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SIR,-At a recent meeting of annie of the Rockhampton electora, it WM decided to at- tempt the return of Mr. John Bright, of Birmingham renown, for Rockhampton, in opposition to W. Archer. On reading the report of (he speeches delivered *t that meeting, it Berms to me that most of the speakers mn conreived Mr. Bright's political career at home, and hare not sufficiently considered the injury they nre doing oar cause by endeavouring to promote his rotura. 1 imagine that their wish is to renord a protest against the injustice and misgovernment we are subject to : and, at the sams time, to enlist the sympathy and co- operation, of a powerful politician in England. Had th*» différent Northern constituencies de- cided noon mutually pursuing euch a Hoe of oonluc-t, C think ii might have been of great advantage to us. But for

ne Jingle constituency to do so, is merely to show our enemies that ire ere dis united i and consequently to weaken the force

of our remonstrances. And Ï think the choice of Ur. John Bright would do little to recommend our cause to any home Govern- ment. What has he ever attempted in the came of oppressed nationalities? Tale the case of Poland. Was his voice raised again et

the enormities of RtiPsia ? Wa« it not he who ox- ¡ claimed. " Perish Savoy" when au effort was made to preserve that province from thc despotism of France P Did he not caulting describe the barbarities perpetrated by the Northern Htates during the American Civil War P And ha« a word of sympathy for the sufferings of the South passed his lips since su ta- ja *tton F And we eco him endeavouring to

obstruct a more liberal measure of Reform than lie last year supported, simply because it ernanntes from his political opponents. No, sir. Were Rockhampton to return a prominent Kn gi i sh m an, Mr. G1 ad atone should be the man. We all know his hatred of oppression in every country. We can remember what he has done for the proscribed Neo pol ¡tan a, for Greece, and for Italy. It would redound both to our honour and our profit were we to elect such a man, had such a course been unanimously decided upon But under the eire u instan ces we deprive our- selves of a valuable advocate tn tho House, and strengthen our adversaries by showing our dis- union if we follow the course euggestrd.

Upon the main points of obtaining justice from the South, and of severing our connection with her we ere all agreed. That we should among ourselves differ upon some minor matters ii of little moment. We should sink thcBe lesser differences and endeavour to return the best candidate we can find. And of all those

who have been suggested Mr. Archer is un- questionably the most desirable in point of integrity, education.'and independence. He is not a friend of mine and I speak solely from a con- viction that his return would be beneficial to us. If a belter candidate comes forward he shall have my support. But as that seems unlikely J think we elia)I best consult the great interests at stake by endeavouring to promote Mr.

Archer's return.

I bare (be honour to bo, air.

Your obedient serrant,


P.S.-I believe I am correct in stating that Mr. John Bright is an intimate personal friend of Sir George Bowen's.