some of thc walls

repainted and others covered with pretty wallpapers. And uhile this was going on. Mrs.

Rienits searched among second-hand shops for lovely old pieces of furniture, and

combed thc stores for suitable fabrics for the furnishings.

In addition to the decorative

pieces which they took

with them from their Cre-

morne home in Sydney, Mrs. Rienits has been collecting Victorian ruby glass, some of

which can be seen in the alcove of the sitting-room,

shown below.

Rex Rienits, who is well known in London as a radio

and television playwright, novelist, and scriptwriter, has an attractive work-room over- looking an inner courtyard.

-Eve Gye.

THE LONG SITTING-ROOM. If alls and ceiling are painted grey, alcoves (at both ends nf room) are grey-blue, and drapes lo the French doors opening on to the balcony are of lime-green velvet. A deep, raspberry-toned carpet covers the floor. A yellow-and white mitch and a royal-blue chairare used as contrasts to a flowered linen chair.

THE ENTRANCE HALL. The scarlet parasol plays a pretty part in this color scheme, along with grey and blue star-do'ted walls, scarlet car pet..lampshade, and chair cover. I row of prints of old Sydney decorate one wall. Doors opening into Rex Rienits' study. the guest room, main bedroom, and dining-room are each painted a different color.

DINING-ROOM features a Regency tuite. Mrs. Rienits useil wallpaper striped in yellow and white for the wallt, and had the ceiling and door painted in clear yellow to simulate sunshine and create a more spacious effect. The curtains and upholstered chair seats are in scarlet linen with a wMll flower motif. Notice the smart little corner fitment.